Legend of Ling Tian

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Unreasonable

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The family of three went to the main hall of the Ling family and Ling Tian was shocked the moment he entered.

There were dozens of people in the hall: young and old, tall and short. Ling Zhen was also in the crowd, leaning onto someone. The moment Ling Tian entered, he looked over and was certain that he was that person: the person who revealed a killing intent to him when he was born! Now, Ling Tian knew that he was called Ling Kong.

After he knew that Ling Zhen was Ling Kong’s son and Ling Kong was the only godson of his grandfather, Ling Tian understood the source of his killing intent. His father was the only successor of the Ling family but did not have a child after so many years of marriage. If this situation were to persist, then the only successor from the third generation would be Ling Kong’s son, Ling Zhen! Ever since Ling Tian was born, he had completely destroyed the dreams of that father and son pair! Thus, they were naturally extremely hateful towards Ling Tian…

As he thought about that, Ling Tian began to feel pity towards this father and son pair. He would also not be able to take such a blow if it happened to him. Wait a moment… Ling Tian suddenly thought about something. My father and mother are extremely loving and the both of them are extremely normal. Why would they not have a child after so many years of marriage? Don’t tell me that is a conspiracy of Ling Kong all this while?!

A chilly gaze flashed past Ling Tian’s eyes. If that is really the case, this Ling Kong deserves to die!

Ever since Ling Tian entered the room, Ling Kong and Ling Zhen’s eyes became agitated as a deep hatred hid beneath their eyes.

Ling Tian twitched his lips, paid his greetings to his grandfather and ran forward. Ling Zhan immediately lit up as a bright smile filled his face, hugging Ling Tian in his bosom.

“Haha, I have not seen little young master for a few years and he has grown up to be so big already. He looks exactly like elder brother. Hahaha…” A caring sounding laughter sounded. Without looking back, Ling Tian knew that the laughter must have definitely came from Ling Kong.

Ling Xiao and his wife paid their greetings to everyone present and sat down. Ling Zhan then became serious as he said to Ling Xiao and Chu Ting’er, “Tian’er has grown up already and it is time for him to learn the six arts of a gentleman [1] and poetry so he can have a future for himself. I can’t possibly allow people to say that the grandson of I, Ling Zhan, is just a useless, incompetent and ignorant brat. Mmm, today, I have invited all of the famous scholars within the capital. If the both of you do not have any opinions, they will stay in the mansion from today to teach Tian’er.” As Ling Zhan said that, he looked towards Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao laughed bitterly, thinking: You have already arranged everything and chosen everyone. What disagreements can we have? He definitely has hidden intentions behind his words. What does he mean by useless, incompetent and ignorant brat? He is probably still angry at me because of the ‘one-year-old catch’ incident. Ling Xiao did not dare disagree and said, “Father, you can just make the arrangements which you deem appropriate.”

Chu Ting’er sat down with her brows furrowed. As she heard what Ling Zhan said, she could not help but be angry. This old man, how can you talk about your own grandson like that? My son is only five, in what way is he incompetent?

Ling Zhan then hugged Ling Tian and said with a smile, “Good grandson, take a look, grandfather has specially searched for all these teachers for you.”

Ling Tian almost fainted as he pointed at the crowd asking in disbelief, “All of these people are?”

Ling Zhan then said with a smile, “Take a look, this is Mister Qin who will teach you poetry. Mister Qin is a righteous and knowledgeable man, and is a good teacher.”

Mister Qin was dressed in a scholarly robe with a lean appearance and skinny figure. He then twiddled with his beard and nodded with a smile.

“This is Master Lu who will teach you archery and horse-riding. Master Lu is extremely familiar with archery and horse-riding. A few years ago, he was the instructor for the imperial guards. Many high-ranking officials in the military were taught by Master Lu; it can be said that he has many talented disciples.”

“This is Master Shang who will teach you music. Master Shang has a profound understanding towards music, especially the zither, and is the number one musician in the palace.”

“This is Master He who will also teach you music. Master He is renowned for his skills with the side-blowing and end-blowing flute. All of the music fanatics in the world today would definitely be honored to listen to Master He’s performance.”

“This is Master Hou who will teach you drawing…” Ling Tian’s eyes grew wider.

“He will teach you calligraphy…” Ling Tian rolled his eyes and almost fainted.

“He will teach you etiquette…” Ling Tian, “…”

“He will teach you…”

“He will…”



Ling Tian’s eyes turned white as he fainted on the ground, his whole body trembling…

With the threat of refusing to eat, Ling Xiao and Chu Ting’er began to plead for their son out of heartache. Together with the scolding of old madam Ling, Ling Zhan finally changed his mind, retaining only a few teachers and sending the rest back.

