Long Live Summons

Chapter 802.1 - Intrusion, Fog Transformation, Water Illusion

Chapter 802.1 Intrusion, Fog Transformation, Water Illusion

Inside the Blade Cut Valley.

The two Temple Elders felt really impatient as the enemy had not entered the trap for a long time, had they seen through the ambush?

The departure of Heaven Realm warriors of the three major teams of Eight wilderness, Snowy plain and Battle Song, almost made them fly out to intercept them. In order to prevent it from being an enemy’s strategy to tempt them, the two decided to continue to lurk. In any case, if the enemy wanted to break through the obstacles, they would have to pass through Blade Cut valley. Here, although waiting for the rabbit was a stupid way, but once trapped, it would be the best place to annihilate someone.

Here, even a single man could kill a thousand men.

By virtue of the location, the two decided to hold on.

Even if they had to wait for a long time, they would never reveal their location, only a patient hunter could get his hand on the prey.

Taking advantage of Blade Cut Valley’s various mechanisms, along with the traps and war Beast abilities, they could definitely make a surprise attack on the enemy and make them pay a heavy price! In the entire wind valley, there was no better place than here for an ambush.

“Oh, here they come, they are finally here.” said the Temple Elder who was on the ambush on the left side after finding some movements on the outer side of the Blade cut valley.

“According to the original plan, when the people outside reach to the edge of the Passage, they will start the mechanism. Even if the people outside have the immortal body, they will miserably die in the blade cut Passage. This mechanism was perhaps built by the gods because no one can escape its power, and nor it could be destroyed…We have to pay attention to whether someone will breakthrough soon, we might have to wait for a little, well, no need, they are coming! ” The Temple Elder on the right was overjoyed, and hid his breath even more deeply along with his companions, but his awareness expanded a hundredfold, he has been keeping a close eye at Yue Yang and the others who had entered the Blade Cut Valley.

As if he didn’t know that there was an ambush planned by the enemy, Yue Yang walked in front of the team, Tu Hai was on his side, while Lord Ling Yun stayed at the end.

In the middle was Gui Xin and Gui Zhen, making them four in total.

Everyone walked at a certain distance from each other.

At this distance, it was possible to look after each other without affecting the space where they could display their skills at best.

In case they encountered a dangerous mechanism or trap in Blade Cut Valley, they would have had more time to deal with it.

Big rims one after another, were constantly rotating, various sharp knives, ground spears, poisonous arrows, broken bones, nail boards, giant boulders and spikes, and other various kinds of incredible mechanisms keep being triggered as Yue Yang and the others passed by. Only those with most agility and quickest reactions would be able to escape them all. Some of the flying arrows seem to leave no room to escape from them.

One had to swim through the arrow while seeking temporary shelter in order to dodge them. When Yue Yang walked through such a place, he couldn’t help but admire the designer’s uniqueness. Only such mechanisms can get the best exercise effect. In comparison, the mechanism in Tong Tian Tower of the Five Elements was simple torture.

If there weren’t two Temple Elders lurking in ambush, Yue Yang would have asked Hui Tai Lang to release Fatty Hai and the others to let them get some practice.

In the mechanism, there were some sharp knives and spears that could run through the entire space. While walking to the top, one would be unable to dodge them. It would be necessary to see the law of its expansion and contraction, so that one could instantly cross before it starts contracting, in order to avoid getting hit.

Yue Yang walked away and secretly wrote down that he would later prepare a similar mechanism in Tong Tian Tower for training.

After walking through dozens of giant boulder-like mechanisms, they had only cleared less than one-fifth of the passage.

But it had already made Lord Ling Yun and the others dizzy and exhausted.

Fortunately, there were no casualties.

Everyone had managed to make it through.

Yue Yang stopped at a hundred meters long passage. The passage was very huge, but inside it, was many rotating serrated blades, tumbling like a wave. Thousands of serrated blades kept spinning. Anyone who would get cut by them will definitely be smashed into minced meat.

The passage was the largest and most difficult to pass through in the entire Blade Cut Valley.

It had no possibility of passing straight through.

Any passer must first pass through the first rotating blade, then wait for the second blade to stop rotating, and similarly wait for the third blade to stop to get a chance to pass through.

There were thousands of such serrated blades.

Once entered, they could only advance, there was no possibility of retreat.

After this passage, there were some other mechanisms that were more complicated but were a little easy, and passing them would not really kill people. Therefore, the hardest part of the entire Blade Cut Valley was this blade cutting Passage.

“What the hell!.”Lord Ling was aware that behind this blade cut passage, there are two Temple Elders lurking in ambush, so he was on guard the entire time. Although he listened to Yue Yang’s various techniques and points to pay attention to, he still had no confidence that this blade cut passage was safe to pass through. Thousands of serrated blades were spinning and as long as a slight mistake was made they would be dead.

On top of it, the most terrible thing was that the two Temple Elders were still eyeing them in the dark, ready to sneak attack at any moment…

If it were not for Third Young Master Yue, he wouldn’t have crossed this blade cutting passage.

This place was simply killing him!

However, he also knew.

If he couldn’t even pass this blade cutting passage, then he should just stop following Third Young Master Yue, and go back, buy a piece of tofu and die.

He and Tu Hai, the two of them set off first.

After stopping and passing from time to time, they passed about 100 serrated blades, then Gui Xin and Gui Zhen also started following them, and after they passed more than 500 serrated blades, Chang Si and Tie Wan also entered the passage. Two Temple Elders were waiting for Chang Si and Tie Wan to enter. According to their prediction, Yue Yang was just a Quasi-Heaven Rank stage and as long as they trapped Lord Ling Yun and the others in the Blade Cut passage, their chance of success would be 90%.

They did not hesitate to launch the mechanism trap and temporarily shut down the Blade Cut passage that Yue Yang was about to enter.

The serrated blades in the Passage immediately increased its rotation by tenfold.

Moreover, there were also many Metal Attribute natured war beasts, that pounced on them from their hidden position in the Passage, attacking the already occupied Lord Ling Yun and the others…Ten minutes later, Lord Ling Yun and Tu Hai were covered in bruises and injuries due to the successive hits from the mechanism, although they had avoided the most deadly cuts from the blades.

Most importantly, both of them were also attacked by the Metal Attributed war beasts.

These war beasts were the descendants of the war beasts that the ancient predecessors deliberately left behind. They all have certain abilities. Once they hit their target, they can block the progress of the trespassers.

Countless Metal Attributes Beast, they formed cumbersome chains or shackles on their bodies, strangling Lord Ling Yun and Tu Hai in the Blade Cut passage, several times placing them in a dangerous situation, nearly causing them to become minced meat by the blades. The Two Temple Elders laughed and laughed, and they were surprised by the success of the plan. However, they were not surprised to be so unwilling to achieve such success. The frustration and displeasure brought about by the ambush over the past few days were not swept away. So, in order to hasten the death of Lord Ling Yun and Tu Hai, and their final victory, and also for the sake of greater merit, they decided to personally enter the Blade Cut passage to deliver a fatal blow to Ling Yun and the others, who were seriously injured.

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