Library of Heaven's Path

Chapter 13: Shameless Student

Chapter 13: Shameless Student

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Upon hearing those words, the ice-cold Shen Bi Ru smiles faintly.

Although this roundabout manner of insulting another means nothing on Earth, it is an incomparably novel concept here.

Seeing the expression on his goddess, Shang Bin feels that he is being mocked. His face flushes in a moment and pales in the next. However, in front of the female goddess, he is determined to maintain uphold decorum, thus he doesn't dare to attack Zhang Xuan directly.

"Why? Is there something wrong with my words?" Suppressing his anger, Shang Bin sneers. "There isn't a single person who doesn't know what your standards are in the entire academy! This fatty came to my classroom previously. Fat like a pig, he only knows how to defend and nothing else! The strength behind his fist is only a mere 15 kilograms! He must be either the first or second from the bottom in the entrance examination, so if he isn't trash, what is he?"

Even though he can't teach Zhang Xuan a lesson physically, he is resolute to strike a blow onto him through his words.

"The first from the bottom in the entrance examination?" Zhang Xuan only paid attention to the Emperor Bloodline and wasn't aware of such a situation. He turns around to look at the fatty.

"Who says that I am the first from the bottom?" The fatty retorts confidently. Then, he scratches his head in embarrassment, "I am only... the 9997th place!"

"9997th place? Only?" A faint spell afflicts Zhang Xuan and he almost vomits blood.

Hongtian Academy only accepts 10000 students every year. Although it recruits so many people every year, there are always several students who fail to report due to several reasons. 9997th place, it is almost as good as being in the last place, alright!

Besides... With such a low ranking, how can you still be so confident...

Zhang Xuan feels as though he hasn't fully woken up.

"It can't be that you accept anyone who is a student?" Shang Bin sneers once again. Then, flinging his sleeves, an arrogant look appears on his face as he declares, "I have a clear requirement when accepting students. I don't accept anyone who is below the 500th in rank! The teacher who is first from the bottom and the student who is first from the bottom... How compatible! Haha!"

"Are you done talking?"

Towards his mockery, Zhang Xuan simply shakes his head, "Now that you're done, you can leave!"

Previously, he has examined Yuan Tao clearly with the Library of Heaven's Path. That fatty is a wandering cultivator, so it is normal for him to know no cultivation technique and martial arts. As long as he finds a way to activate his Emperor Bloodline, his cultivation would definitely soar by leaps and bounds.


If it was someone else, being mocked to such an extent, they would definitely be trembling from anger. However, this fellow doesn't even bat an eyelid to it. For Shang Bin's attack to land on thin air, his face turns even uglier.

"It seems that a rotten wood cannot be carved!" After a cold humph, Shang Bin looks at Shen Bi Ru beside him and says, "Bi Ru laoshi, let's go. If we stay with this kind of trash for too long, we would be contaminated by them!"

Hearing Shang Bin's direct sarcasm, Shen Bi Ru frowns and chooses not to leave with him. Instead, she turns around, "Zhang Xuan laoshi!"

Her voice is like an oriole, clear and enchanting, stirring up complex emotions in its listeners.

"Hm?" Zhang Xuan didn't expect that the academy's prettiest teacher would initiate a conversation with him, he is taken aback.

"Although the previous time you... didn't score so well for your Teacher Qualification Examination, do not give up on yourself. Work hard and you will find yourself rewarded in the end!"

Shen Bi Ru nods her head.

From her point of view, Zhang Xuan accepting one of the worst students means that he doesn't hold any hope and has given up on himself.

Towards this ex-pursuer of hers, even if she doesn't fancy him, she doesn't hope to see him wallowing in his failures.

"Thank you for your advice!" He knows that the other party is truly concerned for him. Zhang Xuan nods his head and explains, "This student, although he might not be anything now, he could turn out to be a jade. As long as I guide him properly, it isn't impossible for him to shine!"


Shen Bi Ru doesn't speak any further and instead starts to walk away.

