Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon

Chapter 514: Extra 03: Grandfather!

Chapter 514: Extra 03: Grandfather!

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Aosheng Continent.

The land of extreme evil.

This place was shrouded in black fog all year round and one couldn’t see the sky. That black fog suddenly trembled. Suddenly, a demon beast that was as big as a Qilin and as big as a hill rushed out from the thick fog. On the back of the demon beast stood a little girl in green.

The little girl had a high ponytail and a long soft sword wrapped around her waist. She was still young and her figure was flat and thin. Clearly, she had yet to develop.

“Qi Xiao! Hurry up, that disgusting thing ran into the depths of the Abominable Land!”

There was a beast and a person. It was the young lady, Qu Pangui, and the Demon King, Qi Xiao.

Qu Pangui had been raised freely. Her daily routine was to cultivate and kill cultivators and their demon beasts.

Qu Pangui was chasing after a seven-headed python that loved to devour living humans. The owner of that python had already been killed by Qu Pangui. This python was cunning and could turn invisible, so it was lucky to escape.

Qu Pangui lost her patience and was about to explode.


Qu Pangui saw the seven-headed python. She twisted her hand and froze the space within a radius of five kilometers, making it impossible for the seven-headed python to escape!

The python was frozen by Qu Pinggui and could no longer escape.

Qu Pangui flew back from Qi Xiao’s body and landed on the ground. She barged into her own domain and killed seven heads of that huge python. The huge python fell to the ground and blood flowed like a river, filling the thick fog with blood.

Qu Pangui kept her sword and was about to leave when she suddenly heard something stirring the air above her head. She looked up in surprise and saw a bird with its wings spread out strangely.

The bird fell straight at her!

Qu Pangui hurriedly flew up to avoid it. She stood on Qi Xiao’s back and watched as the huge bird landed on the plains of the Abominable Land and shattered.

Only then did Qu Pangui see that the big bird was not a real bird but a machine made into the shape of a big bird. Qu Pangui circled the machine twice and suddenly murmured in surprise, “A plane?”

This thing was very similar to the plane that his father mentioned.

Could it really be a plane from Grandpa’s world?

Afraid that she had recognized wrongly, Qu Pangui hurriedly crushed the locating spirit jade she carried with her.

On the Great Ice Palace of the Ice Domain Continent.

After receiving his daughter’s message, Qu Jingtian immediately got up and flew towards Qu Pangui on his sword.

With Supremacy Heartless’s powerful Dharmic powers, he arrived at Qu Pangui’s location in an instant. Qu Jingtian stood beside Qu Pangui and before he could speak, he noticed the pile of shattered plane debris on the ground.

The passengers inside were all dead.

Qu Jingtian stared at the words on the plane. The words “Langyin 705” were written in English. When Qu Jingtian saw this, his mood fluctuated slightly. No wonder he had searched the entire Aosheng Continent all these years but couldn’t find the space-time door leading to Earth. It turned out that the space-time door was actually hidden in the land of extreme evil!

There were countless small worlds in the universe, and there was a mysterious passage between the worlds. This passage was called the Dream of Time and Space. Through the door of time and space, Qu Jingtian could return to Earth. As long as he took the initiative to suppress his own abilities, he would not be discovered and hunted down by the Earth Master God.

]”Father, what is that!” Qu Pangui stood beside Qu Jingtian. She stared at the big toy and said to Qu Jingtian, “That looks like the toy you carved for me in the past.”

“It’s a plane.”

“Ah!” Qu Pangui widened his eyes in shock. She said, “But isn’t the plane from Grandpa’s world? Why would it appear here?” Qu Jingtian didn’t speak. He stared at the vortex spinning like an abyss above him and was increasingly certain that his guess was right.

The Abominable Land was the place with the most chaotic magnetic field in the Aosheng Continent. Ordinary people would not easily enter the Abominable Land. Once they entered, they would never return. It was not surprising that the space-time door would be hidden in this Abominable Land.

“Inform your mother to come over.”


