Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You

Chapter 941 - Pup, Trust Me Again

Chapter 941: Pup, Trust Me Again

He Lefeng continued to speak.

When Lin Yan looked at him again, her eyes shone with the gentleness that a sister should have.

Indeed, having He Lefeng as a younger brother was her greatest source of comfort. However, he wasn’t smart enough, so he always promised her things verbally, only to disobey her with his actions…

He Lefeng was her brother.

He had even risked his life to save her a few days ago.

Of course, if it weren’t for the two retards that day, Zhang San and Li Si, she and He Lefeng would have probably died.

“Sister will treat you better in the future.” Lin Yan patted He Lefeng’s head gently.

“Sister… We are siblings. There is no difference between us… Can you give me some money?” He Lefeng eyed Lin Yan eagerly.

The smile on Lin Yan’s face froze.

“Scram!” she snapped.

He Lefeng couldn’t believe his sister!

She had promised to treat him better!

She had been so gentle just a second ago, but a moment later, she had told him to get lost. She had turned hostile faster than one could flip a book’s page!

Lin Yan couldn’t be bothered to argue with He Lefeng any longer. She took out her phone and logged in.

The profile picture of a tall, rich, handsome person was still white one second, but it turned gray in an instant.

Lin Yan’s anger erupted.

Damn you, Wang Jingyang! You went offline when you saw me?!

Lin Yan suppressed her anger and sent a few text messages.

Late at night, in Tianlan Bar…

Neon lights flashed non-stop as young men and women gathered into a wave and surged out of the nearby area.

The bar was playing deafening DJ music.

Wang Jingyang, who was sitting at the bar, ordered a glass of hard liquor.

Then, he took out his phone and logged into the game.

Get Rich Lin shouted at him, “Pup, come here! I’ll take you flying successfully!”

Get Rich Lin said, “Pup, can you trust me again? The previous few times were really an accident. If I use Cai Wenji to fight neutral creeps again, I’ll die a horrible death!”

It was only now that she realized that the person who had tricked Wang Jingyang and the rest was Pei Yucheng…

Get Rich Lin: “F*ck you! If you don’t reply, I’ll come to your house and kill you. Hurry up and form a team with me. I’ll only charge you 100 yuan for the first round. You can pay me when you’re satisfied!”

Wang Jingyang stared at the message Lin Yan had sent him. When he looked at Lin Yan’s profile, he realized that it had turned gray.

“I haven’t had beer and skewers with you in a long time. I really miss it. You have a boyfriend, so you’ve forgotten about me.” Wang Jingyang sighed with a sad expression.

After a few cups of strong liquor entered his stomach, Wang Jingyang stood up and looked at the good-looking girl beside him. He put on a smile that he thought was very charming and walked over to the girl. “Hi, pretty girl.”

The girl looked up and sized Wang Jingyang up. “What is it?”

“Wanna meet up, pretty girl?” Wang Jingyang smiled.

The girl looked surprised. “You’re too direct.”

“What do you mean… Oh, I meant, do you want to go on a date? I’ll treat you to kebabs and beer!” Wang Jingyang said.

“Do you need me to bring my ID?” the girl asked thoughtfully.

Wang Jingyang scratched his head. “You mean, we’ll go to the internet cafe[1] to game the entire night after we finish eating?”

The girl chuckled. “Sure.”

After leaving the bar, Wang Jingyang took off his jacket and put it on the girl.

“You are quite a gentleman,” said the girl softly.

“That depends on the person I’m with. I can be a gentleman for the rest of my life for a beautiful girl like you.” Wang Jingyang smiled.

[1] [Annotation text missing]

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