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Chapter 3 - Vigor Divine Fist

Chapter 3: Vigor Divine Fist

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A force surged through Zhou Wen’s body like a bolt of lightning. He was no stranger to such a feeling for it was the feeling he received when absorbing Primordial Energy Crystals. However, this absorption was far more intense than anything he had previously felt. It was many times more intense than his past absorption of the five-valued Primordial Energy Crystal.

What’s the value of this Primordial Energy Crystal? Why is it so intense? As Zhou Wen reeled in delight, he felt another force surge into his body.

Unlike the Primordial Energy Crystal, this force surged through his body like an electric snake, opening up his originally sealed meridians, opening up a strange new path.

It’s true… The Vigor Ant Crystal is a Primordial Energy Skill Crystal as spoken in legends… However, I wonder what this Vigor Ant’s Primordial Energy Skill is… Zhou Wen was filled with anticipation.

As the electric snake-like force flowed through his body, Zhou Wen’s Primordial Energy was being stirred as it began circulating in the newly opened pathways.

Zhou Wen was surprised to discover that with the circulation of the Primordial Energy, his hands turned blood-red with a metallic sheen. Furthermore, he had a strange swollen feeling. Although his palms didn’t increase in size, it made him feel that his hands contained an immense strength, one that was eager to blast out his palms.

Now, Zhou Wen had the urge to deal a punch, but he ultimately held back. He was on campus, and it wasn’t in his best interest to cause a commotion. Furthermore, any damage to public property required him to pay compensation.

Nearly twenty minutes later, the swelling feeling gradually subsided. His hands recovered to normal as the Primordial Energy in him stopped circulating. However, Zhou Wen knew that this Primordial Energy blast skill had been imprinted deep in his body and soul. It had seemingly become innate to his body, something he could not forget no matter how he tried.

Zhou Wen couldn’t wait to look at his phone. The game interface had already gone black. He immediately restarted the game and dripped a drop of blood in. When his in-game avatar appeared, he immediately checked his character stats.

Zhou Wen

Age: 16 years

Lifeform level: Mortal

Strength: 9

Speed: 5

Constitution: 8

Primordial Energy: 9

Primordial Energy Art: Ascetic Meditation

Primordial Energy Skill: Vigor Divine Fist (Rank 7)

Companion Beast: None

Zhou Wen was overjoyed. His Primordial Energy had risen all the way to 9. It meant that the Primordial Energy Crystal he had absorbed was valued at 9. And the Rank 7 indicated behind Vigor Divine Fist was similar to seven-valued stat crystals. Without any cultivation, Zhou Wen’s Vigor Divine Fist had reached a rather high rank.

As Primordial Energy Skills were relatively rare, they were rather expensive. However, after receiving this Skill, he would make use of it. He could greatly enhance his various abilities, unleashing combat strength that far exceeded his normal standards. It gave him the important means to protect himself and kill enemies. No one would dislike having too many Primordial Energy Skills.

In the past, Zhou Wen had lacked the finances to purchase Primordial Energy Skill Crystals and with him fully focused on cultivating Ascetic Meditation, he lacked the time and energy to practice the Skills. This Vigor Divine Fist was his first Primordial Energy Skill, and from its name and effects, it was likely a skill that enhanced the strength of both his fists.

Indeed, the Ant Nest in the game is identical to the dimensional zones in the real world. Does this mean that the game will also drop Companion Beasts? Zhou Wen felt slightly pumped.

As he began grinding again in the game, his avatar was similarly able to use Vigor Divine Fist. Eagerly, Zhou Wen made his avatar use Vigor Divine Fist to see its might.


The blood-colored avatar struck a Vigor Ant, bashing its head into its body. Then, its body exploded due to the immense pressure. Its flesh, blood, and carapace splattered everywhere, reducing it to a blob.

Zhou Wen was alarmed and delighted upon seeing this. The blood-colored avatar was equivalent to a clone. If it could produce such might, it also meant that he could do the same in reality.

In the past, he had needed several strikes to kill a Vigor Ant, and that had needed him to strike a vital spot. Vigor Divine Fist could ignore the Vigor Ant’s carapace’s defense and directly blast them apart. Its strength was frighteningly potent.

However, although Vigor Divine Fist was powerful, this punch expended 4 Primordial Energy. With Zhou Wen’s maximum Primordial Energy at 9, he could only deliver two strikes before he was drained.

Although Primordial Energy could recover on its own, it happened rather slowly. Zhou Wen took an hour to recover one point, so it was sorely insufficient to keep up with his expenditure.

Of course, he could also use Primordial Energy Crystals to quickly recover Primordial Energy. To most people, this was an extremely extravagant act.

Although he had received a Primordial Energy Skill, he could only use it as a trump card for now. Zhou Wen continued patiently grinding as before, hoping that a more magical drop would appear.

Grinding was undoubtedly dull and boring. However, for a person who could hone his body and cultivate Primordial Energy through Ascetic Meditation before the age of sixteen, this boredom was nothing.

While Zhou Wen was holding his phone and engrossed with grinding, he suddenly sensed someone approaching him. Looking up, he saw a tall girl in a high-school uniform walk over.

Zhou Wen turned to look around her. Students typically didn’t come here, and it was the same at present. He was apparently the only person around for dozens of meters, and it was for this reason that he chose this spot to game.

Don’t tell me Fang Ruoxi is looking for me? Zhou Wen looked at the girl walking straight towards him, and in response, he could only put away his phone for he didn’t wish for anyone to see what was on it. Otherwise, it could invite huge trouble for him.

Fang Ruoxi was tall, standing at a height of 1.75 meters. At this age, she wasn’t short among men and would stand out among women.

Although she was tall, her body proportions were excellent. Together with her slender body and constant training, she didn’t seem too big in size. Her long, slender legs and exaggerated curves gave quite a strong visual impact. She had a primal charm of a feral nature.

Fang Ruoxi’s name was quite a demure name for a girl, but it didn’t match her character. She was a rather proud girl. Before An Jing transferred over, Fang Ruoxi and Zhou Wen were considered the two most illustrious geniuses in Guide High School.

However, the two of them weren’t in the same class. They both had asocial characters, and as Zhou Wen spent most of his time focusing on cultivating Ascetic Meditation and honing his body, the two never had much interaction other than the polite greeting from time to time.

Fang Ruoxi was clearly here for Zhou Wen. It left him perplexed, unsure why she was looking for him.

“Zhou Wen, I wish to invite you to join my team for the combat test at the end of the graduation exams.” Fang Ruoxi came before Zhou Wen and said those startling words to him.

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