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Chapter 18 - Skeleton General

Chapter 18: Skeleton General

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If Zhou Wen didn’t have the phone or the game dungeon, he wouldn’t have ventured deep into the ancient city either. It would be risking his life for nothing and there was no need to do so.

But things were different now. He could venture deep into the game dungeon and figure out the situation inside. When he later entered the ancient city, he would naturally be familiar, reducing his risk.

It was quite similar to the information and maps given by the school. The region in the vicinity of the north gates had some Skeleton Soldiers. These Skeleton Soldiers were slightly stronger than adult men who had never cultivated. Against high schoolers who had cultivated, they were only in for a beating. Unless one courted death and charged into a horde of Skeleton Soldiers, it typically wouldn’t be too dangerous.

Without much holding him back, Zhou Wen made the blood-colored avatar ride on the Mutated Vigor Ant and storm in. Even if he encountered Skeleton Soldiers that formed a group of a dozen or so, the Mutated Vigor Ant was easily able to kill the horde. It wasn’t something Zhou Wen needed the blood-colored avatar to take action on.

Soon, Zhou Wen rushed outside of the map given by the school.

The ancient city’s interior was filled with stone-paved streets and ancient buildings. The further he ventured, the more ancient the style of the buildings.

Zhou Wen only dared to proceed along the streets and avoided the ancient buildings that lined them. In the education curriculum, it had been repeatedly mentioned that it was best that one didn’t enter the buildings of dimensional zones. Many buildings were connected to dimensional rifts, so entry might lead to getting lost in a different dimension.

The drop rate of Skeleton Soldiers was extremely low. He had killed more than two hundred, but other than his first Skeleton Soldier, nothing else had dropped.

Zhou Wen wasn’t surprised by this. He had previously heard that Skeleton Soldiers seldom condensed dimensional crystals because of their low level.

Although Skeleton Palm was weak, it was really rare to obtain a Skeleton Palm Crystal.

While in thought, he suddenly saw a group of Skeleton Soldiers on the street up ahead. There were about twenty to thirty of them. This was the biggest horde of Skeleton Soldiers he had seen since he had stepped in.

Unlike the Skeleton Soldiers from before, this horde of Skeleton Soldiers was surrounding a skeleton horse. Riding it was a Skeleton General wielding a bone spear.

The Skeleton General on the skeleton horse was clearly taller and stronger than the typical Skeleton Soldier. It was at least one head taller. Furthermore, its skull was especially thick. It wasn’t the ordinary grayish-white color as it had an ivory sheen to it.

The armor he wore was ragged, but he wore a dark red cape over his back. Although it was somewhat old, it was complete.

The bone spear was about two meters long and its surface was rough. Its tip was sharp like a thorn and it was barbed. If one was stabbed by the spear, it would probably lead to incessant bleeding.

When Zhou Wen saw him, the Skeleton General had also seen the blood-colored avatar and Mutated Vigor Ant controlled by Zhou Wen. However, he wasn’t like the typical dimensional creature who immediately charged forward. Instead, he continued riding on his skeleton horse as though he loathed the idea of attacking. It was the horde of Skeleton Soldiers that charged forward like savage tigers and wolves.

The Mutated Vigor Ants front claws sliced like Death’s scythe and in one revolution, cleaved through the Skeleton Soldiers, killing around ten of them.

The fellow on the skeleton horse finally couldn’t put up with it and it roared into the sky, letting out a harsh, terrifying cry before charging forward.

The skeleton horse’s speed wasn’t something the typical Skeleton Soldier could compare with. It even took Zhou Wen by surprise for it was faster than the Mutated Vigor Ant and the blood-colored avatar. It swept over like a tornado in no way slower than the Silver-Winged Flying Ant.

In the blink of an eye, the skeleton horse landed in front of the Mutated Vigor Ant. Zhou Wen commanded the Mutated Vigor Ant to meet the enemy with its claws, hoping to hold back the bone spear before the blood-colored avatar leaped up to strike at the enemy’s head.

But to his surprise, the bone spear accelerated, turning into a blur in Zhou Wen’s vision as though it had vanished for a moment.

By the time Zhou Wen could see again, the bone spear had penetrated the Mutated Vigor Ant’s claws, stabbing straight into the blood-colored avatar’s chest.


Blood spewed out as the blood-colored avatar was thrown off the back of the Mutated Vigor Ant. The game screen instantly went black. Clearly, he had died an instant death.

That powerful? Zhou Wen felt a little delighted. Challenges were meant to be met and overcome. Killing the ordinary Skeleton Soldiers was meaningless as they didn’t drop anything fancy.

Just as he was about to restart the game, he saw Li Xuan walking over with two similarly aged youths.

Zhou Wen had never met them before. They didn’t appear to be students of Guide High School, and there was a high chance that they were like Li Xuan, being a student of Guide High School in name, but had never schooled there.

“When we enter the ancient city, you don’t have to do a thing. Just follow by my side, leave the rest to them.” Li Xuan didn’t introduce Zhou Wen to the two youths. All he did was give a casual warning.

“Alright.” Zhou Wen nodded in agreement. Since he could easily pass the combat test, he had no plans on stealing the limelight.

With the two youths having no intention to greet him, Zhou Wen was happy to be free of the small talk. He stood by the side as he continued gaming.

While the two youths discussed the combat test with Li Xuan, they kept assuring him, claiming that with them around, Li Xuan was definitely getting first on the Guide City combat test.

Their tone made it seem as though obtaining first in the Guide City combat test was as easy as drinking water.

“That may be so, but you have to do it well for me. Nothing must go wrong. I have to be first in the Guide City combat test at all cost,” Li Xuan said.

“Brother Xuan, rest assured. What kind of true experts can there be in a small place like Guide City? Ignoring the fact that I’ll be joining forces with Jiang Hao, just me alone would be able to guarantee that you get first,” Xu Miantu said without any concern.

Seeing Li Xuan frown slightly, Jiang Hao hurriedly said, “Brother Xuan, rest assured. We will do our best. We guarantee you that nothing will go wrong.”

“Good.” Only then did Li Xuan nod slightly.

Xu Miantu was still about to say something when he saw someone walking over.

The four turned their heads over. It was a tall beauty who easily lit up the eyes of others.

“Zhou Wen, it’s great that you can find a team,” Fang Ruoxi came in front of Zhou Wen as she said in relief.

Zhou Wen smiled and said, “That’s all thanks to Li Xuan. I’m able to join the combat test thanks to him.”

Fang Ruoxi didn’t know Li Xuan, nor did she know Xu Miantu and Jiang Hao. However, she felt a weight lift off her chest that Zhou Wen was able to participate. She said with a smile, “I thought I could still try my luck at first, but with you around, I guess first is impossible.”

Xu Miantu wasn’t too happy when he heard that. Fang Ruoxi’s words sounded as though them teaming up with Zhou Wen was them taking advantage of him.

“Babe, with Zhou Wen joining us, you can be at ease. Although he has no hopes of getting into the top three, it’s still easy to guarantee that he gets fourth thanks to the team,” Xu Miantu said to Fang Ruoxi with a grin.

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