Long Live Summons

Chapter 21 – Let’s Spend The Night Together

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Chapter 21 – Let’s Spend The Night Together

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The next evening, Yue Yang’s target was the Level 3-Intermediate [Hero], ‘Tie Kuang’.

This person was also the boss of Rock, the person who had been swallowed by the Thorny Flower last night. The Violent Beast Mercenary Group was one of the top three evil tyrants within White Stone City.

Although he has the rank and title of a [Hero], Tie Kuang’s nickname, Armored Beast, was gained through many acts of infamy and villainy. In White Stone City, he had committed many crimes, including oppressing the weak, blackmailing and extortion. This bastard was also a murder maniac who had killed many innocents, and was now being hunted by a dozen or so families that had united to extract vengeance.

Because he was one of the descendants from a famous family within the Da Xia Empire, Tie Kuang had the great and powerful protection of the family supporting him from behind. White Stone City’s assassin guild had never dared to even touch him, and this further boosted his overweening attitude. Moreover, the current favorite concubine of the Lord of White Stone City had been introduced and presented by Tie Kuang. The Lord was constantly sweet-talked to by this concubine from the moment he slept to the moment he awoke, and so nobody in White Stone City dared to mess with Tie Kuang.

Because Yue Yang’s first mission had gone so smoothly, without any difficulty at all, he decided that he wanted to try something a bit more challenging tonight. He decided to attempt an assail on the infamous Tie Kuang that nobody else dared to touch!

Tie Kuang was not at all the same as the Level 2 [Braveman], Rock; Tie Kuang was a Level 3 Intermediate [Hero].

In Soaring Dragon Continent, everybody, even the prince or the princess, was called [Apprentice] if they were only at Level 1.

Once they reach Level 2, they become [Bravemen]; only if they rose to level 3, then they would be called a [Hero]…

The title of a Level 3 [Hero] was the real dividing line between the warriors of Soaring Dragon Continent. If a warrior was forever unable to climb up to the [Hero] level, then he was labelled mediocre, and would be resigned to be cannon fodder for the rest of his life. On the other hand, one that did become a ‘[Hero]’ would be known as a ranker, as they surpassed normal warriors by far.

Although a level 3 [Hero] didn’t appear to be that high of a level on the outside, in reality it was not such an easy task to achieve.

Any warrior that wanted to become a [Hero] must not only have enough strength, but must also successfully go through the ‘Death Refining’. Only then will the country award the warrior with a ‘[Hero]’s Medal’. With this, one can become the [Hero] that everyone admires!

If one was a Level 1 [Apprentice], with extreme luck or with special circumstances, he would still have a chance to defeat a Level 2 [Braveman].

However, it was unheard of for a Level 2 [Braveman] to even think about defeating a Level 3 [Hero]. That was because Level 3 [Hero] was the first step on the road to becoming a Ranker.

You can be called a Ranker only after you have risen to a Level 3 [Hero]!

Of course, a Level 3 [Hero] is only strong in the eyes of ordinary people.

In the eyes of Innate Rankers, warriors that ranked below a Level 6 [Elder] were all insects that were not even worth mentioning.

When comparing those Innate Rankers from the Soaring Dragon Continent who had spent hundreds of years cultivating profound skills, Yue Yang who had barely cultivated his skills for 3 months as an Innate Ranker, was still very far behind. However, he was still an Innate Ranker!

Tie Kuang, who was also nicknamed the Armored Beast, was a renowned expert within White Stone City’s mercenaries, and it would be laughable to compare ordinary mercenaries with him. However, if he suffered even a single blow of Yue Yang’s [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi, it would definitely result in a fatal injury. This is the difference between an Innate Ranker and an ordinary Ranker… However, Yue Yang had no intention of using the Invisible Sword Qi to kill Tie Kuang. He wanted to capture Tie Kuang alive so that he could join his comrade Rock in becoming fertilizer for Thorny Flower.

Although the Thorny Flower’s strength increased quite a bit after digesting that Level 2 Ranker Rock, it was unfortunately not enough for it to jump a rank and evolve.

Even after devouring a live person, it had still not attained the Bronze rank.

It seems that it was not easy to raise a [Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen], a Mythical Beast with a human form.

Fortunately, the Soaring Dragon Continent had no lack of villains.

Yue Yang had never worried about the fertilizer situation .

