Library of Heaven's Path

Chapter 2149 - Becoming a Celestial God (2)

Chapter 2149 Becoming a Celestial God (2)

Zhao Ya is proud, so it’s best to impart knowledge to her in a concise manner. Zheng Yang has a candid and fearless personality, so it works best to get straight to the point with him. Wang Ying is meticulous, so the details are very important to her when it comes to learning new things. Yuan Tao is broad-minded and doesn’t like the nitty-gritty details, so it’s better to focus on the larger picture when it comes to him. As for Liu Yang, he doesn’t have any particular strengths or flaws, but he has an unyielding heart, similar to that of Zhuo Yan…

The personalities of the students he had taken in so far flowed through his head, and a smile crept onto Zhang Xuan’s lips.

Lu Chong is resilient and obstinate. Once he decides on something, nothing will be able to shake his determination.

Wei Ruyan is cold-natured, and she would only reveal her true feelings to those whom she deems dear to her. The life and death of those outside her circle are not within her consideration at all.

Zhang Jiuxiao is a little too eager for success, but he has matured greatly after becoming my student.

Kong Shiyao comes from a major clan, and that allows her to be able to view things from a higher point of view.

Dan Xiaotian is innocent and optimistic. Even in the face of adversity, he is able to persevere on without losing himself. His purity and kindness is a rare gem in the world.

Bai Ruanqing is rather similar to Lu Chong in the sense that she has a one-track mind, but unlike him, she does not inhibit her emotions. Instead, she is extremely verbal with her feelings. As a result of that, she rarely holds grudges against others, choosing to embrace hope instead.

Every single one of Zhang Xuan’s students was unique and had their own personality. In view of that, he had created training plans and cultivation techniques tailored to their needs, tutoring them one by one. The time that he had spent with them was limited, but the amount of effort he had spent was them was undeniable.

He did not teach them with the intention of getting something back from them in the future. If anything, the bonds that were forged through that was the greatest repayment of all.

All he hoped was that they would achieve great things in the future with the knowledge he had imparted to them.

This was the true meaning of what it was to be a teacher, as well as the purest form of the relationship between a teacher and a student.

“A flower does not drop from the tree because it is heartless. It morphs into spring soil and nourishes the next generation of flowers,” Zhang Xuan muttered.


Spiritual energy began surging toward Zhang Xuan at a furious rate, and before anyone knew it, he had already overcome the final bottleneck of a Celestial God.

“He has become a Celestial God?”

“But he was doing nothing earlier!”

“I went through hell in order to become a Celestial God, but why does it seem to be so easy to him?”

“I wonder what epiphany struck him for him to suddenly make a breakthrough on the spot…”

Everyone was rendered flabbergasted by the sight before them.

Becoming a Celestial God was a goal that most cultivators had set their eyes upon and devoted their whole life to pursuing. The difficulty of making the breakthrough was no joke at all. Most cultivators needed years of preparation and a mountain of resources in order to attempt a breakthrough, and even so, the process was still fraught with danger.

But the young man in front of them had actually made a breakthrough while chatting with them!

This must have been the easiest and most anticlimactic breakthrough in the world!


Divine energy flowed through Zhang Xuan’s meridians like water flowing through a gentle stream, producing a sound reminiscent of a crisp bell.

Zhang Xuan was currently in a state of complex emotions.

The purest relationship between a teacher and a student required both parties to selflessly give their all to each other. Only a bond untouched by greed and other temptations would be able to remain strong and unyielding.

At the very beginning, he had only taken Wang Ying and the others as his students to avoid being expelled from the Hongtian Academy. But as he got to know them better, the sentiments he had for them had grown deeper and deeper, and before he knew it, he had already fallen deep into the abyss.

For them, he was willing to give his all. But at the same time, his students were willing to sacrifice themselves for his sake as well.

This was a bond created by their intertwining sentiments for one another. They did not share blood bonds with one another, but their relationship had already transcended that.

A flower does not drop from the tree because it is heartless. It morphs into spring soil and nourishes the next generation of flowers.

As spiritual energy flowed through Zhang Xuan’s body, his soul, physical body, and zhenqi were being swiftly refined. He quickly swallowed the remaining middle-tier God Essence Pills that he had as well to ensure that he had sufficient energy for the breakthrough.

As his cultivation grew, his disposition went through a transformative change.

Young Master is still as fierce as before,” Sun Qiang remarked proudly.

Be it on the Master Teacher Continent, the Azure, or the Firmament, his Young Master was always the brightest star of them all!

