Legend of Ling Tian

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Late Night Conversation

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Just as Ling Kong and his son Ling Zhen were lost in their delusions while happily daydreaming, a black colored object floated away at the rooftop where both father and son were talking, much like a cloud, soundlessly disappearing into the night.

In that same night, another secret conversation was held in Ling Tian’s parents’ room.

Chu Ting’er snuggled up against her husband’s embrace, with one of her white and fair arms sticking out of the blanket. Her lovable face was dripping with sweat as she panted, “Xiao’ge, what do you think of Tian’er’s performance today?” [1]

Ling Xiao lay there bare chested, revealing muscles that looked as though they were crafted from granite. After the “exercise”, he lay contentedly on the pillow with narrowed eyes, looking as though his soul had flown elsewhere. However, upon hearing the words uttered by his wife, he distractedly stared at her for a while before raging, “That little bastard, he behaved totally without control and discipline today. This is too much. I am going to give him a good lesson tomorrow!”

Chu Ting’er only lightly laughed as she stretched out her first finger and drew circles on her husband’s chest while she breathily said, “You, always being such a blockhead. Couldn’t you see that Tian’er mannerisms and way of speaking were far above a normal 10-year-old child? At first glance, today’s matters would appear to be Tian’er causing a tantrum. However, this little guy can twist the truth such that an unjustified matter becomes as though he had suffered some great grievance. Don’t you feel this is very abnormal?”

Furrowing his brows, Ling Xiao carefully thought about it before he realized that there was something different about it, “That is true, he is just a five-year-old kid; how can he be able to speak so eloquently? It’s to the point where he managed to silence the family members as well as Mister Qin, making everyone dance to his tune. Looks like our child seems to be a genius-level character!”

Chu Ting’er’s face was full of pride, “Of course, how could my son be an ordinary character in a generation?”

The corners of Ling Xiao’s mouth tugged upwards in a weird smile, and with both his hands itching forward under the blankets, he suddenly grabbed onto the bountiful globes sticking out proudly from Chu Ting’er’s chest. Applying a bit of force, both of the soft white humps were depressed based on the imprint of his fingers, as he lecherously spoke, “Your son? Without me, how could you have given birth? Hmm?”

With a lovable moan, Chu Ting’er suddenly lost strength in her entire body, and her eyes started to blur as she began to pant delicately while saying, “You bad man! While I’m here talking about serious matters, you just had to play dirty tricks… Ohh…” At this time, one of Ling Xiao’s hand decided to go for a change in position and started to explore down south. Chu Ting’er started to tremble all over her body, and buried her face that was flushed red in embarrassment into her husband’s embrace.

Ling Xiao sniggered as he said, “Isn’t this part of a serious matter?” And with a flip of his body…

A long while later, Chu Ting’er let out a satisfied sigh, using a slender hand to push aside the hair on the forehead that was matted with sweat. Although her face was flushed red with exertion, the corners of the mouth revealed a blissful smile. Sprawling on her husband like a kitten, she said, “Xiao‘ge, Ting’er can die of blissfulness…”

Ling Xiao, however, lay there paralyzed like a pile of mud and exhaled heavily as he said, “You can die from bliss, but I will die from fatigue. I almost lost all strength here… My little baby, you bewitching girl…”

“Hateful!” Chu Ting’er displayed shyness and anger, yet was secretly delighted as she lightly hit him. Her eyes blurred with tenderness and love, as if tears were about to fall.

“Eh….” Seeing that incomparably seductive look on his beloved’s face, Ling Xiao nearly transformed into a wolf there and then.

“Be more serious! I’m talking to you about Tian’er!” Chu Ting’er knew that her husband was not able to resist her charms and immediately burrowed into the covers, only revealing her charming little head.

“Hmm, seems like Tian’er’s performance today is far exceeding my expectations.” Ling Xiao muttered irresolutely.

“Definitely, regarding how Tian’er behaved today, even as his mother, I was surprised and even shocked. Tian’er’s intelligence has already exceeded my expectations.” Chu Ting’er revealed a face of concern and worry.

“Hm? It should be a good thing that Tian’er is intelligent and witty. What are you worried about?” Ling Xiao was flabbergasted at his wife.

