Legend of the Great Saint

Chapter 1530 - Stirring Up the Underworld

Chapter 1530 - Stirring Up the Underworld

The captain of the guards asked carefully, “Sir, where are you going?”

“Adjudicator Lu” disregarded them, directly arriving before the Mirror of Retribution and shining himself.

That was basically the end of him. The mirror was filled with black mist, so thick that it was virtually oozing out of the mirror. There was not a single speck of light. It only demonstrated heinous crimes.

The ghost guards looked at one another. What were they supposed to say?

Li Qingshan thought, “Even the likes of you are worthy of being a judge?”

Adjudicator Lu pleaded with him. “Fellow, righteous warrior, sir! You really can’t blame me for this. The rules of the underworld are just like this. I just went with the flow.”

“Hah, then what’s the point of having this mirror around?”

“Adjudicator Lu” suddenly threw a punch at the Mirror of Retribution.

With a thump, the mirror shook and rang. He failed to leave a single mark on it, but he did alarm the other courts and offices.

A dark-faced judge emerged from the Office of Underworld Law and bellowed, “What are you doing!?”

As Li Qingshan possessed him, he also scanned through most of his memories. The eighteenth layer of hell was vastly different from the other seventeen layers. The security there was extremely tight. Even as an adjudicator, he could not approach the place without proper reason.

Unless someone was sent there as a wicked fiend, even Ghost Immortals could forget about breaking into the place. Even if there were not the Ten Courts of Yanluo, the Kṣitigarbha’s primary monastery was located in the underworld.

He thought, If I had known this earlier, I shouldn’t have put up with all that. But this works too. Time for me to stir up a great mess!

Seeing how adjudicator Lu refused to answer him, the dark-faced judge arrived before the Mirror of Retribution in a flash and grabbed adjudicator Lu’s shoulder. “What are you still doing here!?”

“Adjudicator Lu” looked back, and a terrifying smile stretched across his lips. He spat out four words softly, “Disintegration of the Devaputra-māra.”


“Adjudicator Lu’s” muscles bulged all over, ripping through his robes. His figure swelled by several metres as his powers erupted like a volcano. A terrifying aura rushed into the air, condensing into a black cloud over his head.

His Origin Soul had basically exploded, on the verge of collapse, but it was maintained by a wondrous power.

The dark-faced judge suddenly widened his eyes. A fist the size of a sandbag flew towards him, moving like lightning and brutal like fire. He completely failed to respond to it.

With a thump, he was smashed to pieces, melding away into a few streaks of light that tried to flee.

“Adjudicator Lu” opened his huge mouth and sucked in deeply, swallowing all of it. His belly bulged up and began squirming around uncontrollably, but it settled down very soon.

“Urp!” He let out a belch and licked his lips. “Delicious!”

The two other judges emerged from the Office of Rewarding Good and the Office of Punishing Wicked. When they saw this, a chill ran down their spines.

“Adjudicator Lu” swelled up even further, his aura becoming even more violent. He did not resemble a Ghost Immortal, but a Human Immortal, or almost even a True Immortal.

Gazing at the two other judges, he smiled viciously. “Why don’t you shine yourselves in the mirror as well?”

His arms abruptly stretched out, reaching several hundred metres long and grabbing the two judges. He opened his mouth and shoved them in.

He sucked hard and fierce winds raged between the courts of Yanluo. The ghost guards all rose up, sucked into his huge mouth. Even the colossal ghosts the size of mountains were no exception. Some tried grabbing the pillars of the buildings, but before they could hang on for very long, they ended up in the abyss-like mouth.

This was an ultimate secret technique of the path of great liberty, Disintegration of the Devaputra-māra!

It was a manifestation of ultimate destruction and annihilation, igniting all essence instantly. Once it was used, there was absolutely no chance of survival. If he wanted to destroy the enemy, he had to destroy himself first.

Originally, a move of mutual annihilation like this did not possess much value no matter how powerful it was. After all, it could only be used once in a single lifetime.

However, if he used the Possession of the Devaputra-māra first and captured a “sacrifice”, then it would not even cost him a single hair. Heh, it was not like he would run out of people as long as it was not him himself anyway.

Adjudicator Lu could sense he was facing his doom. He struggled desperately. “What did you do? Release me!”

“It’s already too late!”

After some effort, Li Qingshan captured the two other judges and tossed them into the explosive furnace in his body, turning them into fuel for the Disintegration of the Devaputra-māra.

Suddenly, he reached into his great mouth and fished the blue ghost out from his throat. “You better run! I said I would spare your life!”

The blue ghost knelt down on the ground. “I’m willing to charge into battle alongside you!”

“This is an order!”

“Yes, sir!”

“You should tell others that adjudicator Lu has suffered from cultivation deviation and gone mad along the way!”

“Yes, sir!” The blue ghost shouted out, “Adjudicator Lu is revolting!” He ran away furiously.

