Long Live Summons

Chapter 15 – Huge Bounty

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Chapter 15 – Huge Bounty

Translated by: Shiroyukineko

“My [God’s Eyes] tell me that this Ranker is an extremely young person. He couldn’t be more than 30 years old. He had shrouded himself in dark shadows, hence I can’t see his face very clearly. His whole body was pitch black, I could only see his two eyes shining brightly like stars in the sky. I can’t see through him at all, it’s as if there is a strong Holy Spirit that was protecting him.”

Elder Ming Xin’s words had turned the whole world of Rankers into chaos. Everyone was shocked beyond belief.

If a Ranker had reached the [Innate] realm, attained immortality and eternal youth, it was still believable if the Ranker looked twenty to thirty years old although he was 400-500 years old.

However, if somebody said a person who was not even thirty years old managed to attain the [Innate] realm, this was too unbelievable.

What godly pill did this guy eat? If he reached the [Innate Realm] before thirty years old, then what would happen as he grow older? Even the Four Great Sects who had countless Legendary Potions and Heavenly Spirit Beasts would need at least a hundred years of training to enter into the [Innate] Realm. With this in mind, wasn’t this brat’s training speed much too fast?

What was his training method, exactly?

Immediately, every single Rankers in the world only wished for one thing: Find that that young [Innate] Ranker as soon as possible and learn his [Innate] skill training method.

However, with regards to all this, Yue Yang was completely in the dark. He didn’t know that he had turned the whole of Da Xia Empire upside down with chaos.

The Mercenary, Assassin and Bandit guilds had all went crazy, especially the mercenaries in the White Stone City, Red Forest City and Black Cliff City. They were all so regretful that their faces had turned green. Why would they sleep that night? Even if they had gotten up in the middle of the night to pee, they could have seen that pillar of golden light and received 50 gold. It was such a huge reward!

Even if one killed a level 3 Thunder Panther without a scratch on its fur, the fur could only be sold for at most 60 silver coins, that’s not even one gold.

If they were lucky and killed a “Variant” Thunder Panther that has a demon crystal, that would only be worth five gold coins.

However, against a Variant Thunder Panther, a five men mercenary team would simply be throwing their lives away. Even a ten men mercenary team might not be able to touch a single fur on its body. In order to kill a Variant Thunder Panther, they would need at least a hundred men team…

Fifty gold coins reward, that would be equivalent to killing ten Variant Thunder Panthers.

But now, they would be able to get fifty gold coins just by seeing the [Innate] Ranker’s pillar of golden light. How could all the mercenaries in these three cities not beat their chest in regret?

The strangest thing was that there really weren’t anyone in the White Stone City who saw the huge golden pillar of light that shone down on Yue Yang’s residence that night. Although fake reports came in huge numbers, there was a State Elder with the [Reveal] Inherent Skill to determine the authenticity of these fake reports that the greedy mercenaries had the audacity to say. In his anger, he had beaten all of these greedy people into pulp.

Yue Yang continued to train diligently at his home. Barely coming out from his house, he had no idea of the pandemonium that was happening outside.

Instead, everyday, he would play with the little girl. A grand, majestic and honourable Ranker had actually turned into a “Little Horsey” as the small girl begged him to carry her in his shoulders.

In the day, he would either be crawling on the ground with the small girl to count the little ants crawling by or accompany her to catch Red Dragonflies. There were also times where he would teach the little girl how to summon the mighty “WTF” and “WTH” monsters of the online-type, with her middle finger. In other words, he had ruined that girl’s language.

“WTF and WTH are extremely strong Heavenly Spirit Beasts. Remember, you can’t summon it near people that are on our side. You can only use it with bad people or our enemies, do you understand? That’s right, remember to raise your middle finger up high, WTF and WTH both love to be summoned this way….That’s right, when you say WTH, you have to say with anger and gusto… Yeah, you can also say it gently and innocently…You are indeed a good little girl…”

If anyone found out that the new [Innate] Ranker was someone like Yue Yang, they would probably bang their head to the ground.

