Library of Heaven's Path

Chapter 6: What Did You Do To Our Young Mistress

Chapter 6: What Did You Do To Our Young Mistress

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Finishing what that has to be done, Zhao Ya is ready to see the fellow before her make an embarrassment out of himself.

Suddenly, an idea comes to mind and a Record Crystal appears in her sleeves.

Record Crystal, it is an object capable of recording video and audio in its surrounding. She intends to use it as 'evidence' of Zhang Xuan's wrongdoing! This way, he would be unable to talk his way out of it when she spreads word about his crime.

"Let's see how you would be humiliated then. To think that you would dream of competing with Lu Xun laoshi, dream on!"

Upon the thought that she would be able to grab hold of 'evidence' on him soon to punish him and vent her frustration, Zhao Ya's eyes glitter and she almost failed to control her laughter. Suppressing her happiness, just as she was waiting to see what nonsense the other party would come up with, a pair of clear eyes reminiscent of lanterns appear right in front of her.


Zhao Ya leaps in shock and backs away hurriedly. Only then did she realize that it is Zhang Xuan laoshi. She grinds her teeth in anger and exclaims, "What are you doing?"

"Relax, I am just taking a look!" With his hands behind him, he circles around Zhao Ya, shaking his head. Then, he suddenly stops before Zhao Ya with less than one chi between them.

i.e. 33.3cm

She can feel the warmth from his body. Zhao Ya's face blushes. From young, there hasn't been a single man who has been in such proximity with her. Her heart beats furiously. Then, she hears an unhurried voice saying, "You are sick!"

Hearing those words, Zhao Ya almost erupts and faints on the spot. "You are the one that is sick, your entire family is sick..."

She is on the verge of going crazy.

What's wrong with this fellow's brain. She executed a set of martial arts for him to point out the flaws in them. Instead, this fellow says that she is sick. How can such a vile person exist in the world!

"Why did you start hurling insults?" Zhang Xuan frowns. Soon, he understands what other meanings his words could hold and smiles faintly, "I am saying that your body is sick, I am not insulting you!"

"I am not sick!" Zhao Ya humphs coldly. "In my opinion, you are the one who is sick! Something is wrong with your brain!"

She is as strong as an ox. A single fist of hers has a strength of more than 100kg behind it. She is very clear on the fact whether she is sick or not.

"Don't refute my words first. Do you often feel a vague pain in your danzhong and jujue acupoint? Especially on the night of a full moon, when the humid wind blows, a faint red tinge will appear on your body and you will like..." At this point, Zhang Xuan hesitates for a moment, as though it is difficult to verbalize it out. He continues, "No matter how you train, you feel like your heart won't calm down?"

TL: Danzhong is an acupoint in the center of an horizontal line that passes through your two nipples. Jujue is just below the center of your ribcage.

"How... How did you know?"

The furious Zhao Ya had intended to refute every word that the other party would say directly, but after hearing those words, her face turns red and she stupefies.

It isn't that the words he said are incorrect, but they are simply... too correct!

Recently during training, she would feel a faint pain in her danzhong and jujue, although she would just bear it since the pain isn't severe. The crux of the problem is that... On the night of a full moon, when the cold wind blows, her body would turn weird. A strong desire would surge through her body as it turns red. Unable to suppress her raging emotions, she would find herself craving the embrace of a man...

She is just a sixteen to seventeen year old young lady who has yet to undergo the matrimony of human bodies so she was unable to tell what that emotion is. She only feels embarrassed by it. Initially, she thought that she could just bear with it and it would pass. However, these feelings became more and more intense. As her body develops and her chest becomes more and more fleshed out, she felt those tendencies getting more and more uncontrollable.

In the past, she could deal with it with just two circulations of her cultivation technique. But now, even ten times wasn't enough for the urges to subside. She could only halt with her training until the sun rises.

As this affair is really too bizarre, she doesn't dare to tell anyone about it. Even her best friends and her City Lord father is kept in the dark!

Despite it being a matter no one knows about... How did this fellow find out about it?

It is also due to her being unable to bear it that she came to the academy in a hope to find the crux of the problem and solve it once and for all.

"I am a teacher. I could tell from the punch routine you executed just now!" Zhang Xuan replies calmly.

Of course, it is impossible to tell this much through looking at one's punch routine. The Library of Heaven's Path is an extraordinary treasure. As long as she possesses flaws, even if these flaws have nothing to do with her skills, it would be recorded in it.

Exactly because he had seen her problems, that's why Zhang Xuan had a bizarre look on his face.

"Is there... a solution?"

Zhao Ya clenches her jaws and asks with a reddened face.

After she was so resolute to expose the fraud of the party, she ended up having her problems exposed by him in an instant. It made her feel embarrassed.

"There is a method to resolving it. Come to class tomorrow and I will explain it to you!"

Zhang Xuan gestures with his hands.


Zhao Ya's eyes light up in disbelief.

She is very aware of the problems in her body. Due to her inability to control those raging desires, it caused her became irritable and impatient in everything she does. Initially, she thought she could only conceal this matter in her heart and that there is no way to solve this problem. However, never would she ever dream that this teacher who is the last in the entire academy would be able to uncover it in just a few words.

Furthermore... he has a solution to treat it!

"If you don't trust me, you can look for other teachers in the academy!" Zhang Xuan flings his hand with an indifferent expression, the look of an expert.

