Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 2 - Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 2: Legend of the Mythological Genes

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“Every single legend is a path to reach Godhood! Your genes exist together with you!”

“The myriad of lifeforms exist solely because of their genes. Genetics is the origin of life for all living things. They look like a macromolecule formed of four different kinds of deoxynucleotides, but they consist of all the information necessary for life. When speaking from a larger perspective, it dictates the form and function of the five organs and four limbs. When speaking from a smaller perspective, it controls every single strand of hair and the multitude of tiny pores on our body. On the planet of humans—mother earth—it is very tough to imagine that in some ancient primordial eras long ago, ancient civilizations dazzled brilliantly and thrived far beyond the modern era. Among the ancients, there were some humans who possessed transcendent might and were named by the vast majority of humanity as gods. As for the genes of gods, modern humans have also inherited them. If one wanted to become an interstellar cultivator, the first thing one must do is to awaken his or her own set of mythological genes and obtain transcendent strength…”


In a classroom full of futuristic technological sensations, a group of uniformed students was currently attending a theory class on mythological genes.

A holographic projection floated in front of everyone, and the content of the lesson flowed into their minds like a waterfall of information.

Although theory classes were dry and boring, everyone was focused as they listened intently.

Information about mythological genes would affect whether they would be able to become cultivators or not. Nobody dared to be lazy or careless.

The gaze of the female teacher on the rostrum was strict. She gazed at the surroundings and nodded her head when she saw how serious her students were.

“Eh?” A conspicuous figure caught her attention.

This person was different from the other students who were seriously listening. He was slumping over his desk and was in a deep sleep, ignoring all external things.

In his dream, it was unknown what terrifying things he encountered. His brows were furrowed and sweat dotted his forehead. Strange mumblings could be heard occasionally from him as well.

“Astronomic Calendar, Year 9991. This…what era is this?”

“Why did the set of memories belonging to someone else appear in my mind…?”

“Can it be that I somehow crossed-over to some other dimension?!”

The volume of his voice was very small, his words indistinct. Nobody knew what he was talking about.

“So it is him! The last-ranking student of the 17th class, Feng Lin!” The brows of the female teacher had initially been furrowed in displeasure, and she had already been prepared to rage. But when she recognized the student, all her anger dissipated. She only shook her head and no longer paid any attention to him.

Mourn for the unfortunate, anger for the cowardice!

To awaken one’s mythological genes, talent was undoubtedly required.

Although people in the Interstellar Era could all awaken their genes, there was still a large disparity between the set of genes they awakened.

There were some genes that were completely useless and might even have adverse effects after being awakened. For example, a human growing a monkey tail, black fur, a sixth finger digit…all sorts of weird effects were present. These genes would only bring harm to oneself if they were awakened.

And as for some other genes, humanity would begin to transcend themselves once the genes were awakened, they would be able to control the wind, rain, thunder, magnetic force, and gravity… They would become extraordinary creatures capable of controlling mysterious energy sources. For these genes that would benefit humanity, these were known as the legendary mythological genes.

Undoubtedly, genes were the greatest talent humanity had.

This Feng Lin, the genes he had awakened were the lowest-tiered and most basic set of genes namely the Monkey Gene. Recently, it was rumored that he somehow awakened another set of genes just before the college entrance exam. The second set of genes he awakened was also one of the lowest-tiered and most basic kind, known as the Stonebirth Gene.

According to current research, there wasn’t any information that the Monkey Gene and the Stonebirth Gene would be able to evolve into a higher-tiered gene set. In other words, these two sets of genes were basically trash.

Right now, Feng Lin’s vitality stats was only at 0.4, not even reaching 1 yet. He was already in his senior year and about to graduate high school, yet he didn’t even have the qualifications to take the college entrance exam.

Feng Lin’s potential was merely so!

From the current looks of things, he didn’t seem to have a future.

In just an instant, the female teacher already judged Feng Lin as trash in her heart.

In the Interstellar Era, it was the greatest misfortune for humans not to have gene talent.

This Feng Lin was completely inept, even wanting to laze around and sleep during class, not bothering to work hard at all. But naturally, it would be useless even if he worked hard.

Talent wasn’t something that one could gain just by working hard. Right now, it seemed that Feng Lin had already thoroughly given up on himself, becoming complete trash.

The female teacher shifted her eyes away, no longer sparing a glance at Feng Lin.

This lesson ended quickly, and the students all left one by one. No one bothered to look at Feng Lin; no one bothered to even wake him up.

Very swiftly, the classroom was emptied of people.

It was unknown how long later before that sleeping young man lifted his heavy head. He glanced at the strange and unfamiliar classroom as a perplex look could be seen in his eyes.

Who am I? Where did I come from? Where the hell is this place…?

This classroom filled with holographic projections and future tech; there were even flying cars zooming past the classroom’s windows. Was this a dream? But it seemed like reality.

Or was this a sci-fi movie?

Without time to ponder, countless fragments of memories flooded his mind.

An intense pain wrecked his brain.

Feng Lin’s expression contorted; he only managed to draw in a breath after a long time. But now, his expression became exceedingly fascinating to behold.

So it turned out that right now, it was already the year of 9991, A.C. (Astronomic Calendar). After he graduated from university, he got himself drunk and only god knows why, he suddenly woke up in this Interstellar Era.

Was this a parallel universe? Or his world in the future?

He was completely oblivious.