However, Ling Zhan only took a small step back. Ling Zhan seriously declared that even if Ling Tian wasn’t going to learn them, he would have to understand them at the very least. Poetry, horse-riding and archery were compulsory lessons for him. Chess, zither, calligraphy and painting were secondary lessons. As for the rest, he would also have to choose some of them…

Ling Tian was depressed!

This daddy here is able to be the all-rounded teacher of all these people! Not only in the areas of poetry, chess, music and calligraphy, but also in the 18 Chinese weapons together with both internal and external martial arts! For those who are even more interested, I can even teach them some Chemistry or even English, Japanese, German, Spanish and Portuguese…

With an extremely bad mood, Ling Zhen, who was someone whom he did not already like, became the target for him to vent his anger.

After the ceremony of apprenticeship, Ling Kong suggested allowing Ling Zhen to study with Ling Tian to keep him company as well, obtaining the approval of Ling Zhan, Ling Xiao and his wife immediately. As for Ling Tian, he would naturally not have an issue against it. Who wouldn’t like a toy for him to exploit his intelligence! As such, Ling Zhen became Ling Tian’s study attendant under the insistence of Ling Kong.

Originally, Ling Tian felt extremely amused when he saw the fictitious smile on Ling Zhen’s face. But when he was in an extremely bad mood and Ling Zhen revealed a fake smile again, it got him a kick from Ling Tian, “What are you laughing at? Get out of here if you continue laughing!”

What a joke! Perhaps it can be said that it is extremely rare for someone your age to be so scheming. Maybe it may be more interesting for me to play with you in a few years’ time. But with your little intellect, you want to try hiding the sword with your smile? Aren’t you just seeking death?

Being caught off guard and having a foot to his face, Ling Zhen’s nose began to bleed and he did not react in time. Only after a while did he began to burst out into tears.

Ling Tian then scolded fiercely, “What are you crying for? Didn’t I just kick you once? You’re crying so badly because of that? Cheh!” He pointed a middle finger with disdain.

Mister Qin, who was reciting a poem while shaking his head, never expected that this little young master who looked as pretty as a girl would be so vicious. In a blink of an eye, another student was already lying on the floor with a face full of blood! At that moment, Mister Qin’s tongue was left hanging as he trembled from anger. He pointed at Ling Tian with his finger trembling, completely unable to say anything, “You… you…”

Ling Tian then rolled his eyes and said, “What about me? This young master here is educating my study attendant. Do you have an opinion?”

Mister Qin’s finger continued to tremble as he twitched in anger, “You… you… will anger this old man to death!”

Ling Tian snickered and kicked Ling Zhen in his abdomen, “Get up, are you pretending to be dead like a dog? This young master is telling you now. When I am not happy, you are not allowed to smile. When this young master is happy, you will have to laugh happily even if your leg is broken! Do you understand?”

Ling Zhen cried out in pain as he wiggled to get up. With a vicious look on his face, he scolded, “Son of a bitch! You dare to hit me?!”

“Eh? F**K! You have balls! You dare to scold me?” Hahaha, I just want you to scold me. If you don’t scold me, I won’t be able to continue hitting you! But these words of yours have completely enraged me! This brat, both him and his grandfather does not hold our family in any regard!

Ling Tian then rushed forward using both his arms and feet. Although Ling Zhen was older than him by three years, Ling Tian was extremely agile. If he were to use inner Qi, he would probably be able to kill Ling Zhen with a single fist. The next instant, Ling Zhen lay on the floor like a dead fish, bruises all over his body!

“This child cannot be taught!” Seeing how it was useless to stop the fight, Mister Qin’s face turned ashen as he lifted up the ruler in his hands and shouted, “Kneel down!”

“For what? Kneel down for what? This young master has only taught my study attendant a lesson. Who asked him to smile when I’m in a bad mood? Don’t tell me it is wrong for me to teach my subordinate a lesson? Now I have to be punished?” Ling Tian said with force. What a joke! That pair of father and son wants to harm me even in their dreams. Of course there is nothing wrong for this young master to collect some interest first!

Dammit, to let me study Confucius with him here is a complete joke! If I don’t drive you away from anger, how will my plan succeed? Besides, if I were to really learn properly, won’t that make the Yang family and Imperial family deal with us prematurely?

This daddy has already been obedient for five years; it is time for me to be hedonistic for once!

[1]: The six arts refer to: rites, music, archery, charioteering, calligraphy and mathematics.

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