Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Fighting in Trial Tower

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On the first floor of Trial Tower—

Looking at those three tall figures standing in front of him, Jian Wushuang knew they were Humanoid Puppets, which were unique to Trial Tower. They were opponents that he needed to confront.

“Trial Tower—A place where cultivation and Martial Arts Techniques are assessed. In general, anyone whose Cultivation reaches the Sixth Step will complete seven levels in total. Even those who have outstanding Martial Arts Techniques at the peak of the Fifth Step may get to the Seventh Level as well. Therefore, I am curious about how far I can go using only my swordsmanship and not using any Spiritual Power. “Jian Wushuang thought secretly.

“I am ready! ”

After saying that, Jian Wushuang waved the Long Sword in his hand. Wow~~~ Instantly, condensed sword essence directly erupted like roaring waves.

“Sword Tide! ” Jian Wushuang yelled with wildness in his eyes.

Sword Tide was a deadly move from a First-class Sword Art—Ceaseless Waterflow Sword Art.

And it was wielded at its best by Jian Wushuang.

After some simple movements, a sword shadow swept over the room. Those three Humanoid Puppets instantly fought back. However, being at the entrance level, they were much weaker than Jian Wushuang. Even if Jian Wushuang did not use his Spiritual Power, he could defeat them easily with only his quick and forceful swordsmanship.

The First Level—passed!

Outside Trial Tower, the first gem lit up, which meant that he made it through the First Level. The disciples around it did not feel surprised.

“Humph! Only the First Level. With his cultivation in the Third Step of Spirit Path, he should easily pass through the first three floors. And completing the Fourth Level is also possible. However, it is an idiot’s daydream to think that he will complete the Fifth Level. ” Jian Lin’s face was still full of contempt.

Not long after the first gem had lit up, the second one lit up and, soon after, the third one followed. All intervals were short, which meant that it did not take Jian Wushuang too much time to defeat those Humanoid Puppets on each floor. However, it was only after a long interval that the fourth one lit up.

“He stayed on the fourth floor for a long time, so he obviously spent a lot of time battling hard with the Humanoid Puppets there. As for the fifth floor, the Humanoid Puppets are much stronger than the ones downstairs. There is no chance for him to win! ”

“The Fourth Level must be his limit. ”

“Haha, I knew it. Trash like him, how can he pass through the Fifth Level of Trial Tower? ”

Many disciples around sneered and booed. They thought Jian Wushuang had given his all to make it through the Fourth Level. Otherwise, why would he have been held up for such a long time?

Jian Lin especially sneered again and again, smiling sardonically, and could not wait to make fun of Jian Wushuang when he walked out of Trial Tower.

On the fifth floor of Trial Tower, Jian Wushuang’s face appeared was grim.

“After each level, the strength of the Humanoid Puppets greatly increase. I easily completed the first three levels with swordsmanship only. However, on the Fourth Level, I went through a tough battle and it took a long time to defeat them. Therefore, on the fifth floor, it will be impossible to defeat them with swordsmanship alone. Let me use Spiritual Power. ” Jian Wushuang stretched the sides of his mouth upward, then Spiritual Power burst forth in a flash.

If disciples outside Trial Tower knew that Jian Wushuang completed the first four levels with only his swordsmanship, it would have scared the pants off of them. In general, a Warrior who wanted to pass the Fourth Level of Trial Tower at least needed to be in the Fourth Step of the Spirit Path. However, he had gotten through it without using Spiritual Power. In other words, his Martial Arts Technique was well matched with cultivation of Warriors in the Fourth Step of the Spirit Path!

It was incredible.

Once his Spiritual Power, which was nearly at the peak of the Sixth Heaven of Divine Path, burst out, it was much easier for Jian Wushuang to fight against those Humanoid Puppets.

The disciples outside Trial Tower, including Jian Lin, were waiting to see how Jian Wushuang would bring shame upon himself. But, just then…

“Hum~~~! ”

The fifth gem by the door of Trial Tower lit up.

Upon seeing that, the disciples were suddenly astonished.

It meant that Jian Wushuang had gotten through the Fifth Level.

“How could this be? ”

“Impossible. He took such a long time on the Fourth Level. Clearly, he completed that with great difficulty. So, how could he get through the Fifth Level? ”

“Does this mean that trash has reached the Fifth Step of the Spirit Path in his Cultivation? ”

All of their faces were full of disbelief and astonishment. Jian Lin was even more astonished with a wide open mouth but did not know what to say.

However, that was just the beginning. “Hum~~~! ” Before they could react, the sixth gem lit up.

“The Sixth Level! ” Having seen that, all of the disciples who were gathered there held their breath for a second.

Then, after less than 15 minutes, the last one also lit up instantly.

All seven gems, each embodying one floor of Trial Tower, had lit up. It meant that Jian Wushuang had completed all of them!


Outside was deathly silent. All the people on site looked at those seven sparkling gems in disbelief. They had never been in such a state of shock before.

“The Seventh Level… he made it through the Seventh Level? ” Jian Lin was dumbstruck.

Actually, he swore that Jian Wushuang was, at most, only at the Fourth Step of the Spirit Path before he had gone into Trial Tower. To scrape by the Fourth Level was lucky for him. There was no chance for him to make it through the Fifth Level.

But what was the reality?

The Fifth Level?

Jian Wushuang had not only passed through the fifth floor, but he also passed through the sixth and the seventh. He had passed through all seven floors of Trial Tower. Now, he was as strong as him.

“Impossible! ”

“This is by no means possible! ”

Jian Lin shook his head fiercely. He could never believe that this had happened.

While all of them were in shock, they did not notice that Jian Wushuang had walked out of the Trial Tower door.

“Shua! ”

In a flash, all eyes turned toward him, making him the focal point on the field. Even the Elder from Red Martial Hall who was in charge of recording the results was now staring at Jian Wushuang in utter surprise.

“Am I qualified to enter the Sword Marquis Token Battle in one month? ” Jian Wushuang looked at the Elder and asked.

The Elder was startled for a second. Then he returned to himself, nodded, and said, “Jian Wushuang has completed the Seventh Level. Qualified. ”

Jian Wushuang nodded with satisfaction. However, the people around him burst into a heated discussion.

“The Seventh Level. How could it be possible? ”

“How could Jian Wushuang get past the seventh floor? ”

“It generally requires a Warrior whose Cultivation reaches the Sixth Step of Spirit Path to complete it. However, Jian Wushuang—he could not condense any Spiritual Power just one month ago, could he? ”

“No. No. His Cultivation could not be that strong. His swordsmanship must have been what helped him. Yes. That is right. I will never believe that a person without any Spiritual Power could reach the Sixth Step of Spirit Path in just one month. ”

Many disciples were denigrating him.

“Jian Wushuang! ”

A somber voice called out. Before he could react, a figure stood in front of Jian Wushuang—It was Jian Lin. He was so angry that his face was twisted…

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