Chu Ting’er let out a face of contemplation as she pondered, “Xiao‘ge, don’t you feel that Tian’er today was too smart and wily? If a child is smart, I should be happy as the mother, but if he is too smart, it would be easy for him to walk down the wrong path; furthermore, a higher intelligence means that it will not be easy to discipline him, don’t you feel so?”

Ling Xiao said with a gleeful expression, “Why would there be such a problem? Hehe, among our Ling family’s ancestors, including my father and I, we were all gutsy and boorish men. Never once did a strategist appear in the family. Now that we finally have a genius in the family, Ting’er, this could be said to be all your credit!” As he spoke, Ling Xiao’s eyes became lecherous once again, and that pair of lecherous hands also started to stir.

Chu Ting’er helplessly stared at her husband, half wanting to laugh and half wanting to be angry. But after a long while, she instead let out a sigh, jabbing her finger at her husband’s head, saying, “You… Speaking with you is just like playing a harp to a cow!” [2]

Ling Xiao snickered as his sturdy body once again pounced over, and Chu Ting’er could only try her utmost to prevent the invasion of his lecherous hands as she gasped, “Wait… wait a moment, I’m not done… For Ling Tian to be so smart, father is actually wasting his time to find so many tutors to coach him and I’m worried that he would be fed up with it… Woo… you bad boy!”

As Ling Xiao invaded the “capital”, he vaguely mumbled, “Don’t worry, tomorrow I will speak with father about this. Hehehe… woah…. so smooth…” What occurred next naturally turned the room into a place of spring.

As Ling Tian soundlessly thread his way out of his underground chamber, he felt a little strange. Every night, around this time, his mother would brave all winds and rain to make her way to his room to check up on him, so why had she not turned up today?

Regarding how loving his parents were, Ling Tian was deeply aware and suffered many times because of it. Before he was three, the two of them treated him like how they would do to an ordinary infant, and were not discreet in doing their “stuff”. Thus, every night became a form of torture to Ling Tian, and yet, because he was in the body of an infant, he was unable to voice out his own thoughts.

Seeing his parents beside him making love without a care for Ling Tian beside them, Ling Tian felt depressed to the point of dying! Oh heavens, I’m someone who has lived for two lifetimes and twenty odd years as a virgin! Those few years, when they woke up, although their parents seemed to be in great vitality, Ling Tian always appeared drowsy with a lack of vigor. He was always afraid that he would either die of a massive nosebleed or a heart attack…

This matter continued until the point where Ling Tian celebrated his fourth birthday. When asked what gift he would like for his birthday, he immediately chose to sleep apart from his parents without any hesitation. He even went to the extra mile to ensure that his room was a little further apart from his parents and was resolute about his decision. Hence, his family members could only accede to his request and employed a few nannies and servant girls to attend to his needs. From then on, after sleeping on his own, Ling Tian unexpectedly became more robust, which made the family amazed and feel at ease. Under Ling Tian’s insistence, they also allowed him to push out those nannies from this strange young master’s room.

This was of course a given; without at least three times of nightly sexual harassment, Ling Tian was feeling much better physically and mentally! As Ling Tian secretly rejoiced, he was also in awe of his father’s exuberant prowess. When no one was looking, he would secretly open up his pants and examine his JJ, fantasizing if he would inherit this sort of godly vigor… Every time this happened, a weird licentious giggle would sound out from the lone room which Ling Tian stayed in… and this would always cause goosebumps to form as well as shivers down the spine of those servant girls who were staying nearby and heard it…

Ling Tian’s decision made his mother, Chu Ting’er, extremely sad and worn out. Out of worry, she checked on Ling Tian every day, resulting in Ling Xiao being unable to satisfy his lust for a period of time. As such, he was always frowning whenever he saw his son.

Ling Tian felt at peace; no matter what, this was better than having a live broadcast every night, was it not? Furthermore, Ling Tian looked at his father in disdain, as he only knew those few styles, how uncreative…

Since his mother had not come to check up on him until now, Ling Tian could already foretell that his mother would not be coming. As for the reason, hehehe, the Buddha says that such a thing must not be spoken.

[1]: Xiao’ge is an intimate way for Chu Ting’er to call Ling Xiao. It also means ‘Brother Xiao’ when translated literally.

[2]: This is a metaphor of sorts which describes someone who is telling something complicated to a fool, or sometimes, this idiom is used to describe a person who is trying to tell something to the wrong audience.

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