Lord of All Realms

Chapter 14: Reappearance of the Strange Power!

The Cloudsoaring sect’s burly man shook his head and sighed as he said, “His cultivation base is far too poor. This kid must be ten years old now, yet he’s merely reached the fourth level of Qi Refining. What a pity! His father must have been mediocre, otherwise... his talent shouldn’t be like this.”

“That elder martial sister of mine, was her talent really that amazing?” the little girl asked curiously.

“She reached the ninth level of Qi Refining by the age of ten,” explained the burly man. “In a place like the Nie clan, such talent could be counted as outstanding.”

The little girl was instantly filled with respect, and she said, “That’s truly impressive.”

Although she had also reached the ninth level of Qi Refining, she clearly understood her current achievement was very much because of her family background.

Only with the help of numerous precious materials and magical tools did she manage to reach her current cultivation level. Those things had played a crucial part.

Nie Jin had been from the Nie family, which was only a vassal of the Cloudsoaring sect, and certainly didn’t have the access to the numerous precious medicinal ingredients like she did.

Considering Nie Jin managed to achieve the ninth level of Qi Refining by the age of ten, there could be no other explanation than her extraordinary talent.

Normally, Nie Tian, being Nie Jin’s son, should have inherited his parents’ talents to some extent.

Even if Nie Tian’s father was merely a mortal, solely relying on his mother’s talent, Nie Tian should not be so weak.

“Little Tian! Come home with me. If you push things too far you could get hurt!!” Seeing Nie Tian take so many heavy blows, Nie Qian was getting rattled. “I don’t need you to avenge me! Come back with me, quickly!”

“Once the battle has begun, it can’t be stopped!” Yuan Qiuying said, her expression cold and indifferent. She blurred into action and flashed to Nie Qian’s side, emanating waves of spiritual power, a clear sign that she was attempting to stop Nie Qian from interfering with the battle. “That’s my son fighting the little punk, so it can’t be considered me bullying a young child.

“They are peers. If he loses, you just have his poor cultivation base to blame, not me.”

Yuan Qiuying looked down her nose at Nie Tian, who still had smoke coming out of his hair. Secretly, she felt relieved. She couldn’t wait for her son to launch more vicious strikes at Nie Tian and make him look more bedraggled.

Nie Tian’s earlier comments had hit her right in her sore point, and now the deep hatred she felt towards him was rooted in her bones.

Yun Song was laughing complacently; obviously he could read his mother’s intentions. Seeing that Yuan Qiuying had quietly blocked Nie Qian’s path, and was even hinting for him to strike to kill, he attacked again.


One ball of orange flame after another flew towards Nie Tian as Yun Song switched to another spiritual incantation.

It seemed those balls of fire suddenly could move according to Yun Song’s will after leaving his palm. They gathered into groups of three, forming vertical triangles which flew off and chased Nie Tian down from different directions.

After his shirt and hair were burnt by the fireballs, Nie Tian was well aware of how powerful they were, so this time he didn’t try to fight it directly, but instead he constantly moved around to dodge them.

“Ha ha!” A grin filled Yun Song’s little face as he continued to release more flames, then shoot them out in the form of fireballs.

Dozens of fireballs were flying about, pinning down Nie Tian, each of them like a small sun.

Waves of burning heat emanated from those fireballs, making the area where Nie Tian stood more and more unbearably hot.

Surrounded by the fireballs, Nie Tian could only dodge them as best he could and try to avoid being burnt.

As Yun Song released more and more fireballs, the space left for Nie Tian to move about in grew smaller and smaller.

Having deliberately released numerous fireballs and spent considerable mental power on controlling them, Yun Song also had sweat on his forehead, due to his significant consumption of spiritual power and energy.

“Fancy, but unpractical!” The little girl with a delicate jade-like face stopped eating her sunflower seeds and completely focused her attention on Yun Song and Nie Tian’s battle. She gently frowned and said, “He’s condensed too many fireballs and spent too much energy on controlling them, so they are rather pleasant to watch, but not very effective.

