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Chapter 1816 - Whip Punishment

Chapter 1816 Whip Punishment

“How do we cooperate?” Zhou Wen didn’t wish to waste time. Since Zhang Chunqiu was familiar with Wuzhuang Daoist Temple, it wasn’t impossible for them to cooperate. “The rule of Wuzhuang Daoist Temple only allows everyone to pluck one ginseng fruit. We don’t ask for more. We just want one ginseng fruit each,” Zhang Chunqiu said.

“Okay.” Zhou Wen didn’t waste his breath. He raised his phone and took a picture of the signboard of Wuzhuang Daoist Temple. He had just seen the tiny palm symbol and could download the game dungeon.

The four of them hit it off and entered Wuzhuang Daoist Temple under the lead of Zhang Chunqiu and Xia Liuchuan.

“Old Zhou, do you think these two fellows are gay? The Xia family and the Zhang family are so far apart, but these two are always together. I wonder what they are up to,” Li Xuan secretly said to Zhou Wen.

“How would I know? Perhaps their situation is similar to Feng Qiuyan and Ming Xiu’s. Their Life Providences are compatible and they improve faster together,” Zhou Wen replied casually. He wasn’t interested in the gossip between Zhang Chunqiu and Xia Liuchuan.

“I’m just afraid that they are, you know… If they have any thoughts for me…” Li Xuan made a fearful expression.

“Brother Li, don’t worry. Ignoring the fact that I’m not interested in men, even if I was, I wouldn’t choose you.” Zhang Chunqiu suddenly turned his head and smiled at Li Xuan.

“The descendant of the Hero King is indeed capable.” Li Xuan was somewhat surprised. He had used a special skill when conversing with Zhou Wen. It was impossible for others to hear their conversation, but Zhang Chunqiu could.

Wuzhuang Daoist Temple was ancient and quiet. There were strange flowers and plants everywhere. Every step led them to new scenes, making it look like a serene winding path.

They didn’t find any traces of abnormal creatures, leaving Zhou Wen and Li Xuan somewhat puzzled. Why didn’t most of the people who entered Wuzhuang Daoist Temple return? This place didn’t look as dangerous as they imagined.

“Don’t think that it’s not dangerous just because there are no abnormal creatures here. It’s easy to enter but difficult to leave. Once you enter, it won’t be easy to find a way out.” Zhang Chunqiu answered their doubts.

The two of them looked back the way they came, but they didn’t see any difference.

“The owner of Wuzhuang Daoist Temple is known as the ancestor of Earth Immortals. He’s not inferior to the Three Pure Ones. Although it’s only a mythical legend, it’s enough to show how dangerous Wuzhuang Daoist Temple is. In order to figure out the mysteries of Wuzhuang Daoist Temple, our two families lost many people here,” Xia Liuchuan said.

Reality wasn’t a game, and Zhou Wen didn’t wish for excessive trouble. He followed Zhang Chunqiu and company’s instructions and walked in behind them.

A tall wall and door appeared in front of them. Before entering the yard, Zhang Chunqiu reminded, “This is the first obstacle of Wuzhuang Daoist Temple. After entering the yard, we will be tied to pillars. Each of us has to be whipped thirty times. After enduring these thirty whips, we can enter the main hall.”

“Isn’t this the same as the plot in Journey to the West? Monkey Sun can withstand thirty whips without any problems, so we naturally won’t have any problems.” Li Xuan wasn’t afraid of being beaten. He wasn’t worried at all when he heard that he would be whipped thirty times.

“Although the two of you are powerful, you guys need to be careful. That whip is a little strange. When it whips, not only does it injure the body, but it also has an effect on the mind.” Zhang Chunqiu paused before saying, “After passing the whipping test, entering the main hall invites the punishment of being fried in oil. That oil isn’t ordinary oil. It can permeate into the body. If the body’s external defense is the only thing that’s relatively high, they will definitely be fried inside out.”

“I can’t say about anything else, but I’m an expert when it comes to torture. Don’t worry,” Li Xuan said disapprovingly.

Seeing that Li Xuan and Zhou Wen didn’t mind, Zhang Chunqiu and Xia Liuchuan didn’t say anything else. They thought that they would naturally know how powerful the punishment was after giving it a try. The four of them passed through the door as though they had passed through a special spatial passageway. When they came out, they realized that they were tied to an eave pillar.

The four of them were tied to motionless pillars. A pitch-black whip danced in the air and lashed at the first person.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The whip struck Xia Liuchuan, and although he was already wearing Companion Beast armor, his armor was still torn apart.

From Xia Liuchuan’s expression, he probably didn’t have a good time. However, he held back his cries and endured thirty lashes.

After thirty lashes, the rope that bound him automatically vanished.

Next was Zhang Chunqiu. Zhang Chunqiu also suffered thirty whips. His skin and flesh were lacerated, but he didn’t say a word.

The two of them treated their injuries as they looked at Li Xuan being tortured. They exchanged looks and laughed inwardly. There’s going to be a good show later.

Although the thirty whips weren’t fatal to them, the pain that tortured their souls wasn’t something ordinary humans could endure.


With the lashing, the grinning Li Xuan’s pupils constricted and his eyes widened.

Zhang Chunqiu, and Xia Liuchuan thought that there would be an even more exciting scene. To their surprise, Li Xuan’s expression became more and more relaxed as the wounds left by the whip instantly healed. “Li Xuan’s self-healing ability can be considered number one among humans,” Zhang Chunqiu praised.

After thirty lashes, Li Xuan walked over with a grin. “What whipping? It’s this and nothing more.” Zhang Chunqiu and Xia Liuchuan looked at each other and smiled bitterly. Young people these days were really shocking.

The two of them looked at Zhou Wen again, hoping to know how he would perform under the thirty lashings.

Even though they knew that the thirty lashes definitely wouldn’t affect Zhou Wen much, it was a rare sight to see Human Sovereign tied up and whipped. They probably wouldn’t have the chance to see it a second time.

was a la

Xia Liuchuan took out his phone and wanted to take a video of Zhou Wen.

If there was a chance to upload it online in the future, he had already thought of the title: “Daddy Xia assaults Human Sovereign.”

After all, others didn’t know who was doing the whipping. Since he was the one who had filmed the video, he could frame it however he wanted.

However, in the next second, the three of them widened their eyes. The Seven Star Whip circled Zhou Wen, but it didn’t whip him. It flew back to the wall and hung itself. The rope around Zhou Wen also vanished.

“Holy sh*t, what’s going on? Why weren’t you whipped?” Li Xuan immediately shouted. He was also waiting to watch the show, so why wasn’t there any whipping?

“What did Monkey Sun say? If there’s anything, the disciple will take it on the master’s behalf,” Zhou Wen said with a smile.

“Was that such a line?” Li Xuan was puzzled.

Zhang Chunqiu and Xia Liuchuan looked at Li Xuan as though they were looking at an idiot. Without a word, they turned around and walked towards the hall.

Zhou Wen also followed. Only then did Li Xuan react and shout, “Holy sh*t, you’re making fun of me. You’re the monkey. Your entire family are monkeys.”

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