Long Live Summons

Chapter 902 That Was Too Fast, I Didn't Feel It Clearly

Chapter 902: That Was Too Fast, I Didn’t Feel It Clearly

When Drunken Cat Yu Jie saw that Yue Yang completely knocked down Lord Black Flame and dug out the Black Flame Soul Crystal that had been refined for thousands of years from the opponent’s body, she couldn’t help it anymore. She stepped forward and touched him with her fingers, “Why did you tell him so much? Wouldn’t it be better to just kill him and take everything away?”

Yue Yang ignited the Nirvana Flame, purifying the Black Flame Soul Crystal.

After it was refined, the crystal diminished from the size of a big fist to a clump that was just slightly bigger than a forefinger. He then handed it to Drunken Cat Yu Jie and motioned to her to look, “If I didn’t say anything and just killed this guy, then the Black Flame Soul Crystal that we might have dug out would just be a Sub-Holy Soul Crystal and it would not be very useful. However, after his excitement, he was exhausted and his soul was severely injured. Even though he was naturally connected with the Black Flame Soul Crystal, my Supreme Will was able to give him a good scar. So, I can easily dig it out without any loss. As you can see, it is now completely unharmed and its purity levels even evolved to a Holy Level!”

Drunken Cat Yu Jie did not deny the benefits of doing so, but still, she felt like something was wrong, “Is it really alright to do this?”

Yue Yang smiled, “Kitty, don’t treat it as a human being. If you think of it as a monster, things would be much easier— defeating monsters to obtain the treasure is a natural process in this life of ours!”

“But he is clearly in human form…” Drunken Cat Yu Jie didn’t contradict Yue Yang’s opinion, but she just couldn’t accept it for a while.

“Then, treat it as a ‘humanoid monster’. Well,let’s not discuss this issue. Simba! This guy’s flame body is still good. Alright, I’ll reward you with this, drag it outside for a good meal!” Those who died in the hands of Yue Yang had a rather gruesome end— either you turn into fertiliser of you’d be animal feed.

“I think this guy will die without peace!” Drunken Cat Yu Jie murmured to herself.

“It’s dead already, do you think it will still care if he doesn’t die in peace? Come on, let’s continue mining, there are still so many Di Yan Ores that can’t be wasted and we can’t leave even a piece of it to others!” Yue Yang casually started to mine. Drunken Cat Yu Jie was stunned— this kid was greedy to the point where he would not let go of the most trivial things. If someone else had the same identity like him, doing stuff like this was practically just overboard! And yet, sometimes he would be too generous. He granted thousands of flying dragons as soon as they were needed without blinking his eyes, not even the slightest care or annoyance about gifting away Heaven Ranked beasts either.

What an incomprehensible contradiction.

“Oh, by the way, why did that Di Gui Yin Flame disappear?” Drunken Cat Yu Jie remembered something.

“What do you mean disappear? I flickered it off because it’s actually an illusion in my domain. I collected the real Di Gui Yin Flame early on. It took a lot of effort to wrap it up carefully with the Nirvana Flame, close it and then enter it into the Grimoire World. I almost failed at that time, and now that I think about it, it was kind of dangerous,” Yue Yang replied without raising his head.

“Di Gui Yin Flame was particularly difficult to store, wasn’t it?” Drunken Cat Yu Jie could imagine that kind of difficulty without guessing.

“Nonsense, of course it was difficult; it took me ten minutes to get it done,” Yue Yang hummed triumphantly.

“You picked the Vulcan Soul Refining Herb and you had the time to harvest the Di Gui Yin Flame?” Drunken Cat Yu Jie felt that he was rather deceitful. He could have told me that he was already harvesting the herb, then I wouldn’t have been that worried or scared!

“It only took a minute or so to harvest the herb, the main point was collecting the Di Gui Yin Flame…” Yue Yang accidentally exploited a big secret.

“What are you talking about?” Drunken Cat Yu Jie got angry. You couldn’t bother to tell me that you finished the harvest? You made me so worried that I almost lost my life! I thought the illusion was real and even rushed to protect you! I was going to live or die along with you, but I guess I was the one who made the wrong choices!