The beautiful woman scolded him a few times, saying that he lacked manners.

But seeing him spoiling the little girl so much, she was also secretly pleased with him.

After mastering the first stage of the [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi, Yue Yang found that he had indeed entered into the [Innate] realm.

Now, his target was to master the second stage.

However, mastering the second stage was not as easy as the first stage.

To master the [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi’s second stage, not only he had to link up all 108 acupoints in his body, he had to link the Ren (Conception) Vessel and the Du (Governing) Vessel together with the 12 energy channels. He had to connect all his energy channels into one thread and let energy flow equally through his body without obstruction. Once he mastered the second stage, other than a further increase in his strength, he would be able to emit Sword Qi from every part of his body. No enemies would be able to guard against such an unprecedented attack based on their own judging capabilities, as Yue Yang would be able to attack them with his Sword Qi from any part of his body.

Compared to last time, the Yue Yang who had mastered the first stage right now had already become so much more stronger than before. He was so strong that he could simply stop training to master the second stage and wander around the world.

He could fight in battles and train at the same time, waiting for the opportunity to break through the second stage.

Furthermore, with the help of the energy from the black jade pendant, mastering the second stage would simply be a matter of time. Yue Yang was definitely not in a hurry.

It was just that during his second stage mastery training, an illusion of an extremely powerful skill keep appearing in his mind. It made Yue Yang anxious to master the second stage. In any case, even if he had power and strength, his overall fighting abilities would not be that strong if he didn’t have a strong skill to complement it.

Another month passed by. In those peaceful days, Yue Yang would bring the little girl out to the market during the day. He had wanted to understand the Soaring Dragon Continent’s cultures and environment more. At night, he would train diligently, every single day, to master the second stage of Invisible Sword Qi. After some time, finally, he had learnt the second skill of the [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi, the “Mysterious Three Styles”. That night, Yue Yang, who was extremely excited having mastered the skill, decided to go out and register at the Mercenary Guild and find an opponent to measure his abilities. He wanted to test out his newly learnt skill, the “Mysterious Three Styles”.

The Yue Yang right now was full of confidence of his own abilities.

After entering into the [Innate] realm, Yue Yang was able to use the Invisible Sword Qi three times at one time. That should be enough against a low-ranked mercenary soldier.

He couldn’t say much if it was a group fight, but if it was a one vs one battle with a person under the level 6 rank, he should be unbeatable.

Furthermore, he wouldn’t need to use such a strong attack like the [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi that could possibly kill his enemies in one attack. He could use the second stage skill, “Mysterious Three Styles” to deal with any enemies or any kind of difficulties.

Even if it was too late to use the “Mysterious Three Styles”, Yue Yang could still use the Yue Clan Spear Technique that he had learnt before. That should be enough to defeat the mercenary soldiers.

Yue Clan’s Spear Technique. Although in Yue Yang’s eyes it was as simple as a primary school technique, it was much stronger than the kindergarten techniques that the mercenary soldiers had trained for.

It was a pity that the pitiful guy did not have the full version of the Yue Clan Spear Technique. There was only six volumes. He had only received those Yue Clan’s Spear Technique Manual. The most important part of the technique was lost since thousands of years ago, and the Clan had also kept three volumes private. Only those of the Yue Clan members who had reached the level 4 rank of [Hero] could learn them. Otherwise, Yue Yang’s mastery with this Yue Clan Spear Technique would probably be much higher.

If he still couldn’t defeat the kindergarten techniques of the mercenary soldiers with his university degree of “Mysterious Three Styles”, he should follow the pitiful guy and jump into the river.

lls15-5That night, Yue Yang didn’t train like he did the previous nights. Instead, he secretly sneaked out from his house and went to the Mercenary Guild in the city.

However, upon arriving at the Mercenary Guild, Yue Yang saw the eye-grabbing notice that the Emperor had posted in all Mercenary Guilds in the country. It was only then that Yue Yang realized, with disbelief and shock, that he had become the most famous person in the whole of Da Xia Empire.

He even had a huge bounty…

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