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Chapter 1759 - Nameless God

Chapter 1759 Nameless God

In the palace that resembled the Primordial Universe, a terrifying existence suddenly opened its eyes. Its gaze seemed to be able to pass through distant stars.

What happened? Why was the Nameless God triggered? Could something have happened to Trajectory? The terrifying existence’s mind raced as strange ripples immediately appeared on its body. The ripples intertwined into a complicated net that trembled like countless ropes of fate.

Moments later, a strange expression appeared on the terrifying existence’s face. He had failed to deduce the fate trajectory related to Trajectory Seeking. However, he vaguely felt she wasn’t facing life-threatening danger.

“Holy Lord, what happened?” The creature guarding the terrifying existence was like a turtle or snake as it asked in surprise. “The Trajectory Holy Lady likely encountered something, but I can’t find the trajectory of her fate,” said Holy Lord Trajectory in thought.

“How is that possible? With your relationship with the Holy Lady, even if she’s on Earth and is screened by the rules, you should be able to see the trajectories of fate that are connected to her… Could it be that… the nomological forces on Earth have become stronger again?” the monster said in horror. “What should we do? If something happens to the Holy Lady, wouldn’t your plan…”

“It’s fine. If she’s really in danger, no matter how the rules of Earth screen it, I’ll still be able to sense her. The Holy Lady isn’t in danger now, but I can’t deduce her relevant trajectories…” Holy Lord Trajectory seemed to be thinking about something.

“Could it be that the other Holy Lords have discovered the secret of the Holy Lady and set up a trap to kill her? No, I have to personally rush to Earth. No matter what, I can’t let them succeed.” As the Turtle Snake spoke, it was about to crawl out of the cave beneath the divine throne. Resembling a turtle or snake, its head burned with black flames that were strange like a vortex.

“There’s no need to panic. The restrictions of Earth’s rules haven’t been completely removed. They don’t have the guts to go to Earth now. Even if they go, it will be difficult for them to unleash the power of the Apocalypse grade. How can they kill the Trajectory Seeking?” Holy Lord Trajectory said.

“That’s true. The Holy Lady has the combined power of six saints, making her an unparalleled perfect existence. In the future, once she advances to the Apocalypse grade, even the strongest Immortal Threach of the Immortals will probably find it difficult to match her. Those old fellows are nothing.” Only then did Turtle Snake recall what kind of existence the Holy Lady was. He was no longer in a rush to rush into Earth to save her.


“I’m just puzzled about what happened to trigger the Nameless God.” Holy Lord Trajectory still frowned as he thought, but no matter how he tried, he couldn’t obtain any more information related to it.

“The Nameless God was actually triggered. Doesn’t that mean that the Holy Lady is in grave danger? No, I have to make a trip personally. I can’t let anything happen to the Holy Lady.” Turtle Snake immediately became agitated.

“If the Nameless God can’t protect Trajector Searching, it’s useless for you to rush over now.” Holy Lord Trajectory stopped Turtle Snake again.

“Holy Lord, you have been plotting for countless years. If anything happens to the Holy Lady, I’m afraid it will be difficult to find another existence who possesses the bloodlines of the six Holy races. It will be difficult for you to sign a contract with that Nameless God again,” said Turtle Snake.

Holy Lord Trajectory naturally knew that it was impossible for a second Trajectory Seeking to appear. He had plotted for countless years to obtain the top bloodline of the six Holy races and fuse it with her. It was impossible for him to replicate a second existence.

Furthermore, the Nameless God had already accepted Trajectory Seeking, so it was impossible for him to contract another.

“It’s fine. With the contract of the Nameless God protecting her, even if she’s on Earth, no one can take her life. At most, she will suffer some physical pain. She’s still impetuous, so it’s good to let her get some training.” Holy Lord Trajectory no longer felt conflicted about deducing what had happened. w∪xiaworld. site Instead, he tried his best to conceal the fate related to the Trajectory Seeking to prevent the other Holy Lords or terrifying existences of the Immortals from discovering the anomaly.

The Nameless God wasn’t a real god, but to the six Holy races, it was an existence even more terrifying than a true god.

Back then, the Immortals were supreme. The six Holy races were far from the Immortals’ match and were still underlings. However, they had already secretly formed an alliance and tried all means to overthrow the Immortals’ rule.

One of the plans was called the Nameless God. They used the strongest strength of the six races to create a powerful weapon. The might of the weapon was enough to easily kill an Apocalypse-grade existence.

When Nameless God was born, the six Holy races were overjoyed. They believed that they could rely on the power of Nameless God to overthrow the rule of the Immortals and usher in a new era that belonged to the six Holy races.

However, they soon realized that they were counting their chickens before they hatched. No one could use Nameless God. Back then, the top powerhouses of the six races had attempted to control Nameless God, but none of them succeeded. There was an Apocalypse-grade powerhouse who was too stubborn and ended up provoking Nameless God and being killed.

Later, they learned that Nameless God was a fusion of the six races’ strongest powers. No matter which race’s powerhouse it was, it was impossible for them to match Nameless God perfectly.

Only a Holy Body with the perfect bloodline of the six races could truly control Nameless God.

However, such an existence was believed to be impossible to appear back then. Therefore, it had never been used after Nameless God was created.

Later on, the Immortals mysteriously collapsed. The six Holy races took advantage of the situation and became the new overlords of the dimension. They didn’t use Nameless God at all.

After becoming the new overlord of the dimension, it was difficult for the six Holy races to be as united as before. It was even harder to obtain a perfect Holy Body. Even the six Holy races didn’t wish for Nameless God to be controlled by someone.

However, Holy Lord Trajectory didn’t dispel this thought. He had secretly spent a lot of effort to set up an unimaginable long-term plan. By chance, he finally had Trajectory Seeking born and reached a contract with Nameless God.

However, as Trajectory Seeking hadn’t advanced to the Apocalypse grade, her strength was too weak and she couldn’t really use the abilities of Nameless God. However, with its power, even if it only left a contract mark on her, it was enough to protect her life. Therefore, Holy Lord Trajectory wasn’t too worried about her safety.

What he wanted to know was who had blocked the fate trajectory related to Trajectory Seeking. Did someone already know of the existence of a perfect Holy Body?

After doing the screening work, Holy Lord Trajectory’s gaze passed through endless spacetime and looked at the huge statue in the forbidden zone of the six races. The statue looked like a ghost or devil, a Buddha or a saint, but upon careful inspection, it was no different from a human. However, there was a vertical mark between its brows—the location of the Nameless God.

Now, the vertical mark emitted a demonic white light. It was like a vertical white electric eye that was glaring angrily at a spot in the void.

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