Life Mission

Chapter 27

“I’m going to throw up.”

“I thought I’d gotten used to it, but I guess not as the degree gets more severe.”

Cha Jun Sung and Park Jin Hyuk frowned as they looked at the cannibal corpses.

There was no full body. Even if they had died whole, they had been blown up by the fever shots and grenades.

The alley they are standing in was flooded with the cannibals’ blood, flesh, bones, and guts. They felt sick as they looked at it.

The cannibals stopped approaching because they died every time they entered.

They had realized that they were at a disadvantage no matter what they did. They resented that the two had infiltrated their roost, but they did not have clear measures to take. All they could do was wait.

“They have learning ability.”

“If it had been like the blood-sucking insects, they would have really showed us their numbers.”

“How many did you kill?”

“Roughly 300? How about you?”


In theory, there was still a long way to annihilation. They could have expanded their numbers by breeding, but it was a Level E mission. It did not look like that would be the case.

“They act pretty smart. How do we catch them?”

“Don’t you think we can fool them into thinking we’re out of bullets if we act like it?”

“You think they’ll fall for it?”

“Seeing how they lured the party to put an electric net over them, it seems they have the ability to remember what they saw or learned, but they lack improvisation.”

They had suffered huge losses when they tried to push in with sheer numbers. If they really had intelligence comparable to that of humans, 600 of them would not have died.

Since they had witnessed the deaths of their kin, the methods they used until now would no longer work.

However, if they acted like they were out of bullets, they would think that there was no longer any threat and start fighting again.

“Shall we try it?”

“Show them your acting skills. Just keep in mind that I can’t act, so I can’t do it.”

Park Jin Hyuk pushed Cha Jun Sung and went back to his station. Cha Jun Sung needed to start acting suddenly. To cannibals.

Pew pew!


Cha Jun Sung randomly shot at the cannibals watching him. A program was unnecessary. They would be able to tell once he showed them the results.


“I don’t have bullets? Did I run out? I’m going to die now!”


Park Jin Hyuk squirmed in embarrassment. Cha Jun Sung pretended he did not see this and continued acting.

He locked the gun. Bullets did not come out no matter how many times he pulled the trigger.

One cannibal could not resist its curiosity and approached Cha Jun Sung. The others did not let their guards down and watched.

“Are you asking for a one-on-one match? I’m sure I’ll have to kill you without a gun to make them less suspicious?”

Cha Jun Sung brandished his sword. The pale blade appeared. He thought it might back down but it stayed put.

“Come on, you ugly thing.”


The cannibal expanded. It was moving that quickly.

Cha Jun Sung was calm. It was a narrow space. No matter how fast it was, it was in his palm. It would have been harder to face if it had been blindly strong.

Cha Jun Sung swung his sword at it as it aimed for his side. Its arm was slashed off and wriggled on the ground.

He took a small step back and jabbed with the sword held long. The cannibal held its neck and collapsed. As a hole formed, blood poured out and bubbled.


Cha Jun Sung lifted his leg and stomped on its face. He was provoking the entire group. It must have been effective because they slowly crawled out.


“You’re finally here. You guys need to die so the area we can act in expands.”

The cannibals made a path and 2 evil cannibals walked through.

They had killed 600, but none of them were evil cannibals. Fitting for their rank, they had been relaxing and only showed up because the situation had become serious.

Humans and mutants were the same in pushing off work to the subordinates.

‘2 of them.’

They need to kill the evil cannibals to make searching the military base more comfortable. He needed to cut off their heads. Even in war, killing thousands of soldiers was not as good as killing one general.

Cha Jun Sung took one step back at a time and the cannibals advanced that much each time. They had gained confidence from the appearance of their leaders.

“Get ready.”

“I’ve been ready.”

He started at the start of the curve and retreated to the end. It could be the last chance to wipe them out. He needed to fill the space as much as possible.

The evil cannibal’s muscle flexed. It was contemplating how it would rip him apart since it had him cornered. Cha Jun Sung had no intention of letting it go his way.



Park Jin Hyuk’s sniper rifle could even penetrate a 2cm steel plate within 150m.

Fitting for a mighty force, it was not satisfied with taking one out and went through two or three at once. The cannibals panicked and tried to run, but it was no use.


Cha Jun Sung pressed the switch on the remote control. The first claymore he set up went off. To make matters worse for them, their exit was blocked.


The evil cannibal pushed through the bullets raining down and came in. It honored its high level. They had expected it. He threw a sonic grenade at them.



The sonic grenade and 2nd claymore went off at the same time. The evil cannibal covered its ears and writhed in pain until it was shot in the head with the sniper rifle and fell over.

The cannibals were frantic and could not do anything. A lack of judgment when faced with devastation leads to death.

“Is it over?”


The cannibals had become pieces of meat. The ones that had died from being shot had at least maintained their shapes. There were no trace of the ones that were killed by the claymore.

The two did not leave quickly, but checked their equipment. They also needed to rest. All they had done was shoot their guns, but that did not mean they were not tired.

They could not sense any more cannibals. They would see this as an entry to hell since even the evil cannibals had been killed.

“Let’s regain our strength and go.”


They needed to maintain the best conditions to increase their chances at succeeding in the missions. If they went looking for the field of meat in this state, they would become exhausted within hours.

Looking for another place to rest was also labor.

They were sorry to do this when they thought of the captured party members who were waiting for their deaths, but many things held them back. Their own safety was the priority.

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