Soon, Yan Qingqiu arrived. She was also slightly surprised to see the wreckage of the plane on the ground. “This thing...”

Xu Qian looked up at the vortex eye above his head that was getting smaller and smaller. He said to Yan Qingqiu, “Ah Qiu, if my guess is right, this vortex eye is the space-time door that hides in our world that leads to Earth.”

When Yan Qingqiu heard the word Earth, her eyes flickered slightly.

Logically speaking, without a human heart, she shouldn’t have any emotions and desires, but all these years, she would always think of her family living in another world. Miaomiao, Zheng Zheng, Mother, Father...

Wanting to return to Earth Star to visit her family had become Yan Qingqiu’s most extravagant wish.

Yan Qingqiu looked coldly at the increasingly smaller black vortex above her head. She suddenly shouted at Pangui, “Pangui, stand further away!”

Pangui immediately took a few steps back.

Yan Qingqiu raised her right hand and summoned the Heaven-Shattering Sword. When the sword body gathered its majestic and astonishing power, it slashed at that black vortex!

The vortex that was about to disappear was affected by the power of the Heaven-Shattering Sword and opened the door of time and space again. “Grace, send the plane back!”

Qu Jingtian threw the wreckage of the plane into the whirlpool. Seeing that the plane had disappeared and was not thrown out, Qu Jingtian and Yan Qingqiu looked at each other and said, “They went back.”

Yan Qingqiu pondered for a moment before turning to say to Pangui, “Mother and Father intend to pass through this spatial door to take a look, but we can’t guarantee where the other side of the spatial door is.”

“Pangui, Mother and Father’s magic power is strong enough to protect ourselves. Your magic power is still shallow and it’s not suitable for you to enter the door of time and space. Stay in the Ice Domain Continent and wait for our return, alright?”

Yan Qingqiu was worried that there would be changes if she passed through the door of time and space, so she didn’t dare to take the risk with Pangui.

But Pangui said, “No, we are family. We will endure hardships together and enjoy blessings together! I won’t allow you to leave me behind and take risks alone! Mother, Father, bring me along, alright?”

Even if we were to die, we should die together as a family!

A proud smile appeared on Qu Jingtian’s cold face. “Great! As expected of our child!”

Yan Qingqiu pondered for a moment before reaching out her right hand to Pangui. At the same time, Qu Jingtian also reached out her left hand to Pangui. Pangui trusted them very much. Rest assured, she placed her palm in her parents’ palm and flew towards the center of the vortex with them.

The door of time and space was filled with danger. From time to time, cosmic gravel that was sharper than blades would scrape past them. Qu Jingtian had added a protective barrier to Qu Pangui. Qu Pangui grabbed his parents’ hands tightly and braced himself to transmigrate through the door with them.

After traveling through the space-time gate for a long time, the wind blades gradually became smaller. They passed through the space-time tunnel and floated in the universe, approaching a blue planet.

It was New Year’s Day and it was snowing in Wangdong City. Li Yuanzhi pestered Han Zhan and Song Ci to build a snowman. Han Zhan’s ears ached from the commotion and he had no choice but to agree to build a snowman with his grandson.

Halfway through the snowman pile, Long Yu suddenly drove over. Han Zhan saw Long Yu, put down the shovel in his hand, and asked him, “Why are you suddenly here?”

Long Yu looked hesitant. “Sir, can I talk to you?”

Han Zhan glanced at Song Ci and said, “I’ll chat with Long Yu for a while.”


Han Zhan and Long Yu walked to the backyard. Without waiting for him to ask, Long Yu took the initiative to say, “Sir, I received news that two months ago, Langyin 705, which disappeared from the Bermuda Triangle, strangely appeared in an uninhabited forest in North America. The plane fell and no one survived.” After a pause, Long Yu added, “The plane suddenly appeared there.”

It had been two months since Langyin 705 disappeared. In these two months, the authorities had been searching for the plane near the Bermuda Triangle, but it had strangely appeared in a forest. This couldn’t be explained.