Putting the entire Soaring Dragon Continent aside, White Stone City alone had a Vengeance List of more than 100 people. One could only imagine just how rich the fertilizer supply was. Being a Vengeance Hunter had allowed him to refine his battle experiences, raise his Thorny Flower and even earn some allowance. Who would turn down such good benefits?

Yue Yang went to the Eastern Tavern and entered, but after looking all around, he was unable to find any girls with ** as round and big as a soccer ball.

However, he was able to find a few girls with ** as big as papayas.

He had barely beckoned before a few ‘papaya ladies’ surrounded him, pleasantly surprised: “Is Young Master looking to have some fun? What would you like to play? Do you want a twosome or threesome?”

“Looking down on me? This Young Master had you all covered!” Yue Yang tossed out a handful of silver coins, causing the surrounding women’s eyes to light up. A few of the ‘papaya ladies’ shrieked like a ** upon seeing the money. Aside from snatching the falling money with a thief’s speed, they excitedly began to surround Yue Yang in a sea of breasts, practically suffocating him to death.

Seeing that Yue Yang had then went out out of the door with the army of big-breasted ladies, all the men in the tavern were extremely envious of that little thief’s luck with women.

An orgy?

Not bad!

At the same time, they were a bit worried about the little thief’s body. They inwardly thought, wouldn’t this little fellow be completely drained by these girls’ insatiable lust?

The men inside the tavern began to laugh heartily. If that was so, then the cleaning staff would probably have to throw his little skeleton body out the next day. Even if that little thief survived this ordeal, he probably wouldn’t be able to get up from bed for at least another month…

As for the ‘papaya ladies’ vitality-sucking ** skill, they had all experienced it before. Enduring one of them alone was pretty difficult, let alone a group of them!

If the ladies rushed at him from all sides, he will have no choice but to arrive at death’s door!

At the corner of the tavern, the little bright-eyed thief that helped Yue Yang fill out the forms yesterday night quietly sat. When the bright eyed thief saw Yue Yang struggling happily in the sea of breasts, she spat in disdain.

However, suddenly, everyone saw the (condemned to die) little thief walked back in, before they could even finish one cup of wine.

No way?

That fast?

Did he has some divine skills?

Even if this thief was a quick shot, this was still too darn fast!

If he finished that quickly, why did he want so many girls? Wasn’t one enough?

“Brother, did you even take off your pants?” One of the men asked in curiosity, while another shouted loudly, “You are too wasteful. If you can’t do it yourself, you can ask us for help! We would gladly help you. Brother, don’t you think that you’re wasting money this way?”

“My dear older brothers, I am just an errand boy who was helping someone to call those ladies… How could I engage in an orgy, such a good occasion?” Yue Yang snickered as he replied.

“Tsk!” Everyone clicked their tongue.

They had thought that he was a rich young master, and been jealous of him for so long. They hadn’t expected that he was only an errand boy.

However, once they thought about it, they realized this made sense as well. If this scamp really had money, it would be weird if he was willing to spend it all on these girls for an orgy!

Yue Yang understood how to win people’s hearts. He fished out 2 silvers, threw it on the table, and loudly declared, “Meeting everyone together here today was fate. Hence, I’ll use the commission I gained tonight to treat all of you brothers to a drink. At the same time, let’s pray that bastard dies from excessive ejaculation…”

Everyone smiled in satisfaction at these words.

Everyone thought this little thief had a glib tongue and was quick-witted.

Since he was treating them to a drink, they would definitely not hold back. They all raised their glasses and cheered.

The bright-eyed thief sitting in the corner inwardly snorted to herself. She didn’t try to take any liberties with the sexily-dressed bar girls who showed their cleavages and wore rabbit ears as they went about serving the wines.

Suddenly, Yue Yang sat on the opposite side of her table, laughing heartily as he said, “Brother, I knew that I would be able to find you here. How’s everything? That voluptuous girl, isn’t she a magnificent sight? Don’t be embarrassed, an inexperienced virgin such as yourself should study as much as you can. Moreover, this is the way human relationships are formed. Confucius once said, ‘Appetite and lust are only natural.’ Did you see how great this saying is?”

“…” The bright-eyed thief rolled his eyes at his words. She really wanted to kick this lecherous-minded hound to death.

“Brother, I simply can’t watch without doing anything. We’ll book a room tonight. Whatever is said, you will lose that virginity of yours tonight! If you don’t have the money, don’t worry about it. It’s my treat!” Yue Yang magnanimously patted the bright eyed thief’s shoulder.

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