"No, no... Teacher, you are the only one!" Zhao Ya hurriedly nods her head.

It hasn't been just a day or two since the start of her suffering. Countless physicians in the city couldn't tell what is wrong with her. Even her father, City Lord Zhao wasn't able to tell that there is something amiss with her. Yet, this Zhang Xuan laoshi could tell with just one look. Just comparing their eyes of discernment, none of these people could compete with him!

That is exactly the reason why she thinks that he would have a way to treat her problem.

"That Record Crystal, do you still intend to keep it?"

Zhang Xuan points at her sleeves.


Zhao Ya is horrified. Only now does she recall the Record Crystal she intentionally left behind so as to get evidence on him. If the contents of the conversation were to leak out, how can she continue to walk with her head held up high?

"I don't, I don't..."

Exerting some force with her palm, 'kacha', the Record Crystal is reduced to dirt.

After destroying the crystal, Zhao Ya glances at Zhang laoshi once again. This time, his face doesn't look so hateful. Rather, it is an enigmatic face.

Despite concealing the Record Crystal so discreetly, she still got caught. Not to mention, the problems with her body were exposed by him. How could someone of such capabilities score a zero on the Teacher Qualification Examination?

"He must be indifferent to fame and reputation, apathetic to the views of outsiders! I have heard that experts are all like that..."

When this idea appears in her head, Zhang Xuan's position in her heart evolves from a swindler to one of the top experts in the world.

"Take your identity token to claim your bedding and your books. Also, look for your lodging while you're at it. We shall start lessons punctually tomorrow..."

Seeing that another student has been reeled, Zhang Xuan waves his hand as he passes down instruction to her. Suddenly, a loud roar can be heard from the outside and in a flash, a human figure rushes in.


The person who entered is a middle-aged man. He carries a ferocious aura with him as he enters into the classroom. From a single look, one can tell that he isn't weak.

"Young mistress!"

After entering the door, the middle-aged man stops and bows to Zhao Ya.

"Uncle Yao, why are you here?"

Zhao Ya stares at him blankly.

This isn't anyone else but the butler from Baiyu City whom her two friends went to invite, Yao Han!

Just as he was about to leave after sending Zhao Ya to the academy, her two friends rushed over to inform him that the young mistress wants to acknowledge the fellow who scored a zero on the Teacher Qualification Examination as her teacher and that he even ordered the young mistress to scrub the toilet bowls...

Hearing those words, butler Yao Han almost exploded on the spot.

Young mistress, the apple of the eye of the City Lord! At home, no one dares to order her around. To dare to get her to sweep the floor and scrub the toilet bowls... He is too audacious!

If this fellow is one of the more reputable teachers in the academy, he could drop the matter since they tend to be pickier. The crux of the problem is that... This fellow was the last in the Teacher Qualification Examination, not to mention he even drove a person berserk...

How can the young mistress study under someone like that?

Even in the city, the people who guided her, even if casually, are much stronger than this person over here!

"Young Mistress, are you..." Staring coldly at Zhang Xuan, Yao Han quickly glances at the young mistress.

"I have already acknowledged Zhang laoshi as my teacher!" Zhao Ya declares.

Running here with his full strength, he didn't think that he would still be a step too slow. Yao Han's face darkens as he pulls Zhao Ya to his back. He stares at Zhang Xuan coldly, "Quickly withdraw our young mistress from your tutelage! Then, apologize! Otherwise, when I blow this matter up, everyone will know that you bewitched an underage lady as a teacher to get her to come under your tutelage!"

"Bewitched an underage lady? Isn't your use of phrase a little too much!" Zhang Xuan shakes his head.

If others were to hear such words, they would think that he had done something towards Zhao Ya. The heavens can serve as his witness that all he has done was to accept a student, it is an extremely pure action...

"Don't play around with me. The young mistress of our family is a talented genius. She isn't someone a person of your qualification can teach. If you were to remove her from your lessons now, I can choose to just let this pass. Otherwise, I will definitely bring this up to the principal and have you fired..."

Yao Han howls. However, before he could finish his words, Zhao Ya interrupts him from his back.

"Uncle Yao! What are you doing! I have acknowledged Zhang laoshi as my teacher of my own free will, why are you causing trouble for me?"

Zhao Ya stomps her feet.

The reason why she came to the academy was to solve the problem with her body. She is still happy over the fact that the teacher before her assured her that he would be able to help her, and yet this fellow here comes to mess it up. What the heck is he doing?

"Of your own free will?" Yao Han glances at the young mistress. "Do you think that he can really give you guidance that would allow your strength to surge?"

The young mistress is a proud person, he knows that well. Could it be that this teacher who is reputed as trash is able to guide her? That's why she acknowledged him?

"Allow my strength to surge? That he didn't do..." Zhao Ya shakes his head.

The other party only pointed out her illness, he didn't guide her on her cultivation.

"No? Then..." Yao Han is baffled.

"Alright, Uncle Yao, stop asking!" Recalling her own illness, Zhao Ya's face turns red.

Seeing the young mistress behaving like that, Yao Han stares blankly in confusion. Then, when he sees the shattered Record Crystal on the floor, his face turns frosty and in a split moment, he seems to have turned into a rampaging lion.

"You darned brat, what did you do to our young mistress? Did you think that I wouldn't dare to kill you right now..."


In his rage, a powerful aura surges forth and the wind howls. 'Jiya', the ground creaks in agony as though it is unable to bear the heavy pressure.

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