Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 520 (END) - Preaching Dao on Earth (Finale)

Chapter 520: Preaching Dao on Earth (Finale)

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A.C Year 9996! (Astronomic Calendar)

On the mother planet Earth, numerous flying shuttles arced through the skies.

The flourishing technology, even in the backward remote region of the universe – the solar system, was now extraordinarily developed.

The opening of Earth High School was here again.

Students who were filled with longing for the future began to head to their respective classes.

Six years ago, this was an old school ranked at the bottom. But after producing an absolute genius, they overturned their situation and became one of the peak cultivation colleges on Earth.

It was said that the absolute genius was now extremely famous in the universe, and his deeds caused a large number of interstellar universities to come to this backward and desolate mother planet of humanity. This was especially so for that genius’s alma mater, his high school. It attracted plenty of people.

Then, these interstellar universities had also found quite a few good seedlings. From then on, the students on Earth came to a common understanding.

As long as they could enter Earth High School, it meant that they had the hope to explore the universe.

“Feng Lin, born to the Feng Clan. Through his self-created mythological path, he became the first person in Earth High School to join one of the ten Cosmos Universities! Also, he rose to the top with miraculous speed and has already become one of the major characters in the universe. You all have to remember that the reason why all of you have the opportunity to enter Earth High School is because of this senior!”

There was a gigantic human-shaped sculpture before the students. It had a robust appearance, as though it was one of the stone sculptures of the gods in the ancient era. The sculpture’s eyes were staring up at the starry space, reflecting countless stars.

Beneath the feet of the sculpture, on a stage, the headmaster was currently giving the first lecture to these new students.

Outside, there were also countless people watching the ceremony.

Staring at the expressions of the students that were filled with longing for the future, the headmaster nodded in satisfaction.

“Eh?” Just when he was speaking excitedly, he abruptly swept his gaze and discovered that at the front of the crowd, an extremely familiar-looking figure was currently moving in the opposite direction.

This figure… and the appearance of the stone sculpture of the school…

They were the same?!

In the decorated house, a kind-looking woman was currently tidying the house. This was a simple job, but her face was filled with smiles and happiness.

“Mom, quickly make breakfast!”

“I’m so hungry I could die!”

Two grumbling voices could be heard.

A moment later, a pair of twins rubbed their eyes and walked out.

“You guys are so old now, yet you are like two lazy worms!” The woman chided and grumbled. “In the future when you guys grow older, how are you all going to feed yourselves?”

“Hehe, we still have an elder bro!”

“That’s right. Elder brother is so awesome, he is a major character in the universe. With him around, the clan wouldn’t dare to treat us unfairly!”

The young twins giggled.

“Sigh, you guys…!” As the woman sighed, her eyes suddenly narrowed. She then ran to the window and peered out; there was a strange look on her face.

This was clearly a building that was over eighty-stories tall. She didn’t know if she was in an illusion or what, but earlier, she clearly saw a familiar-looking figure standing outside. However, that figure has disappeared now.

“When humans get old, we would easily see illusions.”

The woman smiled self-mockingly. Her eyes couldn’t help but turn to the boundlessly far starry space.

Was that son whom she personally brought up currently in the distantly far universe?

He even became a major figure so powerful that the number of them could be counted on one’s hands!

It was unknown why but it felt like a dream.

In the blink of an eye, three years had passed!

There was a majestic and lofty mountain that resembled a pillar of heaven. It was located on a vast land, and it was also known as the third pole of the world.

This was the number one mountain on Earth. The environment here was vile and even though it was the interstellar era, this wasn’t a place ordinary people could get close to.

Today, on the snowy mountain, a figure clad in an unlined garment appeared. However, he didn’t feel cold at all. It was as though he was walking in the spring wind.

This figure was none other than the one who had cleared the Heaven Reaching Pagoda and returned after using the Somersault Cloud to travel the universe – Feng Lin.

His genetic potential’s growth broke through his limits. He entered a realm that was even higher than the grand adept realm.


This was an unprecedented cultivation realm. No one had stepped into it before.

He seemed to have shaken free of life’s restraint and possess boundless possibilities.

Yet, he still seemed to be extremely far away from the level of true gods.

If he cultivated normally step-by-step, even if his life had ended, he wouldn’t be able to reach the other shore.

Now, he stood at the peak of the Himalayas and gazed into the distance.

All of a sudden, he felt extremely blessed, like even his soul was illuminated.

Although the Himalayas were almost ten thousand meters tall. It only became so due to the accumulation of grains upon grains of soil.