Han Zhan suspected that the plane had gone somewhere when it passed through the Bermuda Triangle and strangely returned to the real world. “I have to go to Bermuda to take a look.”

Long Yu didn’t understand why Han Zhan was so concerned about the disappearance of the plane in Bermuda. When he heard that Han Zhan had decided to go to Bermuda to investigate, Long Yu was even more shocked. “Sir, why must you go to Bermuda? Could it be that your friend is on that plane?”

Han Zhan said, “No, I just wanted to take a look.”

Han Zhan set off the next day. He first went to look at the wreckage of the plane. After seeing the tragic state of the destroyed plane, he couldn’t help feeling pity for the passengers who had lost their lives on this plane.

As someone who was also in the flight industry, Han Zhan hoped more than anyone that every flight would leave smoothly and land safely.

By the time he arrived at the Bermuda Triangle, it had already returned to calmness. The boats and planes flew along the Bermuda Triangle’s route and collar. He stayed nearby and went out to the sea every day. Sometimes he went fishing and sometimes he went diving.

He looked like a simple tourist and didn’t arouse anyone’s suspicion.

On this day, Han Zhan leaned against the recliner, drinking red wine and eating melons. The warm sun shone on him and the boat swayed. Han Zhan gradually dozed off. He closed his eyes to take a nap. Just as he was about to fall asleep, he suddenly felt that the light in front of him was blinding.

Han Zhan suddenly opened his eyes and saw a black shadow fall from the sky. He sat up suddenly and watched as that black shadow fell vertically into the sea.

Han Zhan was shocked.

Han Zhan got up and walked to the railing. He looked down and saw that the sea was bubbling. Obviously, something had really fallen into the sea just now.

Han Zhan looked up at the sky and didn’t see any planes or helicopters.

Obviously, no one committed suicide by jumping off a plane.

What fell into the sea?

Sea bird?

Is there such a big seabird?

Shortly after, a head with a high ponytail emerged from the water. The person coughed twice before looking up.

Her wet face was snow-white and tender, and her fringe covered a small portion of her face. The girl wiped her eyes with her hand and opened them. Her gray-blue eyes were incomparably clear, as if a fairy had fallen into the mortal world.

It was a person who had fallen into the sea.

A mysterious girl who had descended from the sky.

The girl shook the water droplets off her head and finally saw the person on the boat.

Han Zhan was much older. His hair was slightly white and wrinkles were spread out at the corners of his eyes. When he was young, his deep, mesmerizing gray-blue eyes were less clear, but they were more wise and tasteful.

Pangui recognized at a glance that this was the grandfather in his mother’s portrait.

Pangui stood in the water and smiled sweetly at Han Zhan. She shouted in a clear voice, “Grandpa!”

Han Zhan was confused.

Han Zhan looked at the girl’s grayish-blue eyes that were very similar to his. Thinking of the mysterious identity of the girl descending from the sky, an answer surfaced in his heart. His hand that was placed on the railing trembled slightly.

Han Zhan’s lips quivered for a long while before he asked hoarsely, “Child, who... who is your mother?”

Qu Pangui didn’t hesitate and said loudly, “My mother is the Lord of the Ice Region, Yan Qingqiu!”

The moment Qu Pangui landed on Earth, her powers were restricted. She couldn’t fly or teleport now. She blinked her beautiful eyes at Han Zhan and stuck out her tongue mischievously. “Grandpa, quickly get me up there.”

Han Zhan plunged into the water, hugged the girl’s waist, and brought her into the water.

After boarding the boat, Qu Pangui knelt beside Han Zhan. She looked up at her grandfather, who was also a handsome old man. She covered her mouth and laughed. After laughing, she said, “My father said that Grandpa is a rare handsome man. I look like my grandfather!”

Qu Pangui tilted her head and looked at Han Zhan’s face. She smiled. “That’s true. I indeed look very similar to Grandpa. I am a beautiful young lady!”

Han Zhan stared at the delicate girl for a while before saying, “Your father...”