But the truth might not be considered important to Feng Lin. He had already crossed-over to another world, and it was highly probable that he wouldn’t be able to return. It was meaningless to harp over these little details.

According to Interstellar History, in the Gregorian Calendar year of 2160 A.D., humans finally exited the confines of earth and began to colonize the solar system.

To commemorate this great occasion, mankind changed calendars. They abandoned the Gregorian Calendar of the Ancient Earth Era and pushed the calendar with quantum computers to be more in line with cosmic time.

That, was the first year of the Astronomic Calendar (A.C.).

It had been 9,991 years now.

This meant that, counting from the year 2018 A.D., from the time period he crossed-over, it had already been slightly over ten thousand years.

Was this a dream?

For a period of time, Feng Lin suddenly went into a trance.

Stepping into the Interstellar Era, the development of human’s technology was unimaginably quick and explosive.

By 3628 A.C., humans had completely conquered the solar system. All the planets within the solar systems had human bases on them.

The fiery and dried up Mars had been modified into a lush green planet, capable for lives to exist. A space station floated above the enormous Jupiter. The asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter was filled with ore-mining spaceships, and Pluto that was at the edge of the solar system became a planet that humans visited for holidays… The footprints of humanity spread to every corner of the solar system, but humanity was trapped as well.

Human’s technology was developed to its peak and also encountered a hard-to-break bottleneck.

Outside the solar system was the dark void of the universe. Several tens of light-years were obstacles that humanity couldn’t cross.

Only more than 3,000 years later, countless generations of scientists had kept on working on research, and humanity’s science and technology encountered a giant breakthrough, granting them the wormhole technology which resulted in humanity finally making it out of the solar system.

In the boundless outer space, treasures were everywhere. There were countless celestial bodies and energy sources.

However, even before the beautiful dream of humanity started, the dream was completely destroyed as the true nightmare started to descend.

Humans discovered that the solar system wasn’t just their prison; it was also their protective umbrella.

The horrendous monsters of the other planets, the millions of species of alien lifeforms, and the cosmic disasters that destroyed heaven and earth… They had all emerged.

Humanity was instantly devastated.

However, amidst the chaotic battles, humanity was evolving as well. And at this moment, humans discovered to their joy and sorrow that when compared to the boundlessly vast expanse of the universe, human beings themselves, were the greatest treasures.

Back in the Ancient Earth Era, those ancient legends about gods were refuted and debunked as superstition. But at the Interstellar Era, humanity discovered to their amazement that these myths and legends of gods were actually real.

They were all real!

These characters in the legend were all powerful existences in ancient civilizations. According to scientific calculations and computer simulations, these people in the past were revered as gods because of their extraordinary powers.

With the demise of civilizations, the mythical figures in these legends had vanished completely, nowhere to be traced. However, their genes still remained inside the genetic pool of human beings.

Humans could awaken their genes through cultivations and gain incredible powers. Hence, these particular set of genes were known as mythological genes.

The human body was like a miniature universe. Every single gene was like the stars in the sky, countless in number.

Ancient cultivation techniques resparked the hidden potential of humans.

Every single legend was a path to reaching Godhood.

“Path to Godhood?” Feng Lin mumbled, chewing on the words. He could clearly sense the mysterious meaning contained within.

This body he was in now, was also named Feng Lin. He was a high school senior of class #17 and a very ordinary student. Even his appearance was somewhat similar to him of the past.

After more than 10,000 years of development, after humanity had experienced three world wars, two planetary wars, five interstellar wars, and many civilization disasters, nobody paid any attention to the myths and legends of the Ancient Earth Era. Only a minority of the myths and legends still remained, and there were only a word or two, or a few isolated phrases discussing them. The information wasn’t complete and were all mixed up in a dreadful mess.

The humans of the Ancient Earth Era left a huge blank space for the humans of the Interstellar Era to excavate and research; nowadays, they were exploring the vestiges and traces of the ancient myths and legends.

Although humans knew of the existences of these myths and legends, these inheritances were all long severed; they had no way to crack the code of their genes.

The path to Godhood was forgotten. Humans suffered under their own karma and had to seek out traces of the ancient path that was riddled with difficulty once more.

However, Feng Lin discovered to his amazement that his knowledge became his greatest advantage.

Originally, as a modern man of the 21st century being transported to this technologically-advanced world, his knowledge and thought process were both far behind the people of this era.

He initially was still worried that he had no way to establish himself in this world, but things were different now!

This Interstellar Era actually began to formulate theories about unlocking mythological genes but sadly, because of the long river of time, the ancient myths and legends were all already almost forgotten.

Just so nicely, because he came from the past, Feng Lin was extremely knowledgeable about the myths and legends of the Ancient Earth Era.

Every legend was a path to Godhood.

If this was truly the case, didn’t it mean that he had in his grasps, countless paths to Godhood?

Battle God of Huaxia, Truelord Erlang, the Great Sage Equal to Heavens, Sun Wukong, Demon Subduing Zhenwu Emperor of the North…

Saint of the West, Jesus. The evil devil, Satan. Ancestor of all Vampires, Cain…

Greek’s King of Gods, Zeus. The God of the Sun, Apollo. The Mother Earth, Gaia…

Northern Europe’s Odin. Egypt’s God of Death, Anubis. India’s Lord of Destruction, Shiva…

All these myths and legends of gods were all almost completely forgotten now.

Feng Lin drew in a deep breath. To him, undoubtedly, this was definitely the best era!

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