Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You

Chapter 1139 - The scapegoat

Chapter 1139: The scapegoat

The White Crane stared at Lin Yan with its big, watery eyes.”Senior Sister, what should we do now? we haven’t found her yet.” Lin Yan did not say anything. She looked at the woman in the White veil. In fact, it was not a bad thing to be exposed. Lin Yan would be under a lot of pressure if she continued to pretend. Besides, she would not be able to get much information. However, now that she had been exposed, she did not have to worry about it anymore. “You’re very bold. ” Not long after, the White – veiled woman looked at Bai He and Lin Yan respectively. The respect she had shown earlier was long gone, and only coldness remained in her eyes. “It seems that your master’s appearance is very similar to mine.” Lin Yan looked at the White – veiled woman expressionlessly and said,”So what if you guys saw through me? I might not be able to continue pretending anyway.” Before the woman could say anything, Lin Yan continued,”Hand over my friend.” “Who’s your friend?” The White – veiled woman said. “Don’t play dumb. It’s someone whose aura is very similar to yours. ” The White Crane said. As the White Crane’s voice fell, the White – veiled woman pondered for a moment before the corners of her mouth rose slightly.”I understand …” “I don’t care if you understand or not. Be tactful and hand over my Senior sister’s friend. I promise you, as long as you hand over the person, we’ll mind our own business.” The White Crane said. Lin Yan glanced at the White Crane. This brat was really naive. Didn’t he hear that the owner of the laboratory had asked the White – veiled woman to arrest all of them? how could he hand them over? The White – veiled woman did not seem to take Bai He’s words seriously. She looked at Lin Yan and said indifferently,”will you surrender, or …” “Bang!” Before the White – veiled woman could finish her sentence, she heard a soft sound. At some point, the White Crane had already reached the White – veiled woman’s level of skill, and with lightning speed, it struck the back of the White – veiled woman’s neck with a hand blade. Under Lin Yan’s surprised gaze, the White – veiled woman fell to the ground after being hit by the crane. Lin Yan was speechless, wasn’t this a little too brutal? You’re still a child! “You talk too much nonsense, ah PEI!” The White Crane looked at the White – veiled woman with some disdain.””I told you to say it, but you didn ‘T. You’re talking to yourself like a clown. Take him down first and ask him when we get back.” “Senior Sister, did I do the right thing?” the White Crane turned to Lin Yan. This kid was too violent. If she said no, would he hit her as well? “Uh … You’ve done great.” Lin Yan’s mouth twitched, then she gave the crane a thumbs up. Hearing this, Bai He’s face turned slightly red.””Senior Sister, you used to praise me like this too!” At that moment, Lin Yan was a little confused. The White – veiled woman had mistook her for someone else. From this, it could be seen that the owner of this laboratory looked very similar to her. Was it possible that the woman in this laboratory was Bai He’s real Senior Sister …? If that was the case, would the White Crane beat him to death after knowing the truth? Although she had such thoughts, Lin Yan would not tell the White Crane about it. No matter what, she had to find out the truth, and the White – veiled woman was the only breakthrough. Lin Yan had even begun to suspect that the person who owed si Bai money was the owner of the laboratory. It was because they looked similar that he had always been the scapegoat for the owner of this laboratory …

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