Living With a Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations of Love

Chapter 1084 - Don't Believe in Love, Believe in Me (2) (END)

Chapter 1084: Don’t Believe in Love, Believe in Me (2)

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Su Yiting had been through so many relationships, but every time, it was like children playing make-believe. Before they even got close enough to share sweet words, the relationship was snuffed off; there wasn’t even the chance for them to do anything more intimate.

Therefore, Su Yiting’s first hand-holding, first hug, and first kiss were all still to be taken.

When Su Zhinian read the boy’s salacious intention of wanting to take advantage of his daughter, he flared up instantly and beat the boy to a pulp.

Su Yiting’s seventh boyfriend, before Su Zhinian even had the chance to scan and filter the boy, also showed his scary side. Similar her sixth boyfriend, he only wanted Su Yiting for her body.

However, he was more direct than the boy before him. The sixth boyfriend waited for Su Yiting to be the initiator, but the seventh boy dropped some drugs into her drink when Su Yiting agreed to go out with him for the first time.

Of course, Su Yiting wasn’t led away by the boy because at the last minute, Lu Qiaochen, whom she hadn’t seen for a while, suddenly appeared to teach the boy a lesson and carried the drugged Su Yiting away.

She was sent to the hospital to have her stomach pumped. When everything was settled, it was already midnight.

Since the hospital was not far from Su Yiting’s home, they decided to walk home. It was on the journey home that Su Yiting truly realized how dangerous it was. Fear and anxiety gripped her heart, and she started crying.

The more she cried, the more devastated she felt. She studied her romantic history for the past three years, and she only ended up feeling worse for herself.

“All I ever wanted is a love story similar to the ones I read, is that so hard? How come all the men I meet are nothing but jerks?

“I’m pretty. I know how to sing, dance, and play the piano. How come they are all just trying to take advantage of me?

“I knew it, the stories are all a lie. I’ll never believe in love again. I swear off all relationships. There are no good men in this world. Yes, I’ve seen the truth. I will not let myself believe in love again.”

Su Yiting cried vehemently. Her crying echoed across the empty streets before it entered Lu Qiaochen’s ears.

He stood before her with both of his hands in his pockets, staring at the girl squatting on the floor. He waited until her crying eased up before he sighed and took a step toward her. He bent down and pulled her up from the floor as he used his fingers to gingerly wipe away her tears.

After wiping her tears, his fingers lingered on her face. His eyes met her red-rimmed eyes. When he was sure that Su Yiting’s eyes were focused on him, he blinked twice before opening his lips slowly to utter, “If you don’t believe in him, believe in me.”

Su Yiting stared at Lu Qiaochen and was stunned. Her earlier sadness was the last thing on her mind then.

Perhaps she had imagined it, but the heartfelt moments that she had read about in those novels mimicked what she was feeling then almost perfectly.

Lu Qiaochen moved his fingers away from her face to place them on the back of her head. He knocked on the back of her head lightly as if punishing her for missing what was in front of her eyes for so long before titling her face upwards. He lowered his head to plant a light kiss on her lips before saying, “Xiao Yi, the time that we’ve spent together is my best confession to you.

“If you really no longer believe in love, then try to believe in me.”

Su Yiting’s heart started to race.

It was not until then that Su Yiting understood why she was unable to find her Mr. Right even though she didn’t stop searching. She didn’t need to search to begin with; her Mr. Right had been by her side all along.

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