Long Live Summons

Chapter 28 – Is She My Daughter or a Beast?

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Chapter 28 – Is She My Daughter or a Beast?

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“Heavens, after this little fellow was revived by your blood, it actually went as far as to come back to suck out my life energy…..I’m doomed, my body is doomed. I might even be unable to recover even after sleeping another 1000 years.” Empress Fei Wen Li began to tremble, her face pale and wan, as if she had just given birth. She was beyond exhausted, and beads of sweat had slowly formed on her forehead.

She practically didn’t even have the strength to stand anymore.

Yue Yang noticed that her serpent tail had begun to blur, and gradually becoming like fog.

However, her six jade-like arms still refused to let go of the baby loli serpent demon. She continued to tightly hug it towards her, as if she were carrying her own darling baby.

Seeing that her entire serpent’s tail had become a white mist, and was gradually being sucked in by the black hole, Yue Yang could not help but ask in astonishment, “Are you ok? Your body seems to be disappearing… …”

“This little fellow is sucking away all of my spiritual power and life energy. I can’t even maintain my body right now. You should hurry up and prepare yourself, otherwise I won’t even have the energy to transport you out later. Heavens, I need to sleep immediately, or else the part of my body that I had managed painstakingly recovered will be completely destroyed. Please carry her, I can’t take it much longer.” Empress Fei Wen Li summoned a large, sparkling and translucent grimoire. It looked like a crystal, and it constantly flashed with a bright glow, dazzling Yue Yang’s eyes. Under his gaze, that 3 meter long and 2 meter wide grimoire had actually transformed into a mysterious, see-through crystal coffin.

Empress Fei Wen Li’s expression looked beyond exhausted. It looked as if the smallest movement would completely drain all of her physical strength.

She took back the baby serpent demon loli into her arms, and lightly kissed it.

Then she once again passed it over to Yue Yang, gesturing for him to take it back.

The baby serpent demon loli was a bit hesitant, and appeared to be reluctant to leave. However, after seeing Yue Yang’s stretched out arms, its six small arms shifted to tightly pull itself closer to his body.

Empress Fei Wen Li’s body swayed slightly; her physical strength had seemed to reach its limit, barely able to keep her from falling onto the ground. She breathed heavily as her chest quivered.”You should quickly leave, my life energy is almost gone. I must immediately go to sleep…if my strength suddenly increases in a year from now, and I want to test whether or not I can break through this black hole’s seal, I will need your spiritual power as support.”

As she spoke, Empress Fei Wen Li’s six jade arms suddenly flashed brightly, blazing like the sun itself.

An enormous shadow that was ten meters tall appeared behind her. Her six arms moved in unison, forming an unusual seal. Then she suddenly shattered into pieces with a bang, bursting into streams of stars.

Yue Yang felt a great force attack his body, pushing him back with an irresistible force. This gave Yue Yang the illusion of having crossed dimensions. It seemed that during that one split second, he had passed over mountains and rivers, flying a distance of millions of kilometers, even passing through the universe.

“Bring her outside. If she maintains her battle memories, anything that you encounter and don’t understand, you can ask her about it.”

Empress Fei Wen Li’s last thread of consciousness resounded in Yue Yang’s head.

When Yue Yang opened his eyes, he discovered that he had actually already returned to the real world. Everything that had just happened seemed like a mere dream.

The baby serpent demon loli he was originally hugging tightly had unknowingly vanished. If it weren’t for the existence of the baby serpent demon loli’s pattern on his bare body, Yue Yang wouldn’t have believed that everything that had just occurred was real.

The large amount of the familiar fragrance around him was a much milder version of the fragrance on Empress Fei Wen Li’s body.

A rainbow light flashed.

Amidst the brightness and the fragrance in the air, the baby serpent demon loli gradually floated out from Yue Yang’s body, becoming a real blood and flesh body. Its six arms were stretched open, like a small octopus, and tightly hugged Yue Yang’s body. Its large, sapphire eyes looked unblinkingly at Yue Yang, looking like a shy child that had seen its father but didn’t dare to call his name. It was extremely cute….

“Be obedient and come down. Let me first put on my clothes.” Yue Yang was sweating; great, he didn’t even have a wife, yet he had already gained a ‘daughter’.

The baby serpent demon loli did as he said, and let go of him.

Its large eyes looked around the room, as if it was amazed by everything it saw.

After hurriedly finding and putting on some clothes, Yue Yang began to contemplate: does this tiny loli count as his own daughter? Or does it count as a beast?

He summoned his own Bronze Grimoire, and flipped open the originally blank fifth page. As expected his guess was not wrong; this baby serpent demon loli did indeed count as his summoned beast. Moreover, it qualified as a Guardian Beast, exactly like his Phantom Shadow. However, what was different about it was that the tiny loli didn’t have the limits of having to be summoned; theoretically, it could exist forever.

Yue Yang stared at the fifth page’s contents with intense concentration, and became completely shocked.

