Little Prodigal Alliance Head

Chapter 20: Alliance Head Command Tablet

Chapter 20: Alliance Head Command Tablet

Looking at that servant, Tang Doudou propped up her chin with both hands and her lips curled into a slightly corrupt smile.

As that servant approached, Elder Yu’s old face became black then green then purple, like a color palatte.

How would the unwitting servant know what Elder Yu’s current mood was? He was even bewildered as to why everyone was looking at him as he ran to Elder Yu: “Elder Yu, Bai gongzi has brought the Alliance Head!”

“I know! Withdraw!” Elder Yu unhappily waved his hand, having him withdraw.

So it turns out this servant wasn’t the one sent out to find the witness testimony but was the one sent out earlier to find Bai Feiyun.

The one they saw wasn’t the one they were looking forward to see. Everyone sighed, they’ve wasted their expressions in vain.

They couldn’t help complaining about Elder Yu again. Even though everyone was not happy with LI Xueyi being the Alliance Head, but it’s not like everyone is dumb. It is reasonable to say that if Cloud City sent someone to take this position of Alliance Head, it’s the most suitable.

This way, at least both sides would not have grudges due to this matter and cause turmoil in the Jianghu, creating an opportunity that the Imperial Court and the Demonic Sect can exploit.

The previous Alliance Head was chosen out of a martial arts competition. Although it allowed them to escape the conditions of Cloud City, making it so people didn’t have to be subject to the pressure of Cloud City, but it allowed the Demonic Sect, the malignant tumor of the Jianghu, to rapidly increase in size, causing even greater damage in the end.

In short, there was more harm than good.

Besides, what everyone was dissatisfied with wasn’t the fact that Cloud City sent someone to take up the position of the Alliance Head, but the fact that this person was Li Xueyi.

But now, it looks like though this youngster’s age is not large, he’s not frivolous. The way he speaks was unbridled, yet every sentence has a strong point. Moreover, his flamboyant domineering air, his general vivacious features, his utterly clear and sincere eyes, where were they as bad as rumored?

Rumors can’t be trusted ah!

The people present were all intelligent people, especially Elder Yu, Xiao Yiyun, etc. Just looking at the expressions on everyone’s faces they knew the situation was not good. Then looking at Bai Feiyun’s tranquil without a ripple expression as he sat there drinking tea, it was obvious that the incident of the person he sent out returning so late was definitely not unrelated to Bai Feiyun!

Feeling anger in his heart, Elder Yu had no intention of letting Tang Doudou off just like this.


Elder Yu suddenly laughed heartily. Just as everyone felt a bit baffled, he said: “It’s already pretty late. Everyone must be tired because of the matter of looking for the Alliance Head, you should all head back a bit early to rest.”

The moment these words were spoken, Tang Doudou almost thought that Elder Yu wanted to give up. But thinking again, how could that be possible?!

This crafty old fox definitely want to shake out some moths again*!

Saying that basically means to make something out of nothing.

Without Bai Feiyun’s warnings, Tang Doudou could only be alert inwardly. Outwardly, she made an apologetic expression and cordially said: “My apologies, I’ve made everyone take a lot of trouble over this Li. It’s all because of that Demonic Sect looking for trouble! Causing the convention to be delayed for so long!”

“The Demonic Sect is way too abominable! They clearly knew that the convention was starting soon, yet they insisted on deliberately obstructing the Alliance Head! Isn’t this an intentional act of instigation?” An angry Syndicate Leader said.

Another Syndicate Leader said with deep thoughts: “Isn’t hosting the martial arts convention at Rutaceae Pavilion Alliance Head’s, your last minute idea? How did the Demonic Sect find out?”

A beautiful woman from some female syndicate was also deeply concerned and said: “I heard even the Sect Leader of the Demonic Sect came. Alliance Head, are you alright? You’re not injured, are you?”

The hall became lively again with everyone throwing out one remark and comment after another.

Waiting until they’ve pretty much finished discussing, only then did Tang Doudou wave her hand: “I thank everyone for their concern. It’s just unfortunate that while I was rushing to get back, their Sect Leader was able to escape while I was off guard.”

No one knew what the situation at that time was like anyways, so wasn’t it all up to Tang Doudou to make up nonsense about?

And Elder Yu who knew the truth was angered to the point his mouth fell out of joint. It was clearly the appearance of the Pavilion Master of Rutaceae Pavilion that scared away Mu Ye and the rest.

Yet when it came through Li Xueyi’s mouth, how did it turn into Mu Ye fleeing with his tail between his legs in disgrace?

Shameless! Way too shameless!

Yet he just couldn’t expose the actual facts, dammit!

Elder Yu’s fingers clenched tightly into a fist inside this sleeve and stayed that way for quite a while before slowly loosening. His expression was still mild, so what if he allows him to show off for a while longer? The more he shows off, the higher he’ll be praised, then when he is thrown down the more pain he’ll feel!

Picking up the tea next to him, Elder Yu once again swept a glance at Bai Feiyun. His rough voice is especially prominent in the hall: “Since there’s no doubt, then Alliance Head, please take out the Alliance Head Command Tablet!”

Alliance Head Command Tablet!

Hearing this, the originally calm Tang Doudou was immediately stunned. She looked frantically towards Bai Feiyun, where’s the Alliance Head Command Tablet?

Bai Feiyun’s eyes were also heavy. He indicated for her not to mess around and stomp on her own foot before slowly opening his mouth: “Elder Yu, are you suspecting the Alliance Head’s identity?”

“Haha, Bai gongzi jokes. Why would I suspect the Alliance Head’s identity? It’s just that Bai gongzi, you haven’t participated in the martial arts convention before, so you don’t know this established standard.”

“Established standard?”

“The established standard is the Alliance Head Command Tablet! Alliance Head, Alliance Head Command Tablet. The person along with the command tablet commands the Jianghu. Seeing the command tablet is the same as seeing the Head!” Elder Yu’s words were powerful and resonating, quite a few people also agreed that this was true.

Meaning that she must take out the Alliance Head Command Tablet, otherwise just based on solely her, this Alliance Head, there’s no way to command the Jianghu!

The hell, if she knew that plaything was this important, even if she was beaten to death, she wouldn’t come here before she found it! Now where was she supposed to produce an Alliance Head Command Tablet from?

Xiao Bai ah! Xiao Bai, I’m really about to be scammed to death by you!


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