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Chapter 22 - Legendary Companion Beast

Chapter 22: Legendary Companion Beast

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Due to the strange cultivation requirement, the Invincible Connate Divine Art was also known as a Virgin Divine Art. It was the least cultivated among all the Epic stage-capable Primordial Energy Arts.

Firstly, Invincible Connate Divine Art could only be cultivated by men. Women who took up slightly more than half of the human population were incapable of cultivating it. Furthermore, with the requirement of being a virgin, even fewer people cultivated in it.

No matter how potent the Invincible Connate Divine Art was, to become useless the moment one lost their virginity was a fatal flaw.

Of course, the typical person didn’t have the chance to acquire it, so they had no chance of cultivating it even if they wished to.

Zhou Wen wouldn’t be too surprised if someone else had cultivated in it, but Li Xuan was a man who found himself swimming amongst women daily. Therefore, it was truly unbelievable that he had managed to master the Invincible Connate Divine Art.

Li Xuan didn’t look at the wound on his waist. In fact, due to the compression and suppression of his muscles, the wound had basically stopped bleeding.

“Did my second brother send you?” Li Xuan glared at Jiang Hao as he asked. He didn’t wear the blank, ignorant look that Xu Miantu wore.

Jiang Hao nodded and said, “I originally thought that it wasn’t necessary for him to take such actions, but from the look of it, your second brother has quite a discerning eye. For you to maintain your virginity, despite swimming in pussy daily, you are truly an incredible genius. You will definitely be a thorn in his side.”

“Jiang Hao, are you mad? You are actually helping Li Mobai kill Brother Xuan? Do you not know that if Brother Xuan dies here, there will be no way we can answer to Godfather. Don’t forget how much we owe Godfather for his kindness. He also dotes on Brother Xuan the most, so how can you bear to make him sad?” Xu Miantu said as he held his wound.

His injury was a lot lighter than Li Xuan’s, but unfortunately, he hadn’t cultivated in the Invincible Connate Divine Art. The blood that he had lost was enough to make his head spin.

Jiang Hao ignored Xu Miantu as he gripped his dangers tightly, staring intently at Li Xuan like a ravenous wolf.

Xu Miantu still wasn’t done when he was interrupted by Li Xuan. Li Xuan looked at Jiang Hao and said, “I’ve never fought Brother for anything since I was little. To prevent him from second-guessing me, I spent all my time with women and never paid attention to any Li family matters. Yet, he still is unwilling to let me off.”

“Two tigers cannot share one mountain. A family can’t have two heads. If there’s anything to blame, it’s that you only acted like a pig instead of being a real one. Otherwise, none of this would be necessary,” Jiang Hao said.

“Jiang Hao, do you really believe you can kill me?” Li Xuan said coldly.

“By telling you this much, it shows how determined I am to kill you. Your mastering of the Invincible Connate Divine Art has indeed exceeded my expectations, but unfortunately, you are only at the Mortal stage and have yet to advance to the Legendary stage. Your death is a certainty today,” As Jiang Hao spoke, he tore off his left sleeve, revealing his entire left arm.

There was a spiraling blue-green tattoo that nearly covered Jiang Hao’s entire left arm—a coiled snake.

The snake tattoo was shimmering with a demonic green-blue glow as though it was alive. Green-blue scales surfaced and enveloped Jiang Hao’s entire left arm and hand, making his arm appear like a bizarre venomous snake exuding extremely uncanny vibes.

“Explosive Scaled Snake, a Legendary stage Companion Beast… Impossible… You are only at the Mortal stage… How could you incubate a Legendary stage Companion Beast? Don’t tell me that you have already advanced to the Legendary stage? To reach the Legendary stage at sixteen… That’s impossible…” Xu Miantu stared at Jiang Hao’s left arm as he exclaimed, a look of horror plastering his face.

Jiang Hao shook his head slightly. “I haven’t advanced to the Legendary stage. I’m just capable of using the Explosive Scaled Snake.”

“How is it possible to incubate one without advancing to the Legendary stage? The Primordial Energy needed by an Explosive Scaled Snake is enough to suck dry anyone at the Mortal stage. It’s impossible to incubate one…” Xu Miantu still found it unbelievable.

Li Xuan harrumphed and said, “Brother sure went for broke in order to kill me. There’s only one way to possess a Legendary stage Companion Beast at the Mortal stage without incubating it yourself—it’s to let a Legendary stage expert with a Legendary stage Companion Beast transfer it to the person at the Mortal stage, even at the cost of their lives, ”

“You are indeed smart. Unfortunately, you will have to die today.” Jiang Hao no longer hesitated as he rushed towards Li Xuan. Meanwhile, his arm that resembled a snake slashed down with the jade dagger.

He was exceedingly fast as his snake-like arm seemed to phase away. It was almost impossible for one to use the naked eye to capture its trajectory. As an uncanny green-blue stream of light, it flashed across Li Xuan’s neck.

It was at a speed so fast that it even exceeded the Skeleton General’s spear attack. It gave Zhou Wen the impression that Li Xuan was doomed.

But to his surprise, he heard a clang. Li Xuan had gripped the lightning-fast jade dagger, holding it right in front of him.

Li Xuan’s hand holding the dagger, or perhaps it should be said that most of his body, was enveloped by black iron armor.

“Black Knight, a Legendary stage Companion Beast. So you have also used the same method to obtain a Legendary stage Companion Beast at the Mortal stage. It’s no wonder you held no fear.” Jiang Hao instantly recognized what the black iron armor on the Legendary stage represented.

“No, you are wrong. I don’t have to use such a cruel method to obtain a Legendary Companion Beast. Nor do I have such a need to.” Li Xuan exerted strength, immediately snapping the dagger in his hand and leaving Jiang Hao to retreat rapidly with the remnants of the jade dagger.

“The Invincible Connate Divine Art is the Primordial Energy Art that has the most amount of Primordial Energy amongst its peers. Even though I’m only at the Mortal stage, I still have the chance of incubating a Legendary stage Companion Beast despite them being the weaker ones and me needing to take on some risk. However, it’s more than sufficient when dealing with your Explosive Scaled Snake.” Li Xuan had a sharp glint in his eyes as he approached Jiang Hao.

“It’s no wonder Second Brother views you as a threat. Such talent is indeed terrifying,” Jiang Hao said as he retreated. After saying that, he turned around and ran deep into the Ancient City.

Li Xuan didn’t hesitate as he immediately pursued him.

“Don’t chase after him!” Zhou Wen hurriedly yelled to stop Li Xuan when he saw Jiang Hao fleeing in the direction of the Skeleton General.

However, Li Xuan was bent on killing Jiang Hao. There was no hesitation in his huge strides.

The two probably had Speed valued at 8 or 9, making it too late for Zhou Wen to catch up with them. Soon, they vanished around a corner.

Zhou Wen slowed down his pace without continuing his pursuit. Instead, it was Xu Miantu who handled the wound on his neck before chasing after them.

“What are you waiting for? Why aren’t you chasing after them to help Brother Xuan?” Xu Miantu yelled at him when he saw Zhou Wen stop.

Zhou Wen held his phone and launched the Ancient Imperial City dungeon as he said to Xu Miantu, “After you.”

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