Legend of Ling Tian

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Commotion on the Streets

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Ling Tian felt extremely refreshed.

Although he looked like he was taking a huge risk when he was talking to Mister Qin, it was actually an extremely high-level technique! First, he used his superb memory to stimulate the old man’s love for talent! Then, he used the curiosity generated from that and slowly revealed a few secrets of his, gradually grasping Mister Qin within the palm of his hands. As a result, Mister Qin was no longer able to pull himself out of it and Ling Tian had successfully solved his problem for the next few years.

You have to know, Mister Qin only had one way out now. Although he could reveal Ling Tian’s secret, he would lose a genius disciple and lose the only chance he had to shock the world. Furthermore, the lives of his family would be in grave danger as well. No matter how greatly the Ling family falls, it would still be an easy task for them to take care of such a small family. Besides, if he were to betray the family he was working for, he would become a disgraceful traitor! Mister Qin’s good reputation which had spread across the country would then be destroyed in that single instant, leaving behind a bad name for himself in history books! To someone like Mister Qin who values reputation more than his life, he would rather die 10,000 times rather than take the risk with something like this.

If Mister Qin were to keep this secret, it would mean that the benefits to himself and his family would be enormous! If he were to have a strong backing like that of the Ling family, any problems he faced in the country in future would be easily settled! With Ling Tian’s intelligence, he would definitely shock the world when his wings are given sufficient time to grow! At that time, Mister Qin, who was the first teacher of Ling Tian, would also become famous worldwide. This is precisely the thing which Mister Qin had been chasing after his whole life! Now that he had the chance to fulfil it, he would hold onto this opportunity tightly even if it meant his whole body would be shattered into pieces.

The conditions which Ling Tian offered was something that Mister Qin was unwilling and unable to reject. In fact, it was exactly what he wanted.

Ling Tian then thought about an extremely crude way of describing the situation: An adulterous couple click together well.

After having that conversation with Mister Qin, Ling Tian felt extremely relaxed. With satisfaction, he openly took his two servants and walked out of the main gate of the Ling mansion.

Behind him, Mister Qin’s face had already changed many times. Then, he scolded a vulgarity which he had never scolded before in his life and kicked the stool which Ling Tian was sitting on far away. Following which, he stood there in a daze, with a comfortable smile on his face. At times, he was smiling, and at times, he was angry; the myriad of emotions on his face was as though he was a mad man.

Ling Tian, who had large eyes and rosy cheeks, was dressed in a white robe and sang happily on the streets. He began to shout out to the skies, “My comrades, 1949 is here! The Chinese people are liberated!”

The two servants who were behind him looked at each other strangely, sighing together, “Youth is the best indeed. Look at how happy our young master is!”

When his mood was at his best, something bad would definitely ruin it! This was something which Ling Tian had experienced very often.

Suddenly, a large commotion broke out on the streets as Ling Tian could hear people screaming. There was a man who walked out of the gambling house with a face full of smiles and a string of coins more than half full. It seemed that his luck was pretty good.

Just when he walked out of the gambling house, he was knocked down to the floor by a small figure and his coins scattered all over the place. Before he even had a chance to scold, the little figure had already gotten up and ran towards the city gates.

Behind him, the man who was on the floor began to scold, “F**k! Little brat, this daddy here will definitely skin you alive if I catch you!”

The small figure then passed by Ling Tian and Ling Tian saw him clearly. He was a seven to eight years old boy who was extremely skinny. His clothes were in tatters with a face full of soil. His teeth were grit tightly as he ran out towards the city gates without looking back at all.

Ling Tian exclaimed.

Ling Tian was shocked at the speed of this little fellow. It was obvious that this boy had never practiced martial arts before. But when he was sprinting, that little body of his was controlled perfectly and he was faster than ordinary adults. From the steam rising from the top of his head, Ling Tian could tell that this little boy had been running for a long period of time. If not, why would he be drenched in sweat even in this cold weather? It seems that his resolve isn’t too bad either. Ling Tian was curious: Why is he running? He looks too flustered; it is as though there is a hungry wolf chasing after him…

When Ling Tian was thinking, that boy could no longer be seen, leaving behind the cursing people whom the boy had bumped into.

Following which, Ling Tian could hear dozens of people sprinting. It seems that these people must be chasing after that boy, Ling Tian thought to himself. Ling Tian looked towards the direction at which the boy came from and saw the crowd dispersing and ran over like a wave. Ling Tian frowned for a moment. Then, a thought flashed across his mind. He then walked up to the guy who was scolding and kicked him in the abdomen, “Shameful thing! Why are you so arrogant?”

After receiving a sudden forceful kick, that man immediately curled up on the floor like a shrimp as his face cramped up from the pain. With a vicious glare in his eyes, he scolded, “Little bastard! You are seeking death!”

Ling Tian then kicked him again, “Shameful thing, you dare to scold this young master?” Then Ling Tian gave him yet another kick.

Everyone on the streets suddenly felt as though their horizons were widened. There was actually a well-dressed boy who was definitely less than 10 years old kicking a man over 20 years old! The crowd began to gather and the street was completely jammed up.

As the two servants saw that this gambler dared to humiliate their young master, they were completely enraged! They immediately took a step forward and slapped a few teeth out of the gambler, “You dare to humiliate the young master? You deserve death!” Their punches then rained on the man.

The gambler finally realized that the one who kicked him was dressed in luxurious clothes and looked like the child of a rich family. In that instant, he could tell that he had offended someone whom he should not have. He then began to plead with his hands wrapped around his head and body curled up into a ball.

The people in the crowd then looked towards Ling Tian with a tinge of fear in their eyes. Just which family does this child belong to? Why is he so domineering?

The few black-dressed burly man who were chasing after the boy suddenly saw that the streets were jammed up. They could not help but be angry and shouted, “All of you unrelated people, move aside. We have things to do.” He then stretched his hands out and pushed those on the outer rims of the crowds to the side.

Ling Tian immediately looked up, “Who dares to be so rude?”

As servants of the Ling mansion, the both of them already had the habit of being prideful and domineering. They then stepped out from the crowd with arms crossed and nose raised up high, “The young master of the Ling family is settling something, who dares to disturb him?” The arrogance which they had in their tone was something that even government officials wouldn’t dare to have.

The few men dressed in black were then stunned and realized that something was wrong. They are actually from the Ling mansion! The young master of the Ling family is actually present! They then looked towards each other with hesitation.

Although they were not government officials, but who in the country wouldn’t know about the Ling family? With the power the Ling family had, it was naturally not something which these small little gangs like them could offend. Thus, they immediately retreated.

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