Long Live Summons

Chapter 776.1 - Searching, Relative, Middle-Aged Woman

Chapter 776.1 – Searching, Relative, Middle-Aged Woman

Since arriving at the Conquering City, Yue Yang’s biggest gain was not finding out that the old guy, Cook Caribbean, was actually the Heaven Domain Emperor.Rather, it was Xiao Wen Li’s epiphany in front of the giant statue of Empress Fei Wen Li.

When Yue Yang came before the towering giant statue, Xiao Wen Li suddenly came out. She searched unceasingly amongst the dozens and hundreds of hundred meter tall warrior statues, each of them depicting a soldier of different races, and finally, she fixed her gaze onto a two-hundred-meter-tall statue of a Snake Demon, which was placed at the right hand side of Empress Fei Wen Li’s statue as if guarding her. This statue stood heads and shoulders above the other statues and was only second in height to the Empress’s statue.

She watched the statue intently. It seemed that from this statue, she was able to recall more details of some past event from her previous life.

Yue Yang looked at the snake demon statue, it looked somewhat similar to Empress Fei Wen Li, on her head was a brilliant silver crown, and looked like the princess of her tribe, but with a serious expression plastered on her face. She held two swords in her hands and gazed into the distance, as if ready to strike the moment Empress Fei Wen Li gave the command. Among the many elite-guard statues surrounding Empress Fei Wen Li, quite a few were in the form of snake demons, but only her looks were similar to Empress Fei Wen Li’s.

Xiao Wen Li stood. For a long time. Not making a single movement.

Until sunset which casted the last glimmer of afterglow onto the snake demon statue that had been under the shadow of Empress Fei Wen Li’s statue all this while, Xiao Wen Li’s body suddenly burst into a ball of golden light. Without needing the enrichment of Yue Yang’s Power of Law, she automatically summoned the golden Snake Demon’s energy giant statue, which was twice as tall as before and was a full two hundred meters tall, which brought it level to the two hundred meter tall Snake Demon statue in front of her.

The veterans on the street all watched the scene in amazement.

Two snake demons that are so alike.

Xiao Wen Li cried out wordlessly, and the ripples of her voice shook the whole city.

Even the drunken man and the old beggar who were hiding at a corner sleeping on the ground were all instantly awakened in shock, looking in astonishment at the direction of the giant statue of Empress Fei Wen Li, not understanding exactly what was happening.

That statue of the Snake Demon wearing a silver crown on its head suddenly shattered, and ten million rays of colored light shot out from inside.

Countless amounts of colored light energy surged into the Golden Snake Demon’s body.

Letting the glow on her body become more brilliant. The texture of the armor, runes, and skin became more realistic and delicate, as if it were a real person. As for Xiao Wen Li, who was standing below the Golden Snake Demon, her eyes filled with tears, seeming to have awakened her long lost memories.

On Xiao Wen Li’s body, a silver rune emerged, just like the rune battle armor that emerged on the golden snake demon, the two were one.

Even the twin blades in her hand had similarly evolved in the colored light energy.

And upgraded to become an all new warblade.

It was even more similar to her original twin blades, it became larger, longer, and sharper than her originally delicate and cute twin blades.

Yue Yang did not dare to disturb Wen Li’s awakening of her past enlightenment, he had long hoped that this cute little treasure of his would grow quickly. Just when Yue Yang thought that Xiao Wen Li would recover all her previous memories, unexpectedly, Xiao Wen Li wiped away the tear marks on the corner of her eyes and flew towards Yue Yang, diving into his arms exactly the same as before. Never mind, she was nevertheless a reborn being and it was normal that she couldn’t recover all her past memories, it would be nice to be able to find even some of them back. Yue Yang gently stroked Xiao Wen Li’s back and comforted her: whether or not she could recover her past memories, his love and care towards her would never change!

“What happened?”

Fatty Hai, Ye Kong, Lord Ling Yun, Tu Hai and the rest had all rushed out of the tavern when they felt the energy undulations earlier, right now they surrounded Yue Yang and Xiao Wen Li, on one hand they did not dare to disturb them yet on the other hand, they desperately wanted to know what had happened and hopefully learn something from it.

Wen Li had long ago transformed into a beam of colored light and returned into Yue Yang’s body.

Not to mention them, even the veterans who were the closest, were not able to see Xiao Wen Li’s presence clearly.

They had come over long ago, but the entire giant statue seemed to have a huge energy shield that prohibited anyone from approaching.

The only thing that the surrounding people could see was the golden snake demon energy giant statue that stood more than two hundred meters high… Once the obstructing force disappeared, all the surrounding people flew in, but Xiao Wen Li had long since went into hiding. All Fatty Hai and the others could see was that the giant statue was constantly crumbling and cracking, little by little, shattering down and collapsing totally, turning into a pile of rubble.

“This had nothing to do with me, we just got here.” Fatty Hai stood by Yue Yang’s side and immediately started to distance themselves away from this matter, of course he knew that it was Yue Yang’s doing, but this matter was important and he would never admit to causing such an incident.

“That’s about enough staring, let’s go!” Ye Kong also persuaded Yue Yang to leave.

No one paid any attention to Fatty Hai and Ye Kong.

The shocked veterans, suddenly quieted down.

All of them silently looked at the shattered stone statue, hundreds of people, nearly a thousand people, not a single person spoke, the whole place was deadly silent.

The atmosphere was tense to the limit, and Lord Ling Yun and Tu Hai felt that this time, they would have definitely angered these old men, and if their anger burst out, it would definitely be like the wrath of a thunderstorm. What should we do now? Lord Ling Yun was simply at a loss for words and could only look towards Yue Yang. Neither he nor Tu Hai were fools and they knew that this matter must have something to do with this Third Young Master in front of them, because, before this, he was the only one standing in front of this statue, and had even stared at it for a full two hours.

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