Little Prodigal Alliance Head

Chapter 10: Suspicion

Chapter 10: Suspicion

The night scene was deep and dark, with lush lights all around.

Inside the cold, eerie courtyard, Tang Doudou had her head lowered as she looked at the sparse tree shadows with an absent-minded expression.

After being silent for quite a while.

Bai Feiyun could only helplessly ask, “You really couldn’t find it?”

Ahem! Tang Doudou returned to her senses. Lifting her eyes to look towards Bai Feiyun, she seemed to see deep concern flash through his eyes, but after rubbing her eyes it was gone. She muttered a little, silently debating with herself… should she make a dark move and ruthlessly ravage this delicate boy before escaping without a trace?

After considering it three more times, Tang Doudou firmly abandoned the disaster-courting idea.

“I feel a bit uncomfortable, like my whole body has no strength. My head feels swollen, it feels like there’s some things I can’t recall.” For lack of a better option, Tang Doudou could only haul out the essential survival skill for transmigration, feign amnesia!

Of course she couldn’t have possibly lost her memories out of nowhere so she continued under Bai Feiyun’s suspicious gaze. “Just then there were a lot of black-clothed men that attacked me. With great difficulty, I managed to repel them, but by the time I was able to respond I had already forgotten who I am.”

After finishing, she looked with a blank expression towards Bai Feiyun.

“Amnesia?” A trace of a wave finally appeared on Bai Feiyun’s calm and collected face. “Give me your hand, let me take a look for you!”

He couldn’t be a doctor, right!?

Based on the personality traits of the ancients, men that floated about wearing white clothes everyday like a ten-thousand-year-old little white lotus is one of two things: either he’s a genius doctor that not a speck of dust can touch, or he’s a little pompous show-off trying to be cool.

This handsome in front of her, his temperament didn’t seem common so he should be one of the former.

She couldn’t be that unlucky, right? Randomly floundering about a little in a panic and she knocked up against the muzzle of a gun?

Gaping then closing her mouth, Tang Doudou moved closer to Bai Feiyun’s front.

“You can even detect amnesia?”

“After trying you’ll know.”

Bai Feiyun extended his hand. Under the moonlight, his slender fingers were transparent like jade.

The words were already said to here, if she refused again it might arouse his suspicion. And so, Tang Doudou could only reluctantly extend her hand.

“Tendons Softening Powder?” Bai Feiyun had only slightly touched Tang Doudou’s wrist when his brows knitted.

What thingie is Tendons Softening Powder?

“You encountered people from the Demonic Sect?” Bai Feiyun asked again.

“Uh… I don’t remember.”

“Tendons Softening Powder doesn’t have the ability to cause amnesia.”

“Perhaps it’s a variation, I really don’t remember.”

Tang Doudou had made up her mind to feign amnesia, yet her gaze kept sweeping over Bai Feiyun’s face from time to time. “Hey, what’s your name? Are we really familiar with each other?”

Tendons Softening Powder can’t cause amnesia, but another sort of poison was actually fatal enough to take your life.

Bai Feiyun’s eyes were dark. Looking at the perfectly intact Li Xueyi in front of him, he thought it through carefully before retracting his hand. “You really don’t remember anything?”

“If I’m lying I’m a dog!” Tang Doudou humphed.

“Elder Yu won’t permit a person who lost their memories to become the Alliance Head.” Bai Feiyun muttered to himself for a while. Just as he wanted to continue speaking, his hands were tightly grabbed by someone.

Without needing to say it, he still knew who it was that grabbed his hand.

Sure enough, Bai Yunfei looked towards Tang Doudou. In the dark night a pair of eyes were particularly bright.

“Young man ah, since they aren’t willing, then I won’t persistently pester and insist on taking that position. Look at you ah! Handsome and confident with extraordinary elegance and high martial arts skills, with just a look people can tell you’re a diamond in the rough. Not to mention, in addition, there’s that domineering air of a king that you give off all the time! Gee, I feel that you’re the most suitable to become the Alliance Head!” Tang Doudou walked over and vigorously patted Bai Feiyun’s shoulder, continuing with meaningful and heartfelt words. “So I’ve decided, I will give the Alliance Head Command Tablet to you!”

This burst of words made Bai Feiyun’s brows jump and jump up again. The gaze he directed towards became filled with more and more puzzlement.

Even if you lost your memories, a person’s temperament still couldn’t possibly change this much.

That type of poison, there is still no one in the world that is said to be able to cure it, yet against all reason he’s perfectly undamaged and intact standing in front of him. The poison is in him, yet it didn’t seem to show the slightest bit.

Who in the world was he?

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