Long Live Summons

Chapter 780.2 - The Best Choice

Chapter 780.2 [The Best Choice]

As soon as they reached the rank of Patriarch, His Holiness, or Deputy Palace Lord of the Central Palace Hall, the Palace Hall would grant them the ‘Spirit Pearl Guardian’ to ensure that the elite backbones of the Palace Hall would not easily die in battle.

The only people who knew of this secret were their own people.

However, instead of rescuing him, his superior destroyed his own Spirit Pearl Guardian in one fell swoop.

Once his Spirit Pearl Guardian shatters, he would be annihilated forever, there is absolutely no possibility of survival. Thinking about this, Wei Shu winced again, it seemed that he knew too many secrets. Even more terrifying was the fact that he had reached the point where he must die and is not yet aware of it. All the bullshit about sending him out to do a preliminary investigation were all lies! The truth was that they had sent him out to die in order for them to have a concrete reason to send out their troops!

Resentment arose in the heart of Wei Shu.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth… Since you can strike out and smash my Spirit Pearl Guardian, then don’t blame me for stabbing you in the back.

He gritted his teeth darkly and made a decision in his heart.

He chose to submit to this mysterious man before him.

Promising to his conditions.

“I want to get my revenge, I only have this one condition.” Deputy Palace Lord Wei Shu spoke out the hope in his heart, even though knowing that he didn’t have much qualification to talk about conditions in front of the other party. Being able to use his domain to have one like Wei Shu dance in his palm might still not be considered as perverted, but being able to use his domain to deceive the Ghost Eye King, the Demon Doctor, the Six Pan King… and even to deceive his own boss was simply too scary. Such an ability was simply beyond his comprehension. After witnessing his own two ‘deaths’, Wei Shu was completely unable to resist.

On the surface, the man with the odd mask on his face looked young and weak.

He didn’t even seem to be a Heaven Ranker.

However, this young man, who seemed to not be a Heaven Ranker, had an aura of an expert that pressed down on him.

This, is the true divine expert! If he just relied on his eyes, then he would never be able to see through the truly powerful ones!

“Spare me the superfluous words, just remember one thing, listen to me, and when you leave this place, you will be a Palace Lord.” Yue Yang threw out a bait. If he had wanted to quickly kill off Deputy Palace Lord Wei Shu, it would be no easy feat, but to control him, with the [World Creation] Domain of Power he comprehended at the Gates of Life and Death, combined with the power of Law, it was simply too easy.

Yue Yang’s ploy was not to strike and kill, but to deter and counteract each other.

A two-pronged approach.

Sure enough, this risky move succeeded in making this Deputy Palace Lord, who held resentment in his heart, explode out the hatred deep inside his heart.

To become an absolute pawn for others was already a very strong mental blow, what more having to witness your superior cold-bloodedly crushing your own Spirit Pearl Guardian, this would completely break down all resistance to being controlled.

Wei Shu might not have the guts to betray the Central Palace Hall, but if Yue Yang gave him a promise that he would be able to backstab his boss without betraying the Central Palace Hall, there was absolutely no way that he could refuse. Yue Yang had thrown out a bait that was enough to even tempt a Palace Lord, and if Deputy Palace Lord Wei Shu was not tempted, it would be too fake. Under such circumstances, Wei Shu was shocked, scared, angry and filled with hatred at the same time. Finally, gritting his teeth, he promised Yue Yang.

“I’m at your service, at your command.” Wei Shu, as a high and mighty Deputy Palace Lord, lowered his head.

“No need to show your loyalty to me, Palace Lord Wei Shu, I don’t need your allegiance, there is a more flexible cooperation between you and me, and that is joining hands.” Yue Yang smiled, “Exploring the ancient ruins and searching for ancient relics is not my goal. Or perhaps, if after going through all the places and you still couldn’t get the God’s Blood, I will give you a drop depending on your performance. God’s Blood and Martial Spirits, things that are far beyond your reach, are not a problem for me. Remember this, Palace Lord Wei Shu, opportunity and risk go hand in hand, and reward is always in direct proportion to effort.”

Upon hearing this, Wei Shu immediately raised his head.

Looking at this peculiar man who looked like a demon himself, he wouldn’t have believed a word if it had been someone else talking to him like that.

But the young man before him was peculiar, clearly an enemy, at least not one of his own, yet spoke so convincingly.

This is not a mental illusion.

Rather, it is self-confidence that is built upon the foundations of strength.

Wei Shu sensibly told himself that he shouldn’t trust a stranger easily, but he fervently nodded his head, agreeing to what the other person had said.

“Suppose, you could give me God’s Blood. Then I can do anything for you.” Wei Shu’s words contained his utmost sincerity, for this anything included the Central Palace Hall. When he finished, he had a bit of regret in his heart, in case he really had to betray the Central Palace Hall in the future, could he do it? But this was God’s Blood they were talking about, with God’s Blood, one can shed one’s own bones and be reborn… Most importantly, after this matter is over, can he still return to the Central Palace Hall? If only he was able to escape, then he was afraid that he, this ‘dead man’, would be executed by the Grand Palace Lord in front of the public and become a real dead man.

What should he do from now onwards?

Wei Shu’s heart was in turmoil.

However, his gut feeling and his senses told him that choosing to work together with this young man in front of him.

Whatever the future outcome, it would be for the best.

Although the entire predicament he was currently in was actually caused by this young man, and it could be said that it was he who had caused him his current misery, it was ironic that right now, this young man was the only one he could truly believe in!

“I shall do as you command!” Thinking of this, Wei Shu’s heart firmly settled and his eyes regained their clarity.

After leaving Rain Valley would be a different matter, but right here, he chose to listen to Yue Yang.

Working together with an expert, is always the best choice to make!

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