She thinks that Zhang Xuan's explanation is only an excuse. Given Yuan Tao's size and his lack of basic knowledge at his age, there is bound to be a limit to his future achievements.

"Darn it!"

Seeing the goddess of his heart talking to the worst teacher in the academy and even motivating him, Shang Bin's face distorts savagely. The inferno in his heart rages as he stares at Zhang Xuan coldly before following behind Shen Bi Ru.

"Bi Ru, it is better for you to avoid contact with this kind of people, it will sully your flawless disposition..."

"Shang laoshi, I am a little tired today and would like to rest. I hope that you do not follow me..."

Before Shang Bin could finish his words, Shen Bi Ru turns around to leave.

"Damn it, damn it! Zhang Xuan, just you wait. I will definitely get back at you for this!"

He watches as his goddess walk further and further away before she disappears from sight. At this moment, he has already directed all of his anger towards Zhang Xuan.

In his opinion, if it wasn't for that inauspicious fellow, the goddess would definitely have dinner with him. How could it be possible for her to turn around to leave?


"Since you have acknowledged me as your teacher, you must know where my classroom is!"

After the both of them left, Zhang Xuan turns his attention away from them and calls out to the fatty.

"Great!" The fatty hurriedly stands up and smiles at him. "Teacher, now that I am your student, can you tell me which teacher are you in the academy?"

Hearing his words, Zhang Xuan grabs his forehead.

This fellow, to think that he acknowledged whichever teacher he manages to set his eyes upon, not even clarifying Zhang Xuan's identity beforehand.

"I am Zhang Xuan!" Zhang Xuan says.

"Zhang Xuan laoshi? The Zhang laoshi who scored... first from the bottom for the Teacher Qualification Examination, not to mention a zero..." At this moment, fatty finally realizes who he acknowledged as his teacher. The fats on his body tremble as his lip twitches. All he is lacking now is tears.

"That's me!"

Zhang Xuan nods his head.

"Ah... That, Zhang laoshi!" Fatty scratches his head. "Seeing how I am weak and dim-witted, not to mention fat, why don't you... take me out from your lessons!"

Zhang Xuan: "..."

"Teacher, I am being serious over here. The two teachers from a moment ago have also said it. If you don't expel me from your tutelage, your reputation would be sullied. I am afraid of pulling you down with me..." Fatty continues.

"I am not afraid of being pulled down. Besides, now that we have verified our relationship through the identity token, I only have a sentence for you. You will live as my student and die as my student. Stop talking about useless things here!" Zhang Xuan waves his hand.


Fatty's face distorts and he is on the verge of crying.

Due to his weakness, he wanted to acknowledge a good student so that his future could be boundless. However, never would he dream that the last place student would be paired with the last place teacher.

Why is my life so difficult...

"Alright, this is my classroom. Now, claim your bedding and remember to come to lessons punctually tomorrow!"

Zhang Xuan says impatiently.

"This classroom..."

Looking at the size of the classroom, fatty finds himself on the verge of tears yet again.

Even the locations where he underwent the entrance examination previously were much bigger than this. A classroom of this size probably can't hold many students!

"Teacher, if I... don't come tomorrow, would you expel me?"

Fatty is still bearing illusions in his mind.

"Expel? That I won't. However, I will throw you into the lake which you wanted to jump into to feed the turtles!" Zhang Xuan nods his head seriously. "Didn't I say it? You will live as my student and die as my student. Relax, I will fulfill the role of my teacher and bury you properly..."

"Teacher!" Before Zhang Xuan could finish his words, he was interrupted by fatty. With a serious face and unwavering will in his eyes, he says, "What time do we start lessons tomorrow? I will come in advance to clean the classroom! It is my honor to meet such a great teacher. In the future, no matter who wants to admit me as their disciple, I will reject them firmly and reprimand them..."

Zhang Xuan: "..."

Initially, Zhang Xuan thought that he himself is shameless. However, he didn't expect that his student would be even more shameless than he is!

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