She punched him and Yue Yang avoided it, but fell backwards onto his back. Straddling his waist she lifted her fists to punch him.

“Don’t be impulsive; the impulsiveness is the devil!” Student Yue Yang quickly grabbed her fist.

“I’m not impulsive, I just want to beat you up!” Drunken Cat Yu Jie wanted nothing more but to bite on a piece of his flesh just to let him taste the feeling of being bullied.

“Actually, it’s not that I didn’t want to tell you, but that you were just immersed in your sentiment at the time and you were constantly improving. Of course, I couldn’t wake you up in that state…” Yue Yang explained and Drunken Cat Yu Jie remembered.

It seems like things were really like that.

“So according to your words, it’s my fault for wrongfully blaming you?” After blaming him without listening to his reason, she felt a bit embarrassed.

“No, blame me for not picking the medicine fast enough. If it could have been done in one second, then there would be no such misunderstandings, blame me!” Student Yue Yang pretended to blame himself and said wittyly, putting her in an awkwardly anger-subsidizing position. She gave him a sullen look and then struggled slightly, “Well, let go then, I’m getting up!”

Before letting go, Yue Yang asked cautiously, “You’re really not going to hit me?”

Drunken Cat Yu snorted angrily, “I’m not that bored to do something like that!”

Yue Yang asked again, “Are you sure?”

She couldn’t get angry when he saw his fear of death as she gave him a blank glance, “Coward, I promise not to hit you, let’s go!”

Student Yue Yang breathed a sigh of relief and patted his chest, “Thank God, I thought you were going to use torture like ‘chest suffocation’ to torture me. As you know, my willpower is very weak and I can’t bear the chest suffocation torture at all!”

Torture of chest suffocation?

With such a new term, Drunken Cat Yu Jie’s forehead popped with visible blue veins— she was no fool, she understood it as soon as she heard it.

However, what was the content of the torture behind the chest suffocation lady, I wonder?

Drunken Cat Yu Jie immediately raised her fist, “Say, what else are you hiding from me, brat?”

Yue Yang reacted extremely quickly.

He caught her fist and had the look of a hero who dedicated his life to the revolution— the gaze of someone who would rather die than surrender, “As the best secret keeper in the entire Tong Tian Tower, do you think that I will tell you that you used too much force when you sat down just now? Do you think I would speak of a big secret like your pants having a small hole in them after you sat too forcefully?”

Drunken Cat Yu Jie was shocked after hearing this.

She looked down at her body and found that the ‘door’ to the ‘cave’ was truly opened, even revealing a faint layer of ‘grass’ that was visible to the world.

She couldn’t help being stupid on the spot. When she reacted, she saw that the kid Yue Yang was smirking. She suddenly became angry and on impulse, she made a move that was impossible for her to do normally. She lowered her entire body and with a towering frame, she pressed herself on the face of this little thief who was snickering. You good boy, weren’t you afraid of the so-called ‘chest suffocation torture’? I’ll let you try the taste of suffocating happiness!”

Who told you to get horny? Who said you could just bully me?

“Kitty, forgive me, I surrender. You know, one could really die from suffocation…” A certain transmigrating man who pretended to be struggling was actually screaming.

“Well, he deserves to die!” said the big-chested Yu Jie who had already decided to punish him with anger and eagerness!

After one day.

Drunken Cat Yu Jie who returned to the Tian Luo Palace warned the transmigrated man for the hundredth time, “If you dare to so much as mention it to the others, I will kill you!”

Student Yue Yang took advantage of it naturally and pretended to be a good boy. Patting his chest, he said, “You can rest assured, unless Qian Qian and the others use the same torture, I will never say it!”

Drunken Cat Yu Jie was already too powerless to be angry. Well, it is wrong to be angry with this kind of pervert.

Direct hits are the most practical, after all!

Before they could even raise their fists, Princess Qian Qian and Yue Yu greeted them. Tigress smiled and asked her quietly,”That bad guy didn’t bully you, right?”

