Lessons on Raising a Partner

Chapter 137 (END) - XiaXia & Leston 2: Did you see where my eyes went?

Chapter 137: XiaXia & Leston 2: Did you see where my eyes went?

It was interesting to watch pornography with XiaXia until one day Leston began to feel was something wrong. Because he found that he could no longer get hard.

Watching yellow movies was to increase the joy of life, but he was also tired of seeing them every day. And Leston found that because he saw more white flowers, he did not seem to have much interest in the human body. Instead, he felt that he XiaXia, with eyes all over, had a different sense of initiation. But he could not learn how Auguste looked at a potted plant, could he?

“Leston, let’s see another film.” Leston was still trying not to make a comment on XiaXia, but to reconcile with other films. XiaXia offered to change the movie.

Leston readily agreed, turning out the menu of the Star Trek Film Complete and letting XiaXia pick the movies he was interested in.

XiaXia chose a literary love film, Abnormal Love, which tells the story of a man with a real fetish and the cup he loves deeply. The man would bring a bunch of roses to his cup every day when he came home. Before going to bed at night, he would piously print a kiss on the container. But it was not long before the man’s wife found out that her husband’s perverted behavior, and she threw the cup in anger. When the man saw his beloved cup brutally murdered by his wife, he opened the chainsaw and killed his wife. Then he went to kill his neighbor. Finally, the police came and shot him in the head.

Leston: “…”

Leston looked at the bloody film, which had been destroyed all three of his views, and remained silent for a while. He turned to discuss it with XiaXia and asked him if he could look at it in a healthier way. As a result, he saw that XiaXia was crying. All the tears he had shed on the table had condensed into a little water.

“XiaXia? Why are you crying?” Leston quickly pulled out a few sheets of paper to wipe XiaXia’s tears, but instead of rushing around, he hurt XiaXia’s eyes and made them shed more tears.

“You hurt me!” XiaXia knocking out these words with his nanocomputer, Leston succeeded in stopping his movements.

“Sorry, this… Is the movie scary? Why are you crying?”

XiaXia was silent for a while, and then slowly knocked out a sentence on the nanocomputer: “Leston, will you not fall in love with a plant?”

This sentence was very informative, Leston was not silly, he must know the meaning of this sentence XiaXia. Leston reached out and touched XiaXia and said casually, “Surely not. I’m not Auguste.”

After hearing Leston’s words XiaXia, he drooped down the branches wearily, his eyes half-closed and drooped, looking extremely pitiful.

“But… If that person were XiaXia, I would love it.”

Leston then finished what he had left unsaid, listened XiaXia, and immediately shocked. All his eyes were staring at Leston. The ordinary people must be frightened to see such a scene. But Leston was not scared. He came forward and kissed one of XiaXia’s eyes. Leston felt that he was either mad or that he had seen too many pornographic films with sequelae. He was not afraid of being with XiaXia at all but felt that XiaXia was… Special! Don’t! Adorable!

“Where are you taking me?” XiaXia tapped the nanocomputer and asked Leston.

Leston took XiaXia to his bedroom, wrapped the flowerpot in a plastic wrap to prevent the soil from falling out of the flowerpot. When he saw XiaXia message, he immediately answered, “Take you to sleep, because Lydney is not here, and we’ll be alright sleeping together.” After that, Leston stuffed XiaXia into the quilt and put it beside him. “When Lydney comes back, I’ll tell him about the two of us. There is human fruit on the ship. We can be together.”

The room with the lights turned off was as dark as ever, but XiaXia felt that their hearts were full of light. This was the first time… Sleep with others…

At this time still, very pure XiaXia heart was somewhat coy.

He had some wisdom. After being brought to the Vagrant by Lydney, he had been a potted plant obediently, but his life was still lonely. Although Lydney often spoke with him, Lydney often got off the ship, and he could not communicate with Lydney.

But one day, an accident happened.

When Lydney left this time, he forgot to close the door, and XiaXia looked at the crack of the door. There seemed to be some light outside, which attracted him. At this moment, he hoped that he could have a pair of legs and go out to see the outside world.

