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Chapter 1575 - The Little Princess’ Happiness (2)

Chapter 1575: The Little Princess’ Happiness (2)

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Seeing the euphoric look on his younger sister’s face, Luo Xuanqing said with a relieved smile, “Sword Saint Xing of the Zhang Clan is currently discussing the plans for the marriage ceremony with our father, and we have already accepted their betrothal gifts. Most likely, you will return to the Zhang Clan with that lad today. You should quickly head out once you are done preparing—the guests are dying to meet you!”

While he was a little reluctant to see his younger sister marrying another man, this was already the best possible situation there could possibly be. Such a coincidence was one that he never would have dared imagine to be possible.

“Un!” The young lady nodded before turning her gaze back to the mirror. “Help me check if there’s anywhere that needs more tidying up…”

“Don’t worry, Young Mistress. There’s no one who could be more beautiful than you today!” the maid behind replied with a smile.

All along, the Young Mistress had been a cold and composed person. Who could have thought that she would have such a side to her when it came to the person whom she loved?

“Is that so?” Heaving a sigh of relief, the young lady stood up and looked at her elder brother with a demure smile. “Elder Brother, let’s go!”

“Un!” Luo Xuanqing nodded as he led the way out.

The two maids quickly followed behind them.

The young lady could not resist asking, “Elder Brother, who is here today?”

While she had heard rumors about the formidable lineup of guests from the maids, she was not too clear about the specifics.

“Nearly all of the clan heads and First Elders of the Sage Clans are present. It seems like that lad’s reputation is really one to behold!” Luo Xuanqing chuckled.

To be honest, even he could hardly believe that so many people had come.

“All of the Sage Clans’ clan heads are present?” The young lady widened her eyes in astonishment. “They are all here… to congratulate us on our engagement?”

“Why else do you think?” Luo Xuanqing replied. “The last time something as grand as this happened was when our founder established the Luo Clan, but there weren’t even as many guests back then. Your engagement has really pushed the Luo Clan back to the top of the Master Teacher Continent once more. While that lad can be unreliable from time to time, I must say that he has really done well this time. He has allowed our little princess over here to marry in fashion, not suffering the slightest grievance at all!”

“Un!” The young lady nodded as a warm surge flowed into her heart.

Despite having assimilated the Dimension Silencer and becoming the strongest expert in the younger generation, she knew that even she did not have the influence to rally so many people at once.

This glory would be eternally carved in the history of the Luo Clan, remembered even after many millenniums.

“The Young Mistress has always wished to marry the person whom she loves with the blessing of the entire world. Can this be considered as her wish coming true?” one of the maids behind asked with a smile.

“Of course! If this can’t be considered as the blessing of the entire world, what else could be?” Luo Xuanqing replied. “The main hall is right ahead. You should put on your veil first!”

While merrily chatting, they finally arrived before the main hall. With a gaze from Luo Xuanqing, the maids behind quickly covered the young lady’s ravishing looks with a red veil.

According to tradition, the bride had to cover her face with a red veil during the engagement ceremony. With so many powers observing the ceremony, this tradition had to be respected.

After putting on the red veil, the young lady walked into the main hall behind Luo Xuanqing. Before they could even assume their positions, a loud declaration came from behind.

“Deputy Sanctum Head Zhan Tiancheng and the many elders of the Sanctum of Sages have arrived to congratulate the fated couple from the Zhang Clan and the Luo Clan!”

“Deputy Pavilion Master Ren Qingyuan and ten other 9-star master teachers from the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters have come to relay their blessings to the engaged couple!”

“Even the personnel from the Sanctum of Sages and Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters have come? Furthermore, it’s the deputy sanctum head and the deputy pavilion master!” The young lady was astounded.

It was already shocking to see that all of the heads of the Sage Clans had come to offer their best wishes, but to think that even the deputy pavilion master of the Master Teacher Pavilion would arrive with so many 9-star master teachers to relay their blessings! There was truly no greater honor than this.

With a ceremony of such a scale, there was nothing more that she could ask for!

