Library of Heaven's Path

Chapter 9: Bet

Chapter 9: Bet

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There are many rumors regarding that useless teacher. Before even coming to the academy, they have heard so much about him that callouses were growing on their ears.

They say that he is skilled in nothing and that he had been misguiding disciples!

They say that he doesn't know how to cultivate and he doesn't know martial arts at all...

All in all, all kinds of slander there is!

As long as one is a student, it is best to stay as far away as possible from him. Do not mess with this fellow, otherwise going berserk is just a small matter at hand. At worse, they may even die in his hands!

When both brothers came to the academy to seek a teacher, they have also heard of such rumors. All along, they have been proceeding carefully but never in their dreams would they imagine that this unworldly and incredible expert is that legendary trash!

"Teacher, if you are so incredible, why would..."

Zheng Yang couldn't resist asking.

Although it has just been a short period of time since they knew each other, he could tell that the teacher before him had immeasurable capabilities. Every single movement of his has an elegant disposition. How could he be a trash?

"There are many people in the world who are envious of the talented. This kind of things means nothing at all!"

Zhang Xuan tilts his eyes upwards 45 degrees as sadness and regret reflect in his eyes, as though lamenting the incomprehension of the world.

The emotions on his face are in place, but in his heart, he is scolding vulgarities.

If it wasn't for the Library of Heaven's Path, given how the previous owner of the body was, it was already very incredible of him to not get a negative score. Zero marks... is already a high score, alright!

"I am willing to cleanse teacher of his sullied reputation!"

Seeing his teacher's 'depression' and 'incomprehension of the world', Zheng Yang's heart is moved and he couldn't help but declare so.

"It's okay, teacher's reputation doesn't matter. As long as you train hard, I would be satisfied. Take the identity token to claim your bedding. Come to class punctually tomorrow, make sure to not be late!"

After Zhang Xuan's show of acting cool, he seems to have fully captured the worship of the student. Zheng Yang nods his head.


Zheng Yang pulls Mo Xiao, who is standing beside him, and the both of them walks out.

"Four students!"

Seeing the two of them leave, excitement flashes across Zhang Xuan's eyes.

The dazed young lady Wang Ying, the student who he won from a bet Liu Yang, the arrogant young mistress Zhao Ya and the spear genius Zheng Yang.

Initially, he thought that today would be just like how it was before, he would be unable to recruit a single student and the day would end in a failure. He didn't expect that he would manage to recruit four of them!

"Without identity token, even if students were to come, I would be unable to admit new students. I better make use of this free time to get a few more tokens!"

After getting emotional over recruiting four students does Zhang Xuan realize that he doesn't have any more tokens on him.

This item is given out by the academy. Due to his terrible reputation, the teacher in charge of distributing the tokens only gave him four. He even thought that Zhang Xuan would be unable to use all of it. If he doesn't claim more of it, even if new students were to come, they would be unable to acknowledge him!

This token contains the information of the teacher. Once a student claims ownership of the token by dripping a blood drop on it, it means that they acknowledge the teacher as their mentor. On the other hand, if they would like to withdraw from the lesson, the teacher only has drip a blood drop on it and the information of the student would be erased.

Standing up, he walks out of the classroom.

The sun outside shines brightly and a heat wave assaults through the shade of the tree, causing people to sweat profusely.

Freshmen and older students are walking on the pavements of the academy and excitement could be seen on their faces.

Coming into a new environment and acknowledging a teacher, the freshmen are overjoyed. On the other hand, upon thinking of the arrival of new students for them to play with, the older students are full of smiles as well.

While walking along the pavement, a large infrastructure appears before Zhang Xuan. There are two giant words hanging on a board in the center of the building 'Logistics Building!"

The tokens that represent the identity of a teacher are claimed from this building.

"Yo, who is this? Isn't this our 'star teacher'? For you to not be recruiting students in the classroom to visit me, what do you want? Oh, let me guess, could it be that you used none of the identity tokens, so you are here to return them!"

Right after walking in, he hears a sarcastic voice sounding out.

Zhang Xuan raises his head and a plump man whose face is full of fats comes into view.

This fellow at least weighs 300 to 400 kilogram. From afar, he looks like a giant ball of meat.

"Qian Biao!" A name floats from the depths of his memories.