Without waiting for Han Zhan to ask in detail, Qu Pangui took the initiative to answer. “Qu Jingtian!”

Han Zhan finally felt at ease.

His daughter and son-in-law had reunited in another world. This was the happiest thing Han Zhan had heard in so many years. Han Zhan stared at Qu Pangui’s head and suddenly said, “How old are you?”

“11 years old.”

“You’re so tall.”

Qu Pangui said, “I ate well!”

The girl’s words were especially healing. Han Zhan looked at him and the smile on his lips never disappeared. “Why are you here? Where are your mother and father?”

“Ah!” Qu Pangui suddenly patted his head and exclaimed. “Oh no! I don’t know where my mother and the rest landed!” As they were about to reach Earth, Qu Pangui and his parents were forced to separate and landed in different places.

Han Zhan patted Qu Pangui’s head and comforted her. “Don’t be afraid. They will find it themselves.”


Han Zhan brought Qu Pangui back to Wangdong City.

Qu Pangui didn’t have an identity card and almost couldn’t board the plane. Han Zhan called Han Zheng and got him a legal identity card with Han Zheng’s help. The name on the identity card was Xu Pangui.

Sitting on the plane, Qu Pangui chattered non-stop.

She didn’t know Chinese. She flipped through a magazine and asked Han Zhan, “Grandpa! Who is this? He’s very good-looking!”

Han Zhan stared at the male celebrity in the magazine with an indescribable expression.

Seeing that his grandfather remained silent, Qu Pangui pointed out. “I know. Grandpa is stupid and doesn’t know this handsome little brother!”

Han Zhan said ,”...”

On the way to the airport, Pangui followed Han Zhan to buy coffee. She looked at the black coffee and asked Han Zhan innocently, “Grandpa, are you trying to poison me? This thing is obviously poisoned.”

Han Zhan, who had inexplicably been accused of being a “murderer”, felt wronged.

“This is coffee. Your mother used to love it.”

“Really? I want to try it.”

Pangui took a sip of coffee and was instantly bitter to the point of tears. “Grandpa, you lied to me! This thing is so bitter and not delicious at all!”

Han Zhan saw that his little granddaughter was crying and felt a headache coming on.

“Grandpa will buy you candy then.”

Han Zhan bought a can of soft candy for Pangui. Pangui only stopped crying after eating the sweet one. After boarding the plane, she ate the candy and said to Han Zhan, “This thing is very sweet. It tastes very fragrant like the brains of a little demon beast from our side.”

Han Zhan was confused.


What have Junjun and Xu Qian fed the kid all these years?

Han Zhan was slightly tired and felt like sleeping, so he put on his eye mask to rest. Pangui had nothing to do, she saw that everyone else had movies to watch, so she got the air stewardess to help her turn on the small computer in front of her.

The air stewardess played a movie for Pangui and she saw a bed scene. Her eyes widened and she felt that this was really exciting and beautiful! Pangui shook Han Zhan awake and said excitedly, “Grandpa! Grandpa! Look, I saw a man and a woman doing childbirth!”

This world was really interesting. It actually took such a video for everyone to see. In our world, no matter how open everyone was, they wouldn’t take such a private photo for others to see.

Han Zhan was shocked awake by Pangui’s words!

Almost all the people in the first class cabin who had returned to China were Chinese. After hearing Qu Pangui’s words, everyone looked at them with brilliant eyes. Han Zhan hurriedly turned off the video and told Pangui sternly, “Pangui, this is not something you should watch at your age. Do you still understand?”

But Pangui revealed an aged expression. She said, “What’s the big deal? It’s human nature for men to love and women to love. When I grow up, I want to marry the world’s most handsome young man! Hide him in the Great Ice Palace and have children with me everyday!”

Han Zhan covered his forehead with his hand and deeply experienced the cultural difference between the two worlds.

In Rome, do as the Romans do. Since the little girl had come to Earth, she had to receive the education of this world.

There was so much to teach!

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