Life Mission

Chapter 279

Cha Jun Sung met Black Lord with just his PDA.

He doesn’t need his battlesuit.

He already has the same power Black Lord has.

It wasn’t hard to find Black Lord. When he went through the gate, a familiar area appeared. Looking around, he could guess where he was.

“How boring. You were waiting.”

Black Lord heard everything from Cha Jun Sung.

He limited information on Life Mission, and told him everything about what happened in South America.

“So the only level 9s left are you, White Queen, Sea God, and Parasite King.”

“Then it’ll become three. In a few months, White Queen will go to Africa. The situation down there is strange, and it seems to be bothering her.

White Queen is after Parasite King.

Black Lord kept his hands off of it. It won’t be hard to kill him even if he doesn’t help. There’s no comparison in their abilities and in the quality of their underlings.

“When did you become like that? You were just half when I first saw you.”

“There was a big battle in North America 5 or 6 years ago. My body was broken down, and I completely awakened then.”

Cha Jun Sung gave Black Lord a good piece of information.

That rebirth is possible from just the nucleus.

Black Lord hadn’t known this.

“Is there something you want from me? I’ll give you something in return for this valuable information.”

“I just came to see you, since we might not get to meet again.”

“Forget it. We live in different worlds. We just have to live well separately.”

Black Lord responded bluntly.

“Your red son?”

“He isn’t here.”

“I wanted to give my last greetings. Just tell him I said bye.”

Cha Jun Sung got up.

He had said all he had to say.

When he turned around, Black Lord spoke hesitantly.

“What happened… to him?”

“He’ll live a new life.”

“New life?”

“I took a big leap and took measures.”

Cha Jun Sung didn’t finish what he was saying and disappeared. He had gone back to his world.

“Is it… an opportunity? I hope he lives well. The third.”

It really is an interesting world.


Cha Jun Sung rubs his eyes.

He opened his eyes and did not move. He sees a modern ceiling. A familiar place – the ceiling in his home.

“But I died?”

Evil Queen fused with Bon Load, had cut off his limbs, and he had bled out. He remembers up to when he was with the Cha Jun Sung of another world.

But he’s home?

Was it a dream? What happened?


Cha Jun Sung had been blank for a while when a small space opened up next to him and a note fell out.

He picked it up.

[This is in return for what you did for me. I wanted to send you back to before our parents died, but it was hard to save you and to go back in time through dimensions with Life Mission’s technology. This is your third life. Don’t fail this time. Since you’re me.]

Cha Jun Sung instinctively looked for a calendar.

He sat down as soon as he saw the year and date on the digital calendar on his desk.

Then he looked to the side.

A large capsule – Life Mission’s capsule.

He had been sent back to when the virtual version was in progress.

“Ha… hahahaha!”

It was a laughter full of mixed feelings.

“So it’s the third time.”

How did he turn it back?

Did he make a deal with the supervisors?

He can only guess because there’s no way of contacting him.

They’ll probably lose connection like this.

“I won’t fail this time.”

He isn’t wearing any equipment, but he can feel the strength of 10 stages of body modification. He’ll become a fraudulent existence as soon as the reality version starts.


It was short, but it was the best word to express how Cha Jun Sung was feeling.


Life Mission’s end.

The world was in shock. The permanent gate was annulled. The world without missions was reduced to chaos for some time.

But all Lifers could do was to quit. It was one-sided from the beginning, so there was no use in going against it.

The chaos only lasted for the first few months.

Life Mission was forgotten as time went on. The overflowing Lifers and weapons that had been released into the world were used for other purposes. Lifers are superhumans who have transcended the abilities of ordinary people.

They were beneficial to various countries, and became enthusiastic recruits.

Cha Jun Sung’s group did not become affiliated with anything, and enjoyed their own time.

The fierce battles were gone.

It was difficult to adjust to the usual, peaceful world, but they were fine for the most part, looking for other interesting things to do.

Lifers didn’t age because they still had their body modifications. There’s nothing they can do if they are at a low stage, but aging was extremely slow for those above stage 5.

20 years had passed, but Cha Jun Sung’s group still looked like they were in their twenties.

Cha Jun Sung was the only mutant among humans, so he aged even more slowly than top Lifers like Park Jin Hyuk did.

He knows that he won’t die even after hundreds of years. He won’t even get old. He will live even if everyone else dies.

He’ll be alone at some point, but he can withstand it with a strong spirit.

“How exhausting.”

Cha Jun Sung checks the time.

It is now a useless PDA. He still wore it on his wrist. Lifers forgot the glory of the past and used their PDAs as watches or left them somewhere in their homes.

20 years had passed.

They might have cherished it in the beginning, but they are bound to neglect it over time.

Why is Cha Jun Sung wearing it around?

It makes him feel comfortable. He is currently staying in a villa built on an American island that he bought.

Park Jin Hyuk and Kyoko, Koharu, Violet, and Basil live here too.

Their affection grew for each other after being together for so long, so Violet and Basil married.

It was an unexpected combination. They have completely opposing personalities, but they are a pretty well-fitting pair.

Koharu is still alone. Cha Jun Sung knows that Kohru likes him, but he doesn’t accept her feelings. He is a mutant. Koharu has gone through body modifications, but it is impossible for her to get together with a mutant.

But they occasionally go on dates and have fun together.

Like normal humans.

“Jun Sung! Come here!”

“Forget it.”

Cha Jun Sung waved Park Jin Hyuk away and turned him down.

It is funny to be 60 years old and running around, playing.

It is comfortable watching the ocean.

Beep beep!


Cha Jun Sung is taken aback and looks down at his PDA.

He thought he had heard a notice, but had he heard wrong?

He must have mistaken the sound of the waves.

“Is there something wrong with my ears? Haha!”

Cha Jun Sung grabbed his stomach.

He’ll be the same as he is now even at 600, but for something to be wrong with his ears? He thought what he himself said was ridiculous.

[Your senses have dulled. You mistook the notification sound.]


Cha Jun Sung’s eyes open wide. He hadn’t heard wrong. It was real.

“What is it?”

[The conquest of Blue Paradise isn’t going smoothly. What we saw was just the tip of the iceberg. We’re disadvantaged even with the strength we gained from Life Mission.] [Right about now, PDAs all over the world will be ringing. I’ll ask. Lifer Cha Jun Sung, will you travel with me again? This time, a war with superior animals is waiting instead of mutants.]

Cha Jun Sung’s eyes grow black. Black smoke comes out of his mouth. He called this state demonization, not awakening.

Cha Jun Sung’s body trembles.

It is bliss.

The world that had been boring until now, grows bright.

He knows now. He can’t live without fighitng.

“Summon me now.”

[That’s a good resolve.]

Cha Jun Sung’s body is wrapped in light.

Life Mission reappears. This adventure will be different from the last.

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