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Chapter 706 - Quick Battle

Chapter 706: Quick Battle

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The silent battle continued, greatly displeasing many onlookers.

By standing there for a few hours without moving, how was this a duel? It was a punishment.

Questions that this was a rigged match began to spread. Some people were already suspecting that Origin Realm King and Death of the Underworld came from the same faction. They were stalling for time to directly obtain first place.

In fact, even many of the six families had such doubts.

Zhou Wen also felt that something was amiss. Although Death of the Underworld might not be from the same faction as Origin Realm King, if they were to continue wasting time like this, either one of them would definitely end up coming first.

All the factions that still had hope for coming in first were paying attention to the battle situation. At the same time, they were secretly gathering information.

Although they didn’t know who Origin Realm King belonged to, Death of the Underworld was undoubtedly from the Family Clan of Gods. Therefore, all sorts of probing and pressure targeted towards the Family Clan of Gods continued.

“Old Boll, if you can’t beat it, hurry up and admit defeat. Don’t end up letting that Origin Realm King reap all the benefits later,” Rhaego Cape said with a smile while on a video call with the Family Clan of Gods.

Boll said indifferently, “There’s no need for you to worry.”

Rhaego continued, “Old Boll, if you have a hundred percent chance of defeating Origin Realm King, it doesn’t matter if you wait until the end. But if you don’t have a hundred percent chance, why don’t you leave a chance?”

Boll naturally understood what Rhaego was getting at. He was also very conflicted.

He had originally planned on dragging it out to the end before letting Death of the Underworld defeat Origin Realm King. Just as Zhou Wen had guessed, he believed that Origin Realm King was a microscopic Companion Beast.

As long as Death of the Underworld opened the path to the Underworld and pulled the microscopic Companion Beast in, it would no longer be able to hide. When that happened, killing it wouldn’t be difficult.

But now, Origin Realm King was also stalling for time. This worried Boll a little.

Many people already knew about the abilities of Death of the Underworld. The owner of Origin Realm King definitely knew some, but he still chose to remain still. This made Boll suspect that the Origin Realm King might have the ability to defeat Death of the Underworld, but it could also be a psychological battle.

After hanging up the call, Boll was thinking about what to do next. However, Feia said, “Father, if we don’t have full confidence in winning, why don’t we do as Rhaego said and leave a way out? We can still grasp the opportunity in our hands.”

“Tell me about it,” Boll said to Feia.

Feia said, “Since we can’t be sure if Death of the Underworld can defeat Origin Realm King, why don’t we complete the battle before the final time limit? It’s naturally best if we can win. If we can’t, we’ll find a chance to forfeit. When the time comes, our Companion Beasts has the initiative to pose the challenge. It’s equivalent to having another chance.”

“I’m just afraid that this opportunity will be snatched away by others,” Boll muttered.

“There can only be one challenger. It depends on who poses the challenge first. We are the ones deciding when Death of the Underworld admits defeat, so we can also apply for the challenge at the same time. How can others be faster than us?” said Feia.

“That’s right. Then let’s do it this way. Prepare your Companion Beast. If Death of the Underworld fails, you will be the one to complete the final battle,” said Boll after some thought.

As there was no battle in the arena, many spectators lost their patience after waiting for several hours. Many people chose to return to work or to do other things. They planned on watching the results nearer to the end of the countdown.

Zhou Wen watched as time ticked by. Neither side had any intention of taking action. It was apparent that both sides wanted to drag it out until the countdown ended. They knew that there was no hope of vying for first place.

However, Zhou Wen still held onto a sliver of hope as he rushed to the town in Funiu Mountain. He wanted to wait there for the countdown to end. If there was a chance, he could try again.

In fact, there were many people with the same thoughts as Zhou Wen. Many people from large families were standing guard in front of the cube. Once the battle ended or one side gave up, they would immediately initiate a challenge. Regardless of whether they could win, it was better to try than have no chance at all.

Time slowly passed. When there were only two hours left before the countdown, more and more people returned to the cube. Most of them returned just to see the results.

However, Death of the Underworld and Origin Realm King remained still. One couldn’t be seen, while the other was motionless.

An hour and a half… an hour and fifteen minutes… an hour and ten minutes…

Suddenly, Death of the Underworld, who had been silent all this while, finally moved. Its cloak spread out, and the strange Underworld domain was about to devour the entire arena.

This was identical to when it fought Primordial Sword Immortal. However, Origin Realm King wasn’t Primordial Sword Immortal. If it were to be trapped, there would be a question if it could storm its way out.

Everyone’s spirits were lifted. Death of the Underworld’s sudden attack meant that the two Companion Beasts weren’t from the same faction. They still needed to determine a victor.

Although there was less than an hour and ten minutes left, having some time left meant that there was a chance.

The only thing they were afraid of was that there was too little time left. If one side lost and there was less than an hour left, then even if they chose to challenge the victor, the other side would still have an hour to prepare for battle. Before the challenge was accepted, the countdown would be over.

Please decide the victor before the hour mark! Many people were praying.

However, no one expected the outcome to be far faster than they had imagined.

At the instant Death of the Underworld activated its Underworld domain, a strange scene suddenly happened.

Inside the Death of the Underworld’s grayish smoke-like spirit body, a flower suddenly grew out of its head. The flower was beautiful like snow, and there was lightning circulating over it. It was like an electric flower.

The flower rapidly grew. In an instant, the flower bud bloomed. As the flower bloomed, Death of the Underworld’s Spirit Body seemed to be pulled by some force as it rapidly flowed into the flower, as though it had been devoured by the flower.

Before the Underworld domain could fully activate, half of Death of the Underworld’s body had been sucked into the flower.

Not good! Boll was shocked. He quickly wanted to give up and admit defeat, but it was too late.

The remaining half of Death of the Underworld’s body was completely absorbed by the flower in the blink of an eye. As for the flower, it bloomed and shimmered with a strange electric light. Then, it quickly withered and vanished as though nothing had happened.

Everyone was stunned. No one dared to believe that the nearly invincible Death of the Underworld had died just like that. Old Boll’s face was ashen, and even Feia, who was about to issue the challenge, was stunned.

It was just too shocking that Death of the Underworld was instantly killed. It made him hesitate, afraid that his Companion Beast would suffer the same outcome if he entered.

It wasn’t just Feia. Everyone who was prepared to issue the challenge hesitated. Death of the Underworld’s death shocked them greatly.

Origin Realm King… is too powerful… The spectators also had such thoughts.

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