This Qian Biao is one of the teachers in charge of logistics. He is a very spiteful man who always likes to eat into the spare change of others. As the teacher on the lowest level, Zhang Xuan's salary has been minute and the resources he could claim had always been minimal. Thus, he has never been respected by him.

Due to this affair, he offended him. The moment they meet, all kinds of sarcasm and insults would come flying out.

Previously, Zhang Xuan been given four identity tokens under the premise that he wouldn't finish it is the work of this man.

"I have finished using my identity tokens. I would like to claim a few more of them!" Can't be bothered with the other party, Zhang Xuan speaks calmly.

"Finished using it?" Qian Biao stuns for a moment before howling in laughter. "Haha, everyone, come and take a look. This teacher who is first from the bottom comes here to brag that he has used up all of his identity tokens! Haha, this is the funniest joke I have heard in the entire world..."

"I seem to recall that you gave him four identity tokens back then! Finished it? Him? What a joke!"

"The teacher who is second from the bottom, Sun Yan laoshi is said to only have one student currently. This fellow who made history by scoring zero in the Teacher Qualification Examination could accept a single student? What are you trying to brag about?"

"Throw him out. Anyway, after today, he would be fired..."


Upon hearing Qian Biao's shouting, the few teachers in the logistics branch came rushing over. They stared at Zhang Xuan with looks of disdain.

For a teacher who is at the very bottom and scored zero for the Teacher Qualification Examination, why the hell is he trying to show off?

Students would run the instant the hear your name. For them to acknowledge you... what kind of joke is this?

"Oh? You said that I am bragging? Fine, why don't we bet on it?" Zhang Xuan doesn't get mad. Instead, he smiles.

"Bet? Fine, since you want to lose so badly, I will fulfill your wish. Just that, given how poor you are, I doubt that there is anything you could offer!" Qian Biao didn't expect this fellow who he had always looked down on would challenge his authority face on by betting with him. He snickers in disdain.

"It isn't your problem whether I am poor or not. Since I proposed the bet, of course, I will take out something I am willing to bet on!" Zhang Xuan widens his eyes.

"Oh? You are able to take something out? Given your background, the things you take out would probably just be some rotten metal or similar shit-like things. You think that grandfather I would bet with you? I can't afford to lose my reputation betting with you!" Qian Biao states contemptuously.

Zhang Xuan is the lowest level teacher in the entire academy, not to mention first from the back. Not mentioning the fact how he is unable to get a single student, he doesn't even have bonuses or so. If one must point out the poorest teacher in the entire academy, it would definitely be him.

He lives thriftily even in his daily life, not to mention resources for cultivation!

"Hehe!" Zhang Xuan isn't bothered by his insults at all. He chuckles and continues, "The thing I would like to bet isn't a treasure or an object. It is... face! If you were to lose, I will slap you three times in front of everyone else! If I were to lose, I will let you slap me three times! Do you dare to bet with me?"

"Slapping face?"

He didn't expect the other party would bet on this. Qian Biao couldn't help but to hesitate over it.

To be slapped by the academy's worst teacher, if he were to lose, he wouldn't even feel like living on. He would be so embarrassed that he would want to die.

"How, do you dare or not?" Zhang Xuan smiles at him.

"Qian Biao, what are you scared of? It's not like you don't know his standards!"

"Can a teacher who scored a zero in the Teacher Qualification Examination get a single student? Isn't he just dreaming!"

"He is just scaring you. If he is able to recruit them, then won't I have a few hundreds of students by now? Even if the students of this year were to be blind, they wouldn't be blind to such an extent!"


The other teachers of the logistics branch smirk.

None of them believe that Zhang Xuan would be able to recruit students.

This is as difficult as a pig climbing up a tree.

"Fine, I agree!" Finding everyone's words logical, he nods his head in agreement.

"Since the rest of you are cheering so happily, would you all like to make a bet along with me? With the same terms as him?"

Seeing him agree, Zhang Xuan looks towards the other three teachers of the logistics branch.

The previous three who were so disparaging a moment ago didn't mind adding to the bet since one of them had already agreed to it.

"Why? Do you find your face itchy that you would like us to slap a few more times? Fine, I'm in!" A teacher declares haughtily.

"I'm also in!"

"Who's afraid of you! To be bragging in front of us despite scoring a zero, you are looking for death!"

The three of them nod their head with a smirk on their face.

In their opinion, Zhang Xuan is bound to lose this bet. Today, he would definitely be slapped!

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