The area before the courts of Yanluo was now empty, only leaving “adjudicator Lu” standing there alone. The dark clouds over his head grew thicker, almost reaching the top of his head. His aura ebbed furiously like the tide, completely incapable of withdrawing it, let alone keeping it under control. All he could do was wield it in the crudest fashion possible, but that was enough.

“Shatter!” With a furious bellow, he punched the Mirror of Retribution!

Cracks spread, covering the mirror. With a clang, fragments flew everywhere.

With the laws of the world shaken, the entire Hell realm trembled.

In the depths of the underworld, Kṣitigarbha opened his eyes slowly.

Under him, the great white hound’s ears pricked up. “Bodhisattva, they’ve come again!”

Kṣitigarbha brought his palms together. “Benevolent be the buddha.”

Li Qingshan understood that the Disintegration of the Devaputra-māra was far too overwhelming. Even with three Ghost Immortals as fuel, it probably could not last for much longer!

He turned around, and a streak of black smoke rose up into the extremely distant sky, turning and shooting off towards the depths of hell.

Alarm bells rang out throughout the entire underworld!

Ox-headed A’pang was alarmed as well, emerging from his dwelling. “What’s happening?”

A ghost guard dressed in black rushed over on the black winds with an order tablet in hand. “Commander, adjudicator Lu has suffered from cultivation deviation. He suddenly began to revolt. He’s killed the other adjudicators. Now, he’s killing guards everywhere and releasing the wicked fiends!”

Ox-headed A’pang widened his eyes. He found this to be very puzzling. Why adjudicator Lu of all people? And how was that Lu person capable of killing the other adjudicators?

Don’t tell me it’s that kid at work? But he’s only been sent to hell for a few years. How is he capable of something like this already?

However, his gut feeling told him that it had to be Li Qingshan! This diverged from the plan, but that kid had never seemed like a person who followed plans anyway.

This is the person that big brother chose to face the crisis!

“Which king of hell is currently on duty?”

“It’s the King of Equality, King Pingdeng. He’s currently gathering the Ten Hell Guards in Fengdu city.”


By now, Li Qingshan had already broken into the seventeenth layer of hell with several tens of thousand wicked fiends gathered around him. Even the weakest of them were Yin Soul cultivators, while the Yang Soul cultivators numbered over a thousand.

Through the memory fragments of the four judges, he released them from the seal from granny Meng’s soup. Using his overwhelming strength, he coerced them into following him to the depths of hell, devouring countless others that refused to obey him.

By now, “adjudicator Lu” was not human at all anymore. He had turned into a black cloud several thousand metres tall, surging around wildly with chaotic streams of energy. He only bore a slight resemblance to a humanoid figure.

A black mountain range blocked his path, stretching off endlessly into the horizon. That was the Hell realm’s renowned Cakravadaparvata. There was only a single, narrow valley in the centre with an undead army a million strong stationed right before it. Their aura flooded the entire region, forming a great formation that sealed off the entrance

He raised his arm of dark clouds. The part that was approximately his head suddenly split open. “Charge!”

“But senior, up ahead is the eighteenth layer of hell!” a Yang Soul cultivator cried out.

“That’s exactly where I want to go, the eighteenth layer of hell!”

The two sunken eye sockets emitted two jets of energy, like lightning that rolled through the depths of the clouds. His voice was like the low growl of thunder, bearing absolutely no resemblance to a human or any other living creature any more. He was a demonic monster through and through.

“But didn’t you say you would save all of our oppressed and imprisoned fellows before charging out of here?”

The ghosts shuffled uneasily. Who would revolt for the sake of entering the eighteenth layer of hell? They were better off remaining in their own hells before.

Seeing how the army he had gathered through quite an effort was about to disintegrate, Li Qingshan smiled viciously. “You bunch of trash! If you don’t want to serve as cannon fodder, then you can serve as fuel!”

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He suddenly lunged towards all the ghosts. Blanketed by the dark cloud, every single part of his thousand-metre-long body split open with a mouth, swallowing all of these fiends.

At that instant, his powers swelled to a point completely beyond his control. He was on the brink of collapse.

At this moment, a colourful streak of light shot across the seventeenth layer of hell. In the light was a dignified man in black dragon robes with a flat crown. “Wretched demon, kneel!”

His aura filled the air like the clouds, blanketing down over everything.

Li Qingshan shivered inside, A True Immortal! I probably won’t even last a single strike against him!

He made up his mind and used his last bit of willpower to throw himself at the mountains.

With a great boom, all of the energy erupted and swallowed a vast majority of the million-strong army of undead. The formation was completely in tatters. Even the impervious mountains shook as a mushroom cloud rose up slowly.

King Pingdeng stopped. His expression changed several times. Originally, he thought the wicked fiends were revolting in an attempt to escape from hell, which was why he had been late. He gathered the Ten Hell Guards to surround and intercept them.

Never did he expect this “monster” of unknown origins to do the exact opposite, determined to break into the eighteenth layer of hell. This was clearly extremely abnormal.

He gazed at the distant sky and seemed to be muttering to himself, “Fellows of the heavens, are you prepared? They’re coming again!”

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