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Chapter 1446 - Pandora

Chapter 1446: Pandora

“Why don’t we try and see if we can blast this crystal chandelier apart?” Li Xuan suggested.

“Don’t touch the crystal chandelier for now. I’ll think of another way.” Zhou Wen’s intuition told him that the crystal chandelier was too dangerous. Unless it was absolutely necessary, he wasn’t willing to touch it.

However, Zhou Wen had removed all the flowers on the tree. He originally wondered if the crystal chandelier would stop the countdown if he took everything.

That was now apparently not the case. At the very least, him grabbing the benefits was useless.

In theory, the gifts given to Pandora by the gods actually include those curses, right? If I don’t make any distinction and remove all the flowers, will I stop the countdown of the crystal chandelier? Zhou Wen thought to himself.

He wasn’t afraid of curses thanks to Truth Listener. Even if he opened a cursed flower, there shouldn’t be much of a problem.

After weighing the pros and cons, Zhou Wen didn’t hesitate and shot down a flower that the Death Harbinger Crow had cawed at.

The flower fell and flew towards Zhou Wen. Inside it was a red mist. After it came out, it immediately landed on Zhou Wen, preventing him from dodging.

As expected, it’s still a curse. Zhou Wen felt Truth Listener on his ear constantly heat up as it crazily converted large amounts of Essence Energy. It was obvious that the curse was very high-level.

Although Truth Listener had resolved the curse, Zhou Wen didn’t dare be careless. He didn’t dare strike down the remaining flowers at once. If the flowers weren’t filled with curses but a few terrifying dimensional creatures, it would be troublesome.

Now that they couldn’t leave and there was a haunting countdown, any mistake could kill them.

Zhou Wen was already used to it. After all, every time he entered an unknown dimensional zone, it was highly unlikely that it would be easy. It was more important to resolve the problem.

I can only hope that there aren’t any hell-grade Calamity creatures in Pandora’s shrine. Zhou Wen had considered it before entering.

The legendary Pandora wasn’t strong in combat. She was just a tool created by the gods, so there shouldn’t be any powerful dimensional creatures here.

The flowers were blasted apart by Zhou Wen one after another, producing all sorts of curses. No matter how fast he was or how fast he instant transmitted, as long as he was in the garden, he would definitely be hit. Therefore, Zhou Wen didn’t dodge when he saw that it was a curse. He allowed the curse to land on him before resolving it with Truth Listener’s powers.


Another flower dropped, but this time, the falling flower was different from the previous ones. After the petals contracted, it actually took on a human form.

Zhou Wen’s heart palpitated as he hurriedly said to Li Xuan and company, “Be careful. The item this time is somewhat different.”

“I’ll protect you!” Liu Yun and Su Yi jumped out almost at the same time. They jumped in front of Zhou Wen from both sides, as though they wanted to risk their lives for him and fight to the last drop of blood.

“Protect my ass.” Zhou Wen chopped at them, knocking Su Yi and Liu Yun unconscious and throwing them into the chaos space.

Su Yi was bewitched because her cultivation level was too low, while Liu Yun was affected by the curses. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been so easily bewitched.

After resolving the two problems, Zhou Wen sent Ya’er into the chaos space to prevent her from being injured.

He summoned Banana Fairy and Demonic Neonate. The Death Harbinger Crow was still standing above Zhou Wen’s head as it cawed at the flower that had contracted into a human form, as though it wanted to scream out its trachea.

Zhou Wen unsummoned it. He already knew that there was danger, so it was useless keeping it outside. It was irritating.

Banana Fairy floated beside Zhou Wen as Demonic Neonate ran to a corner of the garden without standing with him.

Li Xuan had already entered his Terror form. His body looked like it was made of data streams. He summoned Planet Devourer and summoned it in its glove form.

Zhou Wen didn’t dare call Tai Sui out at such a time. If it imbued any negative effects on him, he would die a grievous death.

He activated the Minor Heavenly Cycle Killing Formation just in case.

The human-shaped flower walked over step by step. The petals on its body gradually withered and peeled off, gradually revealing a woman’s figure.

The woman was wearing a gorgeous Fire God Golden Silk Robe and had a headband that resembled silk made from clouds. The necklace on her neck and the ring on her hand shimmered. Her entire body emitted a soul-stealing charm.

There was a heart-wrenching fragrance lingering over her body. Before he could see her face clearly, he already felt that she was warm and intoxicating.

When the petals that covered her face fell, even Zhou Wen couldn’t help but be attracted to her. He couldn’t move his gaze away from her.

He really couldn’t believe that there was a woman in the world who was so beautiful. Zhou Wen hated that he didn’t have enough words to describe her beauty.

If he had to describe her, Zhou Wen felt that this woman’s beauty was enough to make a chain smoker quit smoking. As long as he could see her, he wouldn’t smoke again.

“Holy sh*t, Old Zhou, when did you have a twin sister?” Li Xuan looked at the woman and then at Zhou Wen as his mouth gaped in surprise.

It wasn’t that Zhou Wen looked like the woman, but that their scents and charms were very similar.

“F*ck, you’re the one who’s twins with her,” Zhou Wen cursed, but he was secretly surprised.

Unless something went terribly wrong, this woman was very likely the legendary Pandora. However, even if she was really Pandora, Zhou Wen had already taken the gift that the gods had given her. Why did she have another set?

Could it be that the gods are so generous to give two sets of gifts? I reckon the gods aren’t that generous. Could one of them be fake? Zhou Wen suspected.

He wanted to summon the four Calamity Companion Beasts he had and see if there was a problem, but with this attempt, Zhou Wen’s expression changed.

He couldn’t summon the Companion Beasts that he had clearly contracted.

Could it be that they are really fake? Zhou Wen was immediately depressed. The thought just came to him, but he didn’t really believe so. After all, he was unlikely to be able to contract fake ones. Furthermore, after the contract, the information the Companion Beasts gave him was undoubtedly at the Calamity grade.

Even now, the feedback from the four Companion Beasts was still at the Calamity grade, but for some reason, he couldn’t summon them.


The crystal chandelier changed again, turning into a 5.

As for the woman suspected to be Pandora, the petals on her body had completely fallen off. Her eyes opened, and the moment Zhou Wen saw them, he felt as though the entire world had been smitten by her.

Zhou Wen now seemed to understand why Epimetheus would fall out with his brother for her in the myths and legends.

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