Accumulating drops of water into the sea, accumulating grains of sand into a mountain!

The strength of one person was limited, but what about the strength of the multitude of living things?

Since this was the case…

Feng Lin inclined his head and stared at the sky above. His gaze seemed to penetrate through the boundless distance of the universe. He saw the Huaxia Star Republic, he saw the Great Wall University, he saw every living being in the Milky Way Galaxy and the dark universe outside the star system…

“There’s no path ahead, I don’t know when I would be able to reach the other shore. As a lone boat, it is tough for me to cross this river. But if I used the multitude of lives as a bridge, I would be able to cross over and reach the other shore! Since this is the case, let me open up this world’s cultivation!”

With this thought in mind, all the fiber of his being gave rise to a single intention in his heart.

After that, Feng Lin slowly spoke, “The mythological genes were passed down from ancient times. In the current era, no one has ever seen an immortal or a god. I will open up a new path for this world and continue with the 3,000 daos!”

Silver light shot out from the center of his brows. His spirit force shook as his voice was limitlessly disseminated, echoing out loud in the hearts of everyone.

On Earth, in the solar system, in the Milky Way Galaxy.

In an instant, countless people inclined their heads as a scene appeared before their eyes.

A figure sat on the highest peak, overlooking the multitude of lives from the clouds.

“It’s him!”

“It’s him, Feng Lin!”

“It’s him! The Spirit Slayer!”

Countless sounds echoed in different areas, but the gazes of every one were fixed on that figure and his voice reverberated in their hearts, containing the true essence of the mythological genes.

“Pan Gu Creates the World: Chaos was like an egg. Pan Gu sat within 108,000 tears before splitting it into the heavens and earth. Yang, which was light and pure, rose and became the sky. Yin, which was heavy and turbid, sank and became the Earth. Pan Gu was between them. There are nine changes in a day. Gods belonged to the heavens, and saints belonged to Earth. The distance between them grew by one zhang every day with the growth of Pan Gu. And after 108,000 years, the world began to form…

“Genesis. In the beginning, God created the world. The earth was waste and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. The spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. God said, ‘Let there be light.’ Hence, there was light.

“After seeing that light was formed, he created darkness. God said that light belonged to the morning, and darkness belonged to the night. There was now morning and night, and they came together in a cycle which was called ‘a day’…

“Creation myth of the world: Heaven and Earth were muddled up, the world was pitch-black chaos. All life in the world was silently nurtured in this stretch of chaos, including the eternal gods. The first lifeform born was Mother Earth Gaia, she was boundlessly vast and possessed unlimited might. She nurtures those lives that were growing on her body…”

Huaxia, the West, Greece—all the myths and legends that had been lost were now being circulated by Feng Lin, revealing the divine secrets of ancient times.

For a time, the eyes of everyone in all corners of the universe were staring at the sky. They were in an intoxicated state as they listened.

Genetic potential +10,000, +10,000, +10,000…

Spirit force, boundless spirit force that included the strength of everyone gathered over.

When everybody gathers fuel, the flames are higher!

He felt that his own spirit was pushed to a higher dimension, allowing him to surpass the boundary of life. His entire being formed a tight connection with the ground beneath his feet, the mountains, rivers, seas, skies…and the entire planet.

(I exist in your heart, you exist in mine. There’s no distinction between you and me.)

His spirit force melded with Earth. In this place, no one would be able to defeat him.

This is…

(I’m invincible in the world!)

(From now on, Earth is my territory!)

Even now, the unceasing flow of spirit force gushed over, enveloping him and pushing him up to an even higher realm.

As the legends and myths of ancient times spread through the world again, he, the person who expounded the wisdom of ancient sages, received an unbroken flow of spirit force from all living things. He was rapidly evolving. This speed wasn’t something that could be compared by others.

Borrowing force from the winds, allowing myself to reach the clouds!

Feng Lin knew that the end of this path was…


And what he had to do was wait!

When the quantitative changes were sufficient and triggered a qualitative transformation…

That day, seas would turn into mulberry fields. He would even be able to shift the stars.

That day would be the day where he reached the other shore.

Flowers bloomed and flowers withered, the passing of time, the long rivers, everything was like a dream.

He sat alone on the mountain peak, enduring boundless loneliness and desolation. A new era had arrived in the mortal world.

Feng Lin’s gaze was still staring at the other shore. It seemed to be right in front of his eyes but was in actuality extremely far.

He waited…waited…and waited…

This gaze of his was…


(The book has ended.)

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