Long Live Summons

Chapter 790.1 - Giving You A Taste of Your Own Medicine]

Chapter 790.1 [Giving You A Taste of Your Own Medicine]

His heart was pulled out and crushed.

The face of the Central Palace Hall elder changed, however, he quickly recovered as before and was even more arrogant.

“Do you think you can kill me just by ripping out my heart and crushing it? With my immortal physique, I don’t need a heart to support my body at all, and besides, what’s the difficulty of growing back a heart? Unless it’s a divine weapon, otherwise there’s no way to actually hurt me!” The Central Palace Hall Elder laughed harshly, pointing at Xue Wu Xia and the Blizzard Goddess guarding behind her, and said grimly, “On the contrary, the one who grievously wounds me shall be bound by the laws of my Cogenesis Innate Talent and will be bound to me, and now, will be the beginning of your misery!”

He did not believe that Xue Wu Xia was also like Princess Qian Qian, who could still continue to fight even after losing her eyesight and her hearing.

She must have been an exception.

It can’t be true for everyone!

Xue Wu Xia didn’t answer and didn’t back off, she just looked coldly at the Central Palace Hall Elder, like a wise man looking down at a barking mad dog.

The Central Palace Hall Elder was extremely displeased with such a look from Xue Wu Xia and a cruel and perverted smile appeared at the corner of his lips as he reached out and first took out that eerie magic mirror and looked at himself narcissistically, then used his sharp claws to bloodily gouge out two of his six eyes, and even shoved the gouged out eyes into his mouth and chewed them up.

At the same time, his other two arms pierced through his ears.

Finally looking smugly at Xue Wu Xia with his remaining four eyes, expecting to see her screaming and writhing in pain due to the effects of his Cogenesis Innate Talent……

However, there was nothing.

Xue Wu Xia stood there silently, a pair of starry eyes staring at him, still cold as ice.

On her face, there was absolutely no pain, as if nothing had happened, or, alternatively, as if the Cogenesis Innate Talent was completely ineffective on her.

“No way, why aren’t you hurt? Why aren’t you blind? How are you okay?” The Central Palace Hall Elder looked incredulously at his own face with the magic mirror, and then took out another two of his own four eyes and pinched them bloodily again… Xue Wu Xia just looked on coldly, as if she was watching a mad dog chasing and biting its own tail… The Central Palace Hall Elder was about to go mad, how could this girl not be harmed by Cogenesis Innate Talent? He thought at first that it was her extremely strong pain tolerance that allowed her to bear the pain and act as if nothing had happened. So he continued and cut off his arms again with a dagger, finally cutting open his belly and pulling out his flowery green intestines and wrapping them around his neck.

“Boring.” Xue Wu Xia gently flipped through her Book of Truth with a jade white finger, while using her other hand to lightly cover her mouth, yawning as if bored out of her mind.

“You have immunity!” The Central Palace Hall Elder sort of got it.

These two girls, each of them was even more abnormal than the previous.

It was already extremely out of the ordinary that the girl just now had continued to fight without using her eyes or ears, and had even severely damaged his arms.

However, compared to this one, this one was even more exaggerated, she was even immune to his Cogenesis Innate Talent that not even the other Palace Lords were capable of avoiding, and it was completely ineffective against her. How old is this girl, is she still even human?

Xue Wu Xia did not explain.

Since she had enlightened Spirit Domain, within her realm, she was the ‘god’ of that realm.

Although it was still unable to affect those who had comprehended the Supreme Will and awakened the Power of Law, for the Central Palace Hall Elder who had not comprehended the Supreme Will and the Power of Law, Xue Wu Xia could at least be considered a ‘Demigod’ when in her own Spirit Domain. First putting aside the mental attacks, just using the Spirit Domain’s power to forcefully suppress the damage caused by the enemies Cogenesis Innate Talent was like child’s play for her.

Not to mention, Xue Wu Xia still had the protection of the Blizzard Goddess.

The Blizzard Goddess, although not yet a god, still possessed the mental power of a Divine Envoy, as long as she was guarding Snow Flawless, it would be impossible for the enemy to even remotely harm Xue Wu Xia mentally!

“A very childish trick, and once the weakness is found, it’s as ridiculous as the trick of jumping the beam!” Xue Wu Xia had the quasi-Divine Book of Truth, although it was not as astute as Yue Yang’s Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, but to see through the malicious tricks of the Central Palace Hall Elder, it was still more than sufficient. Whenever this Central Palace Hall Elder was preparing to activate his Cogenesis Innate Talent, he had to use his body substitution war beast and the magic mirror in his hand as a spirit guide, otherwise the target would not be captured. This seemingly well-hidden approach was nothing short of shit in Xue Wu Xia’s Spirit Realm.

One ability counters another.

Some people, by nature, are the nemesis of some people.

The Central Palace Hall Elder had the Cogenesis Innate Talent, a war beast that was almost immortal with its outstanding regenerative abilities, and a magic mirror with accurate spiritual guidance.

On the surface, he was extremely overbearing, but in front of Xue Wu Xia, who was currently ranked only below the Night Empress and Zhi Zun in terms of mental fortitude, in Yue Yang’s words, he was only a rank 5 bug……

“I’ll kill you!”

The Central Palace Hall Elder was ashamed to have been belittled and was enraged.

As his Cogenesis Innate Talent and his Magic Mirror did not seem to have any effect, he immediately switched over to his most trusted brute force, his aura exploded and raised to Heaven Rank 5, and immediately swung his fist at Xue Wu Xia.

The power of Heaven Rank 5.

Roaring like thunder, it swept through the earth and attacked Xue Wu Xia in an incomparably powerful frenzy.

That Book of Truth turned another page in Xue Wu Xia’s hands, and Xue Wu Xia’s fingers started drawing countless wonderful patterns of Heavenly Realm runes.

Without knowing when, a rune crystal wall had been erected in front of Xue Wu Xia, and the mysteriously powerful Heavenly Rank 5 power of the Central Palace Hall Elder bounced back in full. This was originally the rune crystal wall used by Sickly Beauty to defend against enemy attacks, after Xue Wu Xia’s research and improvement, combined with her Spirit Realm, the ‘Rune Crystal Wall’ that had the greatest defensive capabilities was finally formed.

The powerful strike of the Central Palace Hall Elder only served to numb his own arms from the recoil of the crystal wall.

He started to panic in his heart.

However, when he was in the middle of retreating, he suddenly noticed that the other party’s Rune Crystal Wall had a barely noticeable crack in it from his Heaven Rank 5 smash just now. He immediately regained his confidence, rejoiced, increased his power and attacked again!


No matter what, he himself was also an Elder of the Central Palace Hall and was at the peak of the fifth level of the Heavenly Rank!

For just a quasi-Heaven Ranker.

She wanted to fight against him?

Dream on!

The Central Palace Hall Elder didn’t know that he was already inside Xue Wu Xia’s Spirit Realm, and he would never even suspect that the crack on the Rune Crystal Wall was actually an illusion created by the Spirit Realm. What he did not know actually was that from the moment this attack had been rebounded by the Rune Crystal Wall, everything he saw was an illusion. Thinking that he had the ability to smash the Rune Crystal Wall apart, the Central Palace Hall Elder put his full strength into his blow.

In his hallucinations, the cracks in the Rune Crystal Wall were getting bigger and bigger.

Finally, under his heavy blast of punches, he managed to pierce through the Rune Crystal Wall.

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