Legend of Ling Tian

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: The Test Begins

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Obviously, that boy definitely put on a pair of adult’s shoes. If not, he would have worn a large pair of socks on top of his own shoes. No wonder he dared to run out of the city! So that’s the reason! Ling Tian’s disappointed heart began to grow excited again.

Ling Tian asked himself, “If I were him, which direction would I run in?”

Directly ahead was the public road; since the organization pursuing the boy was obviously not small, he definitely would not take that road. With a weather like this, taking the public road was as good as surrendering.

To the right was the direction where the men in black chased after. There was smoke rising from afar with a large forested area which seemed like a good place to hide. However, the truth wasn’t really the case. Everyone would think that it was the best place to hide, so that would also become the place where he would be found the most easily.

To the left was a small path with less footprints. Furthermore, it was a completely flat plain with no hiding place until a small village afar. It was a long road with no vegetation to the sides. Obviously, this was a place where someone running for his life would never go to.

But with Ling Tian’s vast experience of escaping, this road was the safest! Ling Tian smiled in his heart, If you choose this path, I will help you. But if you did not choose this path, I will not help you even if you were to die in front of me! Because that would mean that you are not worth for me to save!’

Ling Tian turned into a flash in the snowy grounds and sprinted towards the left like lightning.

In a small desolate village with only tens of families, at times, the few people who passed by the narrow walkway were filled with hunger on their faces. The whole village was extremely quiet and desolate with a dull atmosphere all over. At times, there was the sound of barking dogs.

As Ling Tian walked alone on the road, his eyes scanned around in search for a possible hiding place. If that boy was able to escape so far, he was completely fitting of Ling Tian’s expectations.

As everyone saw this well dressed young man, they all displayed fear with a tinge of doubt within them. Why would a young master of a rich family appear here?

Ling Tian’s actions were very fast; he quickly walked through the whole village once. He also made a pick of the best hiding places within the village and found the three best hiding spots.

A test which the one taking it was ignorant about had already began! Furthermore, it was already at its final stages!

First, the boy must escape until here at the very least before fulfilling the basic criteria. Furthermore, from the location of his hiding spot, Ling Tian would be able to tell how resolute this person was. Sprinting here from the city was definitely a great toll on the body. If he was able to escape until here, he must have spent a lot of thought planning his escape. But all of these weren’t enough!

In order to meet Ling Tian’s expectations, he must definitely hide himself immediately after escaping here! Furthermore, he would definitely require some food after expending so much energy. But if there was going to be a person begging or stealing food at that moment, he would definitely reveal himself. Thus, he had to endure even further!

The three hiding spots which Ling Tian picked out also had rankings. The one at the back of the village was the lousiest of them all. Although it was the most concealed, it was also the most dangerous. The moment it’s blocked, there’s no chance for escape at all.

The hiding place to the left of the village allowed one to attack or retreat. However, he would also have to pass through the whole village before arriving at that hiding place.

The hiding place which Ling Tian was most satisfied with was a pile of rubble before the entrance of the village which had no way to hide someone! If that boy was able to hide there, his intelligence was at an extremely scary level! If he chose that place, he must be extremely bold, because that was the first place the enemy would see. He must also be extremely meticulous, finding the right hiding spot in a single glance and entering it immediately. Furthermore, he must also have a great understanding of the human heart in order to choose this hiding spot!

This place was just too obvious with no obvious hiding place. Thus, this was the place where his pursuers were most likely to overlook and rush straight into the village to search! Once everywhere in the village had been searched through, this place still wouldn’t draw the attention of anyone. The best part was that he would not have to pass by the village at all and would not leave behind a trace.

If that boy was able to escape to this point but not within any of these three hiding spots, Ling Tian would immediately give up on him! He would only be able to barely meet the mark if he chose one of these three hiding spots. In Ling Tian’s heart, he would only want the elites with great potential! If one did not have potential, Ling Tian would not even give him a second look!

Ling Tian decided to begin his search from the back of the village. After he entered and looked around, Ling Tian turned and walked out. There was no one!

Ling Tian had a gut feeling that the boy must have definitely escaped until here! It was just that he didn’t know where he was hiding.

With a bit of joy, Ling Tian went to the left of the village. This place was an abandoned shed with the walls of the place collapsed and winds blowing from all over.

As Ling Tian walked over, he couldn’t find any footprints on the floor. After considering for a moment, Ling Tian decided to walk in still.

There were a few bunches of withered grass which were placed around messily. It was obvious that there wasn’t much space in this broken shed. Ling Tian looked around the place generally before standing in the center of the shed, circulating his inner Qi and feeling the movements all around him.

A while later, the corners of Ling Tian’s lips twitched upwards as he revealed a delighted smile.

Yes, in this shed, there was a subtle breathing sound. Obviously, it was the boy who escaped here.

Ling Tian was extremely satisfied! Although he did not choose the spot which Ling Tian thought was the best, he was still extremely careful and meticulous from the way he was able to hide here and remove all traces on the snow.

If the person searching the place wasn’t someone who was at the XianTian stage like Ling Tian, he would definitely not be able to find the boy for sure.

After meeting so many people, it seemed as though there was no one who knew what “inner Qi” actually was.

Ling Tian smiled with satisfaction and walked forward, stopping in front of a small pile of withered grass. Then, he said softly, “Come on out, don’t hide anymore. You are inside.”

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