“Grand Elder Huo Shiqing of the Master Teacher Pavilion has come with his disciples to congratulate the Zhang Clan and the Luo Clan!”

“Huo Shiqing? Isn’t that the grand elder who has already retired from the secular world? Why would he attend this wedding ceremony as well?”

“I have no idea. Previously, when Ren Qingyuan was inaugurated as the deputy pavilion master, an invitation was sent to Huo Shiqing as well, but he turned down the invitation. Who would have expected him to attend this wedding instead?”

“Could there be any greater honor than this? If I were the little princess of the Luo Clan, I would have died of bliss by now!”

Shocked and envious exclamations erupted all around.

“Even Grand Elder Huo Shiqing is here as well…” The young lady clenched her fists tightly in agitation.

When she was still a young child, her father had taken her to Huo Shiqing in the hope of convincing the latter to tutor her, only to be turned down. Who would have thought that the other party would actually attend her engagement ceremony!

“Mystical Hands Gentleman has come to relay his blessings!”

“Grand Elder Wu Qing of the Blacksmith Guild has come to congratulate the soon-to-be-wedded couple!”

“Priest of the Calm Lake Du Yiyao have come to relay their blessings!”

“Frenzied Saber Ling Huchong has come to offer his best wishes!”

The shock did not stop with just the arrival of Grand Elder Huo Shiqing. Soon, many more declarations sounded outside.

Many familiar names who had left a mark in the history of the Master Teacher Continent sounded one after another in the ears of the crowd, raising an uproar in the main hall.

“Mystical Hands Gentleman is a figure who rose into prominence a thousand years ago. He was once the head of the Physician Guild, but he suddenly disappeared from the world five hundred years ago. Many thought that he had passed on, but who knew that not only is he still alive, he even came to relay his blessings to the newlywed?”

“That legendary man has saved the lives of countless experts during his time, such that many of the experts from the older generation are indebted to him!”

“Isn’t Grand Elder Wu Qing known as the Heartless Blacksmith, devoid of any sentiments or emotions even to his loved ones? It’s said that his son personally begged him to forge a weapon for his lover, only to be shut out of his door. Yet, he actually came for this engagement ceremony…”

“I have taken a look at his gift, and it seems to be a Great Sage-tier treasure!”

“Who is the Priest of the Calm Lake?”

“That man is quite an eccentric figure on the Master Teacher Continent. He made a name for himself three hundred years ago when he defeated three 9-star master teachers simultaneously with his swordsmanship. He’s very fond of chess, and he has gone around the world challenging chess experts one after another, only to be unable to find a worthy rival. But one day, he abruptly disappeared from the face of the continent, his whereabouts known to none. I never would have thought that he would come for the engagement ceremony today!”

“Actually, the one whom I respect the most is still Frenzied Saber Ling Huchong…”

“I came here hoping to forge a good relationship with the Luo Clan and the Zhang Clan, but who could have thought that I would actually have the honor of meeting these distinguished experts as well… This is really a huge eye opener for me. This trip here hasn’t been wasted!”

“Indeed. I would have regretted it for life if I had missed out on such a huge gathering!”

As the names that only existed in legends in the minds of the crowd sounded one after another, a huge uproar broke out amid the crowd.

Even the esteemed heads of the Sage Clans trembled excitedly in face of these legendary figures, as if little kids meeting their idols.

“Zhang shi was the one who got all of them here?”

With her face veiled, the young lady was unable to see what was happening around her. However, she could still roughly figure out what was going on from the discussion of others, and her eyes reddened in agitation.

As a female offspring of a major clan, her fate had already been determined at birth. Knowing that she could only walk down the path that others had carved for her, she had never dared dream of the future. She had never thought that her life could ever be so dazzling and magnificent!

“Thank you…”

Knowing that Zhang shi must have gone through a lot of effort to specially invite them over for this occasion, the young lady’s heart was filled with gratitude.

“Look, Zhang shi is here!”

At that moment, another commotion broke out amid the crowd. Zhang Xuan and Sword Saint Meng were making their way into the main hall from afar.

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