Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 5292: Keep Refining

Chapter 5292: Keep Refining

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Although his physical body had reached an immortal state, he still felt immense pressure.

It was the pressure of bloodline.

After all, he was just a Grand Yan Immortal.

After a slight suppression, he began absorbing the Emperor’s essence blood with all his might.

His physical body continued to strengthen, and his divine body kept rising.


You are what you eat.

This old saying was absolutely right.

This mass of flesh made his physical body 100 times stronger than before. As for the Nine Refinements, he dared not be certain. Everything depended on fate. Although Shan Jun had said so, he still wasn’t very confident.

But he did have confidence in continuing the refinement.

Especially in increasing his divine body.

The basic divine body had already reached four thousand times its original strength.

But when he fully unleashed the Beast God Domain, it reached around 10,000-fold.

“It seems that the Beast God Domain can only increase to around 10,000 times at most!” Jian Wushuang speculated to himself.

He just didn’t know what would happen once the Beast God Weapon’s origin power fully condensed, restoring a trace of ancient power.

At that time, how powerful would his Beast God Domain become?

Just the increase in divine body alone shouldn’t be a problem to break through 10,000-fold.

Once the divine body crossed the 10,000-fold mark, it would be a qualitative change.

Previously in the Great Si Region, 1,000-fold was the limit.

In the Original Universe, the limit was 10,000-fold, the strongest life that the Original Universe could nurture.

Then what about in the River of Time?

And so, Chishui was born as a 10,000-fold divine being, but was he still 10,000-fold now?

Jian Wushuang had many doubts in his mind.

Just from this lump of flesh, he could glean something meaningful.

One drop of essence within it was condensed by a peak-level tier 4 Emperor. The weight of this drop of essence made his courage tremble.

Even though his physical body was already immensely powerful, he still couldn’t fully absorb it.

He could only store it within the origin source and contemplate it carefully.

Based on his contemplation, the owner of this drop of essence was likely the Chishui.

With just one-tenth of the origin source’s power, he condensed a drop of essence so powerful.

No matter how he tried to absorb it, he couldn’t manage.

He couldn’t even hold it steadily.

He could only store it within the origin source.

“Phew! ”

Jian Wushuang let out a breath. Unbeknownst to him, he had spent 1,000 years in this Universe Bronze Furnace.

It was time to leave now. As for that drop of essence, he might have to wait until he underwent the Nine Refinements to absorb it.

After leaving the bronze furnace, Shan Jun was already waiting for him outside.

“Seems like you’re brimming with confidence now. No need for many words. Maintain this state and enter the Trial Tower!” Shan Jun said with a slight smile.

His confidence was indeed at its peak.

Jian Wushuang couldn’t deny it. An unparalleled aura surrounded him, his physical strength nearly reaching its peak. The temperature inside the Universe Bronze Furnace was inconsequential to him now.

Of course, if he didn’t use the Beast God Domain, it wouldn’t be so easy for him.

“Yes!” Jian Wushuang bowed respectfully and entered the Trial Tower.

Qiuhuang had mentioned before that once they left, they couldn’t return. Shan Jun’s ability to let him re-enter the trial would surely astonish Qiuhuang!

Even Jian Wushuang found it unbelievable.

People who supported him were all so peculiar.

None of the prominent figures from the Qishen Temple took an interest in him. Although the old man with goat horns treated him well, it was probably only because of the Beast God Weapon. In terms of legitimacy, the old man with goat horns didn’t seem to be a core figure either. Jian Wushuang shook his head, dismissing these thoughts.

He couldn’t care less about these matters.

If someone believed in him, he wouldn’t disappoint them, regardless of whether they were high-ranking members of the Qishen Temple.

Inside the Trial Tower, as he entered once more, he felt an unsettling premonition. It made his heart race, a chilling sensation creeping over him.

It was a chilling aura, reminiscent of the first time he had encountered Shan


Upon entering the tower, Jian Wushuang finally saw the world on this level. It was a world on the brink of collapse, a planet on the verge of destruction.

Mountains crumbled, and the heavens and earth trembled!

Majestic mountains crumbled, rivers flowed backward, and the land shattered. It was an apocalyptic scene!

All of this destruction was caused by a massive exotic beast.

Jian Wushuangs body trembled slightly; the sound emanating from the wings of the beast made him incredibly uneasy.

“What is this?” Jian Wushuang became more and more familiar with the sight.

The colossal exotic beast looked like an enlarged mosquito! A mosquito capable of destroying an entire planet?

It made him instinctively fearful.

“Is this really just a mosquito?” Jian Wushuang wondered.

What was the Trial Tower playing at?

Soon, a brief message appeared on his identity token. After reading it, Jian Wushuang felt his scalp tingle, and cold sweat trickled down his back.



The Trial Tower didn’t care about his thoughts. Since he had entered, he had to undergo the trial.

This time, the trial was the shortest but also the most tormenting.

Jian Wushuang would never forget it for the rest of his life; he might even have nightmares about it in the future.

Who could imagine a gigantic mosquito extending a proboscis like a towering pillar, attempting to devour his blood essence? He still felt the intense pain on his back.

If someone were to look at him from behind, they would see a massive disc on his back, covered in tiny holes like acupuncture points, appearing extremely frightening.

Before he could rest for a moment, his body was once again transported.

This level’s trial was even more outrageous. The previous level, despite its pain, was relatively bearable.

In the past, he might not have been able to withstand such strong suction, but after absorbing the Emperor’s blood essence, his physical body had undergone changes. He could easily endure the pressure.

But this eighth level was beyond his expectations.

A vast space was filled with countless containers, appearing harmless. There was no trace of danger.

However, when he jumped into one of the containers, he understood that this level was far from simple.

As soon as he entered the container, the liquid inside began to boil.

His entire body became unbearably itchy, making it impossible for him to endure even for a moment.

He desperately wanted to break free.

This torture was unimaginable, far worse than being bitten by a mosquito. When the mosquito bit him, it took away impurities from his body, making his physical body even more perfect. But this level aimed to transform his body further, making it even more flawless.

Countless nutrients entered his body, causing a complete transformation.

Jian Wushuangs eyes turned bloodshot. At this moment, the immense benefits were overwhelming, and he couldn’t bear them. All he wanted was to get out.

However, the entrance to the container had been sealed shut, and he couldn’t escape.

With just a breath, he passed out.

He woke up later, lying outside the container. His body was completely immobilized, devoid of strength.

It seemed the treasures he had prepared earlier were meant for this purpose. It was no wonder he needed to enter the Universal Bronze Furnace and require so many treasures.

Once his physical strength was fully restored, the memory of that excruciating sensation made Jian Wushuangs eyes narrow to slits..

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