Long Live Summons

Chapter 2 – Twin Star Inherent Skill

Chapter 2 – Twin Star Inherent Skill

Translated by: Shiroyukineko

The small girl’s question snapped the beautiful woman back to reality.

She quickly wiped her tears that drenched her whole face. As Yue Yang watch her face which was a total mess, he felt warm tears pooling in his eyes. He took in a deep breath and calmed his emotions, then tried to help her wipe her tears.

The beautiful woman didn’t let him help her and moved his hands away. She then hurriedly ran out of the room.

Yue Yang stared at her disappearing back for a long while.

“Xiao San-gege, why was mom crying on the floor?” the small girl asked curiously, but she didn’t relay pursue the matter further. Instead, she raised the big pin-wheel in her hands and said, “Look, isn’t my pin-wheel pretty? I bought it on a street market. There are even sweet rock candies selling on the streets, but mom didn’t buy it for me…. Xiao San-gege, I want to learn how to ride a horse. My pin-wheel would only turn faster if I was riding the horse fast enough…”

Yue Yang sweated, why is this girl so mischievous?

Riding horse?

Could it be that pitiful guy who drowned himself always took her for a ride? He shouldn’t let this small girl found out that he was not the same person.

But he also couldn’t let her ride a horse, what would happen if she fell?

But he didn’t have to reject the small girl’s request, he just need to play with her. Yue Yang picked the girl up, raised her up high in the air and bring her down again, making her giggle with happiness. After a few times of that, the small girl had already forgotten her request and leapt happily into his arms.

Ha, it was a small task for Yue Yang to subdue the little girl.

Outside the door, the beautiful woman who had washed her tears away had returned. Yue Yang quickly put the small girl down.

But the small girl didn’t let go of her small hands, still wanting to be carried in his arms. The beautiful woman then pulled the small girl away from Yue Yang and said happily, “San-er, quick, let Si Niang see your [Inherent Skill] and [Guardian Spirit]…San-er, I’ve said it before that you would definitely succeed…Ah, this is so good, after working hard for so many years, you have finally succeeded. San-er, you have finally become an outstanding person! Quick, open the summoning grimoire and let Si Niang look, I’m so excited to see it!”

[Inherent Skill]?

[Guardian Spirit Beast]?

Yue Yang’s head was filled with questions once again, just like the time when he was stuffed with knowledge by the mysterious light.

Earlier, he had understood one thing. He had been transported to another dimension. This is not earth, this is another world.

In this world, the Soaring Dragon Continent, there were a group of people that were called the Rankers. Rankers were strong powerhouses that had succeeded in contracting grimoires. Many of these talented Rankers had come from the renowned clans and households that had held their reputations for thousands of years. They are the Three Royal Households, Four Major Houses and Four Great Sects. Aside from the Three Royal Households that would cultivate the next emperor, there were Four Major Houses of Feng (wind), Xue (snow), Yue (earth) and Yan (fire). There were also the mysterious Four Great Sects. The Four Great Sects gathered many strong Rankers to pursue the heaven’s way, and didn’t usually concern themselves with the things in the mortal world. But they would send their disciples out from the mountains once every three years, as their final training.

Amongst the many Rankers, besides the people from the Royal Households and the Four Major Houses, there are only a handful of talents who managed to make a contract with a very special kind of treasure, the summoning grimoire.

The superirority of a summoning grimoire depended on its user. Everyone would have the chance to reach the pinnacle of all Rankers.

No, actually there was very little chance to reach the pinnacle of Rankers.

Yue Yang found out that in this Soaring Dragon Continnent, it’s almost purely a summoner’s world.

There were no magic nor inner energy, only summons.

Summoning skills in this continent could be anything. There were element summoning skills that were like magic, and also strengthening type summoning skills that would increase your strength like inner energy. There were also beast spirit summoning type. Anyway, summoning skills in this world, were as normal as students going to school. There were even schools specializing in teaching summoning.

Although almost everyone can summon, not everyone can possess a summoning grimoire. On the contrary, a grimoire user could be hardly seen in this world.

Taking an analogy, a summoning grimoire user is like the one in a hundred million students who could enter Harvard or Cambridge.

Everyone wanted to have a grimoire, but it was the privilege of a handful of talents.

When making a contract with a summoning grimoire, every grimoire user would try to awaken an [Inherent Skill] sleeping within their bodies. They would also obtain a guardian spirit most suitable for the user.