The originally blank fifth page currently had the design of the baby serpent demon loli. It looked like it had a spirit, extremely life-like.

The difference between designs of the Phantom Shadow, Thorny Flower, Quintet Seeking Golden Mice and the design of the tiny loli was that the latter was sparkling brightly. It even seemed to move around on its own as if having its own spirit.

When Yue Yang was looking at it, the tiny loli that had originally been showing its profile had now turned its body. Its small face and eyes seemed to be looking at Yue Yang, as if it could sense his gaze. Yue Yang lowered his head, and discovered that the actual tiny loli was doing the same; it was currently looking upwards as it stared unblinkingly at him. Its actions were exactly the same as that of the design’s.

If Yue Yang shifted his gaze, then the design would return to its undisturbed, originally motionless image of its profile.

When Yue Yang looked at the description written underneath the design, he was dumbstruck.

Mysterious Serpent Demon:

Larva State, Sentient, Humanoid Beast.

Level 1 – Diamond Rank, Guardian Beast.

Unlimited Vitality, Life Force tied to Summoner’s.

Possesses a grimoire.

(TLN: 生命共享 – Life Force tied to Summoner’s. Essentially similar to the Soul Blood Contract mentioned in Chapter 26, where it dies if the Summoner dies.)

Diamond rank?

Unlimited vitality? Life Force linked to Summoner’s? Possesses a grimoire?

Yue Yang practically burst a vein. Exactly what kind of existence was this baby loli?

“You also have a grimoire?” Yue Yang felt dizzy. Could it be that this little thing preserved its items from before it died protecting the Empress? The summoning grimoire from her previous life still existed? And what were her Innate Skills and Guardian Beast? If she also had a summoning grimoire, then what exactly was she: a beast, or his daughter?

“… …” The baby serpent demon loli only blinked her large eyes in silence.

With a touch of her small hand, she summoned an exquisite sparkling and translucent grimoire. It was slightly similar to the grimoire owned by Empress Fei Wen Li, as it was also similar to a crystal. However, the designs of the profound mysteries were somewhat different. It also didn’t have the brilliant and sparkling rainbow glow that Empress Fei Wen Li’s grimoire had.

Yue Yang looked down to inspect it closely, and his jaw practically dropped to the ground.

He saw that ‘Diamond Grimoire’ was written on top of it. This tiny loli’s grimoire was actually Diamond-ranked. Even his pitiful self’s own grimoire was a mere beginner’s Bronze Grimoire.

He once again flipped through this grimoire and studied the baby loli’s Innate Skills and Guardian Beasts, and Yue Yang was completely speechless.

Binding Innate Skill: Innate skills can be simultaneously released during times of attack. Incorporeal binding chains can cause the target’s body, consciousness, spiritual power, vitality, and spirit to be bound. Before the Binding is released, the target cannot budge. The bindings are dependent on the user’s abilities and innate rank. Currently, this Innate Skill is level 1.

“My god” Yue Yang suddenly began sweating. This…wasn’t this the legendary attack that couldn’t be countered?

Once again inspecting the tiny loli’s Guardian Beasts, Yue Yang practically wanted to vomit blood.

She was not like other people who only had one Guardian Beast; she had a total of 4…..the second page of the design had split into four portraits of different life forms. Only after seeing the words below, then did he know that they were a Stone Element Medusa, a Storm Mermaid, a Thunderbolt Naga, and an Ice Serpent Demon.

No wonder the Empress Fei Wen Li had chosen her as the Captain of the Guard. When this baby loli grew older, she’d be unfathomably formidable.

Only, was she really Fen Wen Li’s Captain of the Guard?

Yue Yang mind was skeptical, could this girl really be his daughter? Or could she be the Empress’ doppleganger?

Of course, there was no way to find out the truth right now…..in Yue Yang’s opinion, he thought the baby loli was more like his own daughter.

Right now, the baby loli was still a larvae. However, the Yue Yang that had the Innate Invisible Sword Qi skill still wasn’t confident that he could defeat her. If she matured, how formidable would she be? It was a good thing that this little thing was his own ‘daughter’, as well as his own guardian beast. Otherwise, Yue Yang would’ve been beyond jealous. After thinking about this for most of the day, Yue Yang finally regained his senses, and patted his chest in relief.

So dangerous, he had almost been scared to death by this little thing.

“San-er, are you still meditating? It’s dinner time. I have called for you many times earlier.” The beautiful woman’s voice rang out from the other side of the door.

“Ok, I’ll be out soon.” Yue Yang hurriedly shouted in reply.

Just as he was going to make the baby serpent demon loli return, before he could even stretch his hand out, he felt a resistance within his mind. Frightened by the idea, the baby loli tightly hugged Yue Yang’s thigh will all six of her arms. It pitifully looked up at Yue Yang with its large eyes, unwilling to return to the Bronze Grimoire.

Hey, this little thing could even resist his will?

Just as Yue Yang prepared to coax her, the wood door suddenly made a sound as Yue Shuang, that little girl, called her third brother happily while pushing the door open to enter…

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