Driven by his inner desire, XiaXia felt that he really had a pair of legs and went out along the door until he saw several white flowers on the projection screen in the hall.


Wow, what a thrill it is!

XiaXia was preparing to look again, but suddenly found himself in front of a dark – his eyes were trampled!

So XiaXia sent his own eyes, but carelessly again was caught.

At the last moment, XiaXia saw the person who caught his eye with that eye, he… It’s so handsome.

XiaXia would never admit that he fell in love with Leston at first sight, but it seemed that from that day on, he was no longer lonely.

Because when he first saw Leston, Leston was watching yellow movies. He thought that Leston liked them. He couldn’t find a way to talk to Leston for a while, so he watched it with him. But when he observed, XiaXia began to become yellowish. What did Leston look like when he took off his clothes?

Day by day, as long as everybody was not on the ship, XiaXia would be taken out by Leston to see pornography.

He was blind to the idea that Leston liked to watch pornography, so he accompanied him.

Leston thought that XiaXia liked to watch pornography, so he accompanied him.

It must be said that this was a strange misunderstanding, but the spark of their love was actually established in the Yellow Film Alliance. XiaXia had also changed from a pure and unorthodox character to a really unorthodox one…

XiaXia began to wave when he ate the fruit and a human body. Because he firmly believed that Leston must have fallen in love with the plant with many eyes. After all, the aesthetics of tears was the same. Whoever had more eyes was the most beautiful.

But who knows that when he became a man, he only had two eyes!

Don’t let Leston change his mind! XiaXia tried to “retain” Leston’s heart according to the skills he learned in the pornographic films, but after the first taste, XiaXia was fascinated by the evil inclination and pestered Leston like a goblin all day.

Leston was upset and excited. It was really good for his lover to like him, but this was XiaXia…

“Honey!” XiaXia rushed up the vine path outside the treehouse and threw a bag of clothes on Leston. “Here’s the doctor’s suit I bought. Get undressed. Let’s play the doctor-patient game today!”

Leston: “…”

When he saw Leston standing still for half a day, XiaXia took it off first. His body was long and white before adults and adolescents. A minute later, XiaXia stood naked in front of Leston.

“Honey, are you acting as a doctor or am I acting as a doctor?” XiaXia with sick clothes in one hand, white coat in the other, purple eyes staring at Leston with hunger and thirst. But without waiting for Leston to answer, XiaXia put on his white coat, and then shaking his white legs to change his clothes for Leston: “Hahaha, I’m a doctor, I’m going to ride on you…”

Then XiaXia touched Leston’s strong pectoral and abdominal muscles.

Leston took a breath and was about to pour the little villain down and mutter hard at him when XiaXia’s nanocomputer rang. It was Colin: “XiaXia, stop playing. Cessie is going to get married to Pier. You pack up your things. We’re going to go to the companion star. Nightmare says he bought mahjong and is waiting for us.”

“Mahjong?!” XiaXia was more excited than he had just received the news. He pushed Leston aside and put on his clothes. “Wait for me, I’ll be right here! Leston, hurry up. I’m going to play mahjong with Colin and them!”

Leston: “…” Just now, he shouted his darling with affection and honey, and now he called directly with his name.

After dressing XiaXia, he climbed up to Leston and took a bite at his Adam’s apple. “Come on, if I win, we’ll have more money to buy funny clothes!”

“My little ancestor.” Leston sighed, pinched XiaXia’s nose and began to dress.

“How slow you are!” Colin stood in the Vagrant Hall and saw the late XiaXia and Leston shouting discontentedly.

“Huh?” XiaXia rubbed around Colin and asked curiously. “Colin, did you eat explosives today?”

“No!” Colin was uncomfortable, and his tone was still a bit bad.

Corson came out of the kitchen with breakfast, saw Colin like this, immediately put down the plate and came over, pulled Colin aside, whispered.

XiaXia looked at the two of them, then laughed dirtily.

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