Like a firefly, he emanated a natural glow that made him the center of attention no matter where he went. There was nothing in this world that could cover his brilliance.

Everyone else in the room was also staring at Zhang Xuan with all sorts of expressions on their faces, be it shock, envy, or awe.

The person who was the gladdest of all in the room was none other than Zhuo Yan. He felt that it was his greatest fortune to have found such a person in his life, and he made up his mind to work hard and never embarrass his teacher in the future.

It was this conviction that drove him to climb higher and higher, and he eventually accomplished things that even his father had yet to. Even Zhang Xuan himself was slightly surprised when he finally met Zhuo Yan once more.

But of course, that was a story to be told for the future.

“So, this is what a Celestial God is,” Zhang Xuan murmured beneath his breath as realization struck him.

When he became a god, his zhenqi had adapted to the powers of the Firmament and become divine energy. When he surpassed his limits and became a Celestial God, his divine energy further evolved into celestial energy.

This transformation marked a huge difference in terms of power.

Celestial Gods were able to tap into a portion of the natural powers of the Firmament. While the amount of power they could call upon was limited, they were already able to hold some sway over their environment.

In comparison, gods could only rely on their own cultivation.

Zhang Xuan felt his own strength growing. While he would have faced difficulties against a more powerful middle-tier Celestial God in the past, with his current strength, he was confident that he would be able to hold his own ground even against most high-tier Celestial Gods!

More importantly, this marked a difference in his level of existence. His lifespan had increased from a hundred years to over a thousand years.

A thousand years in the Firmament was equivalent to a million years on the Master Teacher Continent. Not even the history of the Master Teacher Continent went that far back…

Looking at this from the perspective of someone on the Master Teacher Continent, he could indeed be considered as an immortal being.

With a thought, he converted his consciousness into Spiritual Perception and extended his senses beyond his body, allowing him to clearly perceive everything that was happening within a hundred-meter radius.

Having used up the last few middle-tier God Essence Pills that he had with him, he was unable to raise his cultivation any higher. So, he exhaled deeply and slowly opened his eyes.

Once again, he found himself lacking cultivation resources.

If he had sufficient God Essence Pills, and he could find a way to raise his physical body and soul cultivation, he would have been able to push his cultivation all the way to high-tier Celestial God and even attempt a breakthrough to God King!

While my self-created cultivation techniques allow me to be less reliant on the Library of Heaven’s Path, at the same time, it has also slowed down my progress. The rate at which I am able to raise my cultivation has decreased significantly, Zhang Xuan thought with a deep sigh.

A cultivation technique built around the emotions of life was completely unheard of in the world. He could not just rely on the wisdom of his predecessors anymore.

He would have to forge his own path forward if he wanted to rise to higher realms, but that was much easier said than done. For example, it took him two whole days in order for him to raise his cultivation to the Celestial God realm. In terms of the Master Teacher Continent, that was equivalent to two thousand days or five whole years!

He had never been so slow ever since he started cultivating!

I’ll have to look deeper into what my capabilities as a Celestial God are after I return to the residence, Zhang Xuan thought.

His main reason for going to the Master Teacher Pavilion was to browse through their collection of books in hopes of finding impetus for a breakthrough. Unexpectedly, just by intervening in a conflict, he had ended up inspiring himself, allowing him to make a breakthrough.

With this, there was no longer any need for him to look through the books.

Of course, if he accrued more knowledge, it would make it easier for him to offer pointers to others, and that was the key for him to earn more golden pages.

“Zhang shi…”

Watching as Zhang Xuan’s aura stabilized as a Celestial God, a commotion broke out amid the crowd. Fan Zhe nearly collapsed to the ground from shock.

It is still understandable if you achieved a breakthrough on a whim. You might have built up your foundation and raised your cultivation so much that you were already teetering on the verge of a breakthrough…

But it has only been several breaths since you made a breakthrough! How in the world were you able to reinforce your cultivation and sharpen your soul, spirit, and psyche within such a short period of time?

Is this even humanly possible?

Breaking Fan Zhe’s train of thought were the words of the very man who had left him so deeply shocked. “Fan Zhe laoshi, may I know if I can access the library of the Master Teacher Pavilion? I am interested in browsing the collection of books that you have here.”

“The library? Under normal circumstances, only the master teachers of Drifting Specter Royal City are allowed to access the library. However, since you have salvaged the reputation of all master teachers and saved a student from a tragic fate, Zhang shi, you are more than welcome to browse everything we have here!” Fan Zhe said with a smile.

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