She nearly wanted to cry, but she denied it, “No. If he dared to, I would have peeled his skin off!”

Yue Yang cooperated to make the ‘I am a gentleman’ expression.

Although everyone did not believe it.

“Sister Yu and I are going to take Bing Er to the ancient forest to get the energy of ancient runes tonight, so we will have to rely on your help!” Princess Qian Qian said that she will leave Yue Yang to her cousin to take care of him. Drunken Cat Yu Jie couldn’t refuse either as she wanted to cry without tears— how in the world was she expected to keep an eye on him? No matter what her answer was, she hoped that she wouldn’t be bullied by him for the day as that would be a blessing in itself!

“Okay, I will watch him. Even if I’m going to the Heaven Realm to purchase some ores, I will watch him!” Drunken Cat Yu Jie sighed, biting down a forced agreement.

“I will obey your commands!” Yue Yang expressed another persona who bore the policy of listening to his wife and following the flow of things as if his dedication remained unchanged for 50 years.

“Shut up!” Drunken Cat Yu Jie was angry. Although the late stage of torture with chest suffocation made the kid feel like a rascal for a while, but there was confusion clouding her thoughts at the time. Hence, it was not counted and she hadn’t officially agreed.

What kind of wife are you talking about now? It’s too early for that!

“Cousin is very mighty. If you marry in the future, the family rules must be very strict…” Princess Qian Qian clapped her hands and praised her. Embarrassed, Drunken Cat Yu Jie turned around and left.

At night.

Drunken Cat Yu Jie tossed and turned but she just couldn’t sleep.

She originally thought that Yue Yang would come to attack her at night. If it was true, then she would punch him and make him fly out of the clouds. At least, she would shut him out and let him eat the door. But what the hell, this kid didn’t even bother her. Qian Qian and the others weren’t here and His Majesty refused to see him again so he had no place to go. But how could he just go to bed early?

Truly being unable to sleep, she put on her clothes.

Pushing the door of Yue Yang’s room lightly, she found that he was not resting on the bed at all.

At first, Drunken Cat Yu Jie thought that he had embarked on a happy trip to some land. Who would have thought that from the door that was left ajar, there was a sliver of light coming in from the laboratory.

The Di Yan Ore, arranged like a small hill, was refined piece by piece in Yue Yang’s hands. The smallest became a bean-sized crystal and the largest was only the size of an egg. The same hill-like Liquid Crystal Di Yan was piled up on his other side as well— an overwhelming tens of thousands of them.

Everyone else only saw his luck and prestige, but how many people could see his efforts?

How many people could really understand his heart?

Drunken Cat Yu Jie’s eyes were moist and her throat seemed to be blocked by something. She was very uncomfortable as her tears slipped silently. Seeing his lonely and hardworking figure, she quickly wiped away her tears. Showing a soft smile, she stepped forward. When he was about to pick up the Di Yan Ores, she took the lead and handed a piece of ore into his hand. It was too late to grab a towel at this point, so she used her pyjamas directly, “You just came back, so why don’t you take a break?” Yue Yang looked back at her strangely as he thought she had fallen asleep.

“You are the only one who works hard, won’t you allow anyone to help you?” Drunken Cat Yu Jie couldn’t help making an action that she never thought she could and it was very natural. She leaned down and kissed his lips gently as a reward for him.

But after the kiss, both of them were stunned for an instant.

Both pairs of eyes were on the same level, unsure of what to do.

Drunken Cat Yu Jie suddenly reacted and turned his head back, not allowing him to look at herself again as it was full of embarrassment.

How did that even happen? Th-this is really dizzying. I actually took the initiative to kiss him,and I even kissed the lips! What’s worse is that, including the last time he kissed himself and this time, he didn’t feel it clearly. The time, my true first kiss was completely gone as well, but I still didn’t feel it clearly. It was a failure…

“Kitty, it was too fast just now, I didn’t feel it clearly!” A certain transmigrated man proposed to initiate it formally.

“If you keep talking I’ll kill you!” A certain big-breasted elder sister who was too embarrassed, weakly and shamefully rejected his proposal.

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