Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 2509 - Dark Thunder Territory

Chapter 2509: Dark Thunder Territory

“Ten thousand drops of Ancient God Divine Power as your fees? That’s so expensive!”

“Naturally, they are a crimson-class escort team. In Dark Thunder Territory, even the Eighteen Prefectures would have to think twice before doing anything within a crimson-class escort team’s presence. As for regular thieves, they can only escape when they run into crimson-class escorts with no chance of carrying out their robbery. You would almost not run into any troubles with a crimson-class escort team protecting you.”

“I would really love to sign up since the crimson-class escort team’s protection is way more secure than second-class or first-class teams. My survival chance would rise greatly. It’s a shame I can’t afford to pay ten thousand drops of Ancient God Divine Power.”

A large number of cultivators began to discuss in the gathering spot and very soon some went to sign up.

There were even more people who were dying to join. Unfortunately, not everybody could afford ten thousand drops of Ancient God Divine Power.

“Xueya Escort Team, huh?”

Jian Wushuang squinted slightly. The next moment, he hopped off of his double-horned Thunderous Star Beast’s back, dragging the animal with him, and walked towards the Xueya Escort Team.

The rest of the escort teams that went up to invite Jian Wushuang could only sigh without harassing him further upon seeing that.

Jian Wushuang went up to the registrar. The person in charge was a tall middle-aged man who held a crimson tooth flag.

“I’m here to sign up,” said Jian Wushuang.

“Double-horned Thunderous Star Beast?” The middle-aged man looked at the beast next to Jian Wushuang instead. After pondering for a while, he said, “If you want to join the Xueya Escort Team, you will need to pay thirty thousand drops of Ancient God Divine Power as escort fees.”

“Thirty Thousand for the fees?” People around were shocked when they heard that.

10,000 drops of Ancient God Divine Power was already comparable to the net worth of a Peak Divine Demon.

Perhaps only an incredibly rich Peak Divine Demon could afford 30,000 drops.

“Why charge me thirty thousand?” Jian Wushuang questioned.

“Because of the beast.”

The middle-aged man poised at the double-horned Thunderous Star Beast and said in a straightforward manner, “Double-horned Thunderous Star Beast is worth ten thousand drops of Ancient God Divine Power. In Dark Thunder Territory, the thieves would know how much you’re worth as soon as they see your beast and that will give them ideas. It’s a greater risk for us to bear.”

“As such the fee you’ll have to pay is naturally higher than the others. Thirty thousand is considered cheap. Feel free to find other ways if you can’t accept the deal. Perhaps you can opt to sell the beast right here and come back to sign up. The Xueya Escort Team will then only charge you ten thousand drops of Ancient God Divine Power.”

“Is that so?” Jian Wushuang understood and felt their prices were reasonable. He immediately flipped his wrist and presented an Interspatial Ring, “There are thirty thousand drops of Ancient God Divine Power in here.”

The middle-aged man then took it and did a quick scan before nodding and said, “Here’s your token and wait on the side. We’ll leave after three days.”

Jian Wushuang held the token and went aside to wait.

Three days quickly passed by. Within those three days, the Xueya Escort Team’s 50 slots were filled up.

Over twenty figures rushed over from the void beside the area.

“Captain, all the fifty cultivators that we’re escorting have geared up. We’re ready to depart at any time.”

The middle-aged man who held the flag stood respectfully next to a woman in purple armor.

The purple-armored woman had a seductively hot body. Her face was extremely pretty with also a vigorous air between her eyes which projected a heroic demeanor.

The aura projected from her was also extremely overpowering. She was obviously at the level of an Ultimate God.

Behind her were two other people standing beside each other who are most probably Ultimate God as well.

“Good gracious, it’s just an escort team and there are three Ultimate Gods. The rest of them appeared to be Peak Divine Demons too.” Jian Wushuang who was sitting cross-legged on the double-horned Thunderous Star Beast’s back looked around, scanned each of the members of the Xueya Escort Team, and felt quite surprised.

Three Ultimate Gods and over 20 Peak Divine Demons—if a lineup like that appeared in any of the regular wildernesses, they could totally pick a fight with a dominant sect like the Great Compassion Sect. However, they merely appeared before him as an escort team.

“There’s nothing else to prepare, let’s just depart,” ordered the purple-armored woman.

“Aye.” The middle-aged man nodded.

Jian Wushuang and the rest of their clients soon began to enter Dark Thunder Territory under the accompaniment of the Xueya Escort Team.

Although Dark Thunder Territory was a territory, its actual size was five or six times larger than that of a regular territory.

It would take a very long time to cross over the Dark Thunder Territory.

However, Jian Wushuang did not care. After entering the Dark Thunder Territory, he ordered his double-horned Thunderous Star Beast to slow down its speed and keep its pace to match with the others while he sat cross-legged on its back and carried on with his studies. He did not take note or get involved with other matters nor did he converse with anyone.

The cultivators taking the journey with him would sometimes glance over at him with slight jealousy.

Among the 50 cultivators being escorted by Xueya Escort Team, only Jian Wushuang was sitting on a double-horned Thunderous Star Beast while most of those people were striding by themselves.

It was understandable, as one double-horned Thunderous Star Beast had already cost 10,000 drops of Ancient God Divine Power. With an escort fee of 30,000 added in, it would amount to a grand total of 40,000 drops of Ancient God Divine Power. It was not an amount anybody in the group could afford to spend.

Time flew by and a month had passed in the blink of an eye.

In the past month, everything was peaceful within the group. Although there were some thieves who appeared to check out the situations, they fled in horror as soon as they saw the lineup of the escort team. Therefore, there were no thieves who dared to appear before the Xueya Escort Team up to that point, let alone one that carried out a robbery.

One day…

“Hm, the scent of blood?”

The purple-armored woman who led the escort team and also their captain suddenly stopped her pace.

“This scent seems to have come from ahead. Somebody’s probably fighting. Let’s go take a look,” mumbled the purple-armored woman.

The Xueya Escort Team did not choose to take a detour—there was no need.

Crimson-class escort teams were free to roam as they pleased within the Dark Thunder Territory as long as they did not run into the Eighteen Prefectures. Regular thieves would have to take a detour around them instead.

The escort team kept pushing forward until they soon saw a battle that was close to its end.

On the battlefield, two groups of cultivators were killing each other in a frenzy. One party was clearly on the losing side and almost faltered completely with many of them beginning to plead for forgiveness.

Unfortunately, their plea was in vain as the opposing party showed no mercy and slaughtered them without any hesitation.

In the blink of an eye, that escort team and those cultivators they had sworn to protect were mostly killed with only an extreme few who managed to flee from the scene.

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