Legend of Ling Tian

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: A Problem of Address

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At this moment, Ling Jian gradually understood what kind of path Ling Tian was arranging for him. Ling Jian could already predict that this road which Ling Tian had arranged for him would definitely be filled with blood and killings, darkness and sin!

Ling Jian! That was a name full of killing intent! [1]

Ling Tian smiled with satisfaction as he said, “In order to become a qualified sword, you must still go through continuous molding! I will be the blacksmith! This process will be filled with great dangers; there’s a chance for you to lose your life at any moment! You have to be prepared for this!”

With regard to what Ling Tian said, Ling Jian was not surprised at all! This was completely within his expectations. In order for an ordinary seven to eight-year-old child to become a sharp sword filled with blood and killing, the process would definitely be extremely arduous. The sharpness of a sword is from grinding; the fragrance of the blossom flower is from bearing the bitter winter! This should be the way!

As Ling Jian faced Ling Tian, he felt that this young master of his was definitely not an ordinary young master of an aristocratic family. In front of Ling Tian, Ling Jian felt as though he was unable to hide anything at all! It was as though he was completely naked with all of his secrets laid bare, including the deepest parts of his soul!

In truth, Ling Tian was a few years younger than him. Ling Jian was puzzled: How will Ling Tian mold me into an expert able to stand on top of the world? But he did not dare to say that aloud.

Seeing Ling Jian’s doubtful face, Ling Tian laughed as he said calmly, “Follow me.” Then, Ling Tian began to walk forward. After a few steps, he grabbed a fist-sized rock which was covered by snow and smiled at Ling Jian. As he rubbed his hands lightly, the hard rock immediately became dust, falling down from Ling Tian’s palms.

After slapping his hands a few time, Ling Tian then asked, “Are you confident now?”

Ling Jian was dumbfounded! Following which, he broke out into ecstasy, his whole body trembling in excitement! Thinking about how he was doubtful, Ling Jian could not help but say with embarrassment, “This subordinate deserves to die! I actually doubted young master. Please punish me, young master.”

Ling Tian ignored him and continued walking forward as his voice sounded, “It can’t be blamed on you! But I hope that you will never doubt me again!”

Ling Jian’s eyes began to burn, “Yes, young master!” Then, he followed his young master as he suddenly felt that the world was filled with hope and life! He felt a sense of excitement and relaxation which he had never felt before in his life!

In front, Ling Tian suddenly stopped as his face turned serious. Ling Jian felt his heart skip a beat as he quickly cupped his hands in respect, not knowing what his young master wanted to say.

He then heard Ling Tian saying, “Err, Ling Jian, don’t call me young master in future, I do not like those two words. You can just call me young noble.”

Ling Jian immediately agreed as he was puzzled as to why his young master would not allow himself to be called young master. Isn’t young master and young noble the same thing? Changing the address is just like changing the taste of the medicine without changing the prescription. Although he was puzzled, he could only bury the doubts in his heart. As he looked at Ling Tian’s expression, it seemed extremely strange with his face even blushing slightly. It was as though Ling Tian felt embarrassed. Ling Jian immediately became even more puzzled.

How would Ling Jian know that Ling Tian had suddenly remembered that in his previous life, there were some young men in the high class clubs who were officially known as public relations staff, but in reality, their job was to accompany the rich women? Furthermore, they were commonly known as “young master”.

My goodness! I only just realized it! Ling Tian suddenly realized that all of the maids and outsiders seemed to have a single way of addressing him: Young Master. This even included all of his aunts…


Ling Tian suddenly made the sound of one vomiting while walking. Following which, he began to vomit non-stop as his face became pale…

Ling Jian who was behind had a face full of bewilderment. Just what is wrong with young master?

When the both of them arrived at the city gates, it was already in the afternoon. Facing the guards of the city gates, Ling Tian showed a jade talisman and the guards respectfully received the two boys.

The two servants were waiting anxiously in the city with their necks long from waiting.

As time slowly passed, the both of them became more and more worried. As they thought about the punishment they would receive if they lost the young master, they began to have blank looks on their faces as their body was on the verge of collapsing.

Finally, they saw Ling Tian walking in slowly from the city gates with his footsteps shaky and face pale…

Both the servants dashed forward as though they saw a treasure, with tears almost coming out of their eyes, “Young master, you are finally back. Eh? Young master, what is wrong with you? Why is your face so pale? Are you sick, young master?”

Ling Tian stared at the two servants with a vicious look. Hearing them call him young master, Ling Tian wanted to swallow them alive! He then snapped at them, “Don’t call me young master!”

Both of the servants looked towards each other as they thought, Don’t tell me young master became possessed after leaving the city? Concern filled their eyes as they asked, “Young master, you…”

Before they even finished their sentence, Ling Tian began to fly into a fit of rage, “Don’t call me young master! I don’t allow you to call me young master! Dammit, are you guys deaf? If you guys call me young master again, I will skin you guys alive!” Ling Tian was enraged! Being at the peak of his anger, Ling Tian began to curse!

At that moment, the city gates were filled with pin drop silence!

The section of ten men who were about to send Ling Tian back all stared at each other as they thought: This young master of the Ling family is actually so fierce to his servants even at such a young age! He actually cursed them in public like that! At that moment, all of them began to lament for general Ling, His son is really unlike him…

The two servants almost wanted to cry, “Young…”

Ling Tian was completely depressed! Hearing that they almost called him “young master” again, he could not help but roar, “F**K!” His voice sounded like thunder; everyone around could hear it…

With a darkened face, Ling Tian brought Ling Jian into a small sedan which the city guards prepared like a volcano which was about to explode.

Ling Jian did not dare to sit in the sedan, but with a little bit of force, Ling Tian easily carried him up! In the end, Ling Tian used too much force and Ling Jian’s shoulder was dislocated with a “pop” sound…

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[1]: Jian refers to sword.

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