“Ahh, okay, but I’m not really sure what’s my Inherent Skill.”

Yue Yang was also curious with the knowledge in his mind. What Inherent Skill could the summoning grimoire actually awakened?

He mouthed a prayer and hoped it wasn’t instant noodles, AV, games, lacy lingeries or, see-through *censored* related stuff, otherwise he’d be finished. Plese don’t let it be a NEET-related Inherent Skill, otherwise he’ll be dead if the beautiful woman saw it.

When Yue Yang turned his summoning grimoire, he realised that the first page was his own portrait.

Hmm, he looked rather handsome.

Below it, his status was written: Level 1-Beginner [Apprentice].

Under the “Apprentice” words, there was a simple line of Rank Description.

Apprentice: You are the weakest existence in this world, but with hard work, as a grimoire user, you still have hope to become stronger.

Yue Yang cringed the moment he saw that. The weakest existence are ants, okay? No matter how weak he was, he was still stronger than ants. Such a belittling description made him feel really bad. Skipping over the rank description, the next half page described his Inherent Skill. According to the knowledge passed to Yue Yang by the grimoire, everyone had their own unique Inherent Skill. Only a handful of people would have an identical Inherent Skill, but almost everyone’s Inherent Skills were totally different.

Of course, this might be because there were not many people who had a summoning grimoire.

The moment he saw his Inherent Skill, Yue Yang was flabbergasted.

His Inherent Skill was not instant noodle, AV movie or games, but it was an Inherent Skill that caused Yue Yang to sweat in nervousness.

To be precise, it was an unusual, very rarely seen, very mysterious, very jealousy-inducing Twin Star Inherent Skill. Originally, everyone’s Inherent Skill will appear as a picture below the summoner’s portrait, but Yue Yang’s Inherent Skill picture was two pictures joined into one.

lls2-1On the left was a mysterious figure, that could be vaguely recognized as Yue Yang’s figure.

On the right was a shadow of a person’s side view, hidden in darkness. If there wasn’t another figure to compare, it would be difficult to recognize that it was Yue Yang. The features on his face weren’t clear, other than a wolf-like eyes, there were no other recognizable face characteristics. The whole picture was dark and blurry, other than the eyes that were shinning like a star, there existed no other light.

The thing that drove Yue Yang mad was the Twin Star Inherent Skill’s Description.

[Counterfeit]: You are as cunning as a fox and as treacherous as a poisonous snake. You are like an usurping chameleon who live under a camouflage. You are a facade, nobody can see through your heart. Your Inherent Skill will increase with your level. Your Inherent Skill current level is 1.

[Divine Vision]: You have eagle-like eyes and sage-like reactions. You are like a death god that sees through living things’ soul. You have an all-seeing vision that sees through the world, so you’ll be immune to illusionary or fake debuffs. Your Inherent Skill will increase with your level. Your Inherent Skill current level is 1.

“Woah…” Yue Yang almost fell to the ground. Was he that cunning and treacherous?

Although he liked to watch censored adult videos and would try to use his eyes to see through the pixels, this skill was something that all perverts can do.

When it comes to vision, Yue Yang didn’t think that he was actually that good, because usually when actresses wore different clothes and put on their makeup, other than Sora Aoi, Akiho Yoshizawa and Yuma Asami, he wouldn’t recognize anyone else.

Was this even counted as [Divine Vision]?

As for [Counterfeit] , it was even harder to explain. He don’t even know how to apply make-up and so on, and at the most, he would just lie a little.

Furthermore, who had not lied before? Even a kid would lie if his parents asked whether he had watched a sex tape…

This Twin Star Inherent Skill…

Yue Yang was so depressed that he wanted to hide in a corner and draw circles on the ground.

“San-er, it’s okay if you don’t have an Inherent Skill. As long as you work hard, I believe that you could be a strong Ranker like your father…” the beautiful woman comforted Yue Yang as her eyes turned red, her voice choked with emotions.

“Ah?” Yue Yang was bewildered, he obviously had the Twin Star Inherent Skill, why did she said that there was none?

Could it be that she couldn’t see my Inherent Skill?

Could this be the effect of the [Counterfeit] skill? So it is a passive skill? It couldn’t be…Yue Yang jumped and pointed at the picture on the summoning grimoire. He gulped nervously as he asked, “Can’t, can’t you see the picture here? You really couldn’t see the words written here?”

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