Legend of Ling Tian

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Three Year Plan

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The little girl had long climbed up the chariot, and seeing her grandfather fuming in anger, she giggled. Her little body barreling towards her grandfather’s embrace, she said, “Grandpa, don’t be angry, Xue’er will give you some haw ball, hehehe…”

While chewing on the sour-sweet haw ball in her mouth, the old man could only reluctantly squeeze out a smile, stretching out a hand to caress his granddaughter’s hair. However, his heart remained extremely heavy. If this is the case, then wouldn’t it be this bag of old bones ruining my granddaughter’s marriage? He took yet another long sigh, steeling his heart that after the audience with the emperor, he would immediately head to condemn that disgraceful old fogey!

Slightly in front of the purple-robed old man’s chariot which was emblazoned with the symbol of a golden chrysanthemum flower, there was a chariot with over ten soldiers escorting. Inside that chariot, Ling Tian was reclined inside without any poise whatsoever. Opposite him sat Ling Jian in an upright position, showing extreme respect towards him. His hands and legs seemed to have no place to comfortably rest on, making him look as though he was extremely uncomfortable.

Ling Tian cast a glance at him before speaking, “Ling Jian.”

Ling Jian hurriedly shot up straight, “Young noble, this little one is here. Awaiting your instructions.” At this moment, after witnessing for himself the power of Ling Tian, the latter in Ling Jian’s heart was not simply just his master and person to show loyalty towards, but rather more like a deity to worship! In his life, this was the first time he had seen someone actually use a pair of bare hands to grind limestone into powder! Don’t even talk about seeing it, Ling Jian had never even heard of such a thing! Even the legends did not speak of such an incident happening…

Ling Tian could only heave a sigh, “Sit down, Ling Jian. Next time when you’re around me, there’s no need to be so respectful and cautious; I’m not used to it. Just revert back to your original personality, that would be fine.”

Ling Jian sprang upright, “Yes! Young Master!”

Letting out a groan, Ling Tian tossed his hands up in defeat, saying, “Forget it, do as you wish.”

Ling Jian returned to his seat, but still kept his body ramrod straight.

“Ling Jian, how old are you right now?”

“Replying young noble, I’m currently nine.”

“Oh, already nine years old, that’s a little late. Have you practiced any martial skills in the past?”

“Replying young noble, I have not. I only learnt some body-strengthening methods from the martial arts instructors in the Protection Courts.”

“Oh, then no wonder.” As to what he suspected, Ling Tian did not say, but Ling Jian understood it in his heart. It was probably this little bit of insignificant foundation that was the reason that mysteriously allowed him to be noticed by Ling Tian. At this moment, in Ling Jian’s heart, he could not help but feel gratitude for the instructor who had taught him a little of the body-strengthening art!

“Ling Jian, you were still feverish just now. How are you right now? Do you still feel dizzy?”

Ling Jian felt his eyes start to sting, after being on the run for nearly a month and having tasted the coldness of human emotions, this was the first time someone had really cared for his well-being! “Thank you for the attention, Young Master, I no longer feel dizzy.”

“Hm, this shows that your body constitution is passable. I will follow suit and include a regime of training meant to help you to resist the influence of drugs and poison. In future, this will be an asset to further guard your life.”

Ling Tian pondered for awhile more, before slowly speaking, “Ling Jian, right now, listen carefully to the arrangements that I’ve made for you and what I can help you with.”

Ling Jian had an expression full of excitement and emotion as he respectfully replied, “Yes! May young noble please instruct me.”

“On the side of your enemies, what I can do is, within these three years, I will not lay a single finger on Blood Rose Hall! Do you understand what I’m saying?” Ling Tian slowly spoke.

Feelings of gratitude appeared in the eyes of Ling Jian, as he replied, “Yes! Ling Jian understands!” He could completely understand the underlying meaning of Ling Tian’s words, which was to leave the annihilation of Blood Rose Hall to him, so as to allow him the chance to personally avenge his blood feud! As a son, he wanted to use the fresh blood of his enemies to comfort his parents’ souls in heaven!

Ling Tian let out a satisfied smile, “As the first sword under me, three years later would be the time to test out this sword of mine! As for Blood Rose Hall, it will serve as the first whetstone for your growth! In these three years, I will not do anything towards Blood Rose Hall! Neither will I bother to put pressure on them! However, after three years, I want the entire Blood Rose Hall to completely and entirely disappear by your hands! No matter how large they’ve grown!”

Ling Jian silently listened, his eyes flashing with bloodthirst. Upon visualizing the scene of the members in Blood Rose Hall falling under his sword as well as moaning and begging for forgiveness, his eyes lit up with excitement.

Pausing for a moment, Ling Tian lazily continued, “In these three years, I will teach you the pinnacle of killing sword arts in this world, increasing your killing skills on all fronts. If you aren’t able to annihilate Blood Rose Hall after three years of me coaching you, then I will personally silence you!” The moment he reached the last sentence, Ling Tian’s tone turned exceptionally severe!

Ling Jian felt a jolt pass through his entire body and his eyes turned steely! Biting off each word clearly, he replied, “Young noble, rest assured. If after the painstaking effort by young noble yourself, I still am unable to demolish Blood Rose Hall, I, Ling Jian would not have the face to remain in this world any longer either!”

With an “en” sound, Ling Tian spoke, “From now on, you must be prepared. In the process of training you, there will be countless dangers you have to face. There is a chance that you will not be able to keep up with my training rhythm and end up losing your life! However, once you have passed my drills, then in this entire continent, you will move unhindered!”

Ling Jian shuddered from head to toe and his eyes turned bloodshot. What could be seen in the depths of his eyes was an unwavering determination to succeed or die trying!

Ling Tian now calmly stood up and pulled open the screen of the chariot, leisurely getting off the vehicle. As he walked, he said, “I’m now giving you the chance to be strong, to get your revenge. The rest depends on you. Follow me.”

Ling Jian also hurriedly got down, and as he looked up, a massive and impressively grand golden colored door appeared before his eyes: Ling Residence!

All his hopes and dreams would start from here!

The people inside the Ling residence all saw their own young master actually bringing back a filthy and dirty-looking beggar back and all of them revealed looks of astonishment.

Walking through the main door, he ordered his personal maid Qiu Yue, “Sister Qiu Yue, this little child is the study companion that I’ve bought just now. Could you bring him for a bath and a change of clothes, get him some food and sort him out before sending him to my room?”

The moment he finished, he started to walk away on his own.

Qiu Yue received a rude shock, before running behind him and calling out, “Young master, the madam wants you to go to her room when you are back. She says that she has something to tell you.”

In a flash, Ling Tian spun around, scowling at her, “Remember this! All who are in the Ling residence, none is allowed to call me Young master! Just call me young noble, do all of you understand?!” His voice resounded just like a crack of thunder.

Qiu Yue was frightened out of her wits, her heart palpitating wildly as she hurriedly saluted, “Yes, young noble, this servant will remember.”

With a “hmph” sound, Ling Tian continued, “Qiu Yue, I want you to inform all the servants in Ling Residence that if I ever hear someone call me young master again, I’ll pull out his tongue and break both his legs!”

Qiu Yue, as well as those bodyguards situated at the front of the main gate all could not help but feel a shiver go down their spines. In the Ling residence, this young master’s words were no joke; he even dared to mess around with Master Ling Kong’s only son! What would he not dare to do? The crowd expressed their agreement profusely.

On his side, the shadow of Ling Tian could not even be seen anymore….

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