The burly man beside her nodded before commenting, “That Yun clan kid’s battling techniques are indeed too flashy. With his seventh level of Qi Refining cultivation base, if he had concentrated on controlling three fireballs, their speed and agility would have been two levels higher.

“If there were only three fireballs, that Nie Clan kid would have been hit long ago. He might have already lost the battle by now.

“He’s been spreading his energy too thin, causing all of his numerous fireballs to move a bit slower. Because of that, the Nie clan kid still has the time and space to move about.”

After a brief pause, the man continued, “However, due to the increasing amount of fireballs, the Nie clan kid has less and less room to move about. Losing is just a matter of time.”

“It’s fundamentally because of the huge gap between their cultivation bases,” the little girl said, sounding a bit sad.


Just at that time, a fist-sized fireball hit Nie Tian right on the chest, right before he could dodge it.

Once again, Nie Tian’s shirt was immediately set on fire and threads of flame power seized the chance to enter his body.

The pain left Nie Tian staggering. As a larger swarm of fireballs flew his way, it seemed he was on the verge of being overtaken.

“Nie Tian!” Nie Qian let out a shrill cry, preparing to stop the fight despite Yuan Qiuying’s obstruction.

The burly man from the Cloudsoaring sect, who had been standing among the onlookers, didn’t look very happy either.

Nie Tian’s cultivation base was merely in the fourth level of Qi Refining, while the power contained in the fireballs were from Yun Song, who was in the seventh level.

If all of the fireballs eventually hit Nie Tian, he would surely suffer from severe injuries, and would be lucky to make it out alive.

The burly man was with the Cloudsoaring sect and since Nie Tian was a member of the Nie clan which was affiliated with the Cloudsoaring sect, he absolutely couldn’t watch the Yun clan child kill Nie Tian in front of him.


Nie Tian’s heart started to race at this desperate moment.

But just then, he felt a mysterious force, that had been hidden deep in his flesh, burst out without even the slightest hesitation!

The flame power that Yun Song had left in Nie Tian was instantly wiped out, and it seemed he was no longer influenced by the residual fire damage.

He threw himself in face of the fireballs and swooped towards Yun Song with his eyes filled with killing intent, like a ferocious monster.


One after one, fireballs rained on Nie Tian, yet he didn’t feel any pain.

The burning spiritual power contained in those fireballs vanished the moment it reached his skin. Not a single bit of the flame power could penetrate into his body through his pores.

He had successfully broken through the storm of fireballs!

The burly man from the Cloudsoaring sect had been just about to intervene, but now his mouth hung open and the word “stop” lay on the tip of his tongue. After what had just occurred, he swallowed that word right back in.


Nie Tian’s figure traveled like a flash, and he arrived at Yun Song’s side in a split second.


Yun Song was thrown high into the air before he fell heavily onto the ground.

In the next second, Nie Tian was standing where Yun Song had been, glaring aggressively at Yun Song, who was five meters away, and yelled, “Come on! Get up and continue!”

The moment Yun Song opened his mouth, he couldn’t help but start to cough violently, with blood coming out of the corner of his mouth.

“Song’er!” screamed Yuan Qiuying and Yun Zhiguo, rushing forward to check Yun Song’s injuries. They ran so quickly that they almost left a trail of flames behind them.

The numerous onlookers were also confused. Observing Nie Tian and the dispirited Yun Song from a distance, they continued to discuss the matter loudly.


“What just happened?”

“Am I seeing right? Why is the Nie clan kid standing, while the Yun clan kid is lying on the ground?”

“What exactly happened just now? I, I didn’t see it.”

“It’s weird! So weird!”

However, the burly man from the Cloudsoaring sect caught every detail of the fight. He saw that after Nie Tian burst through the cluster of fireballs, he smashed into Yun Song’s chest like a raging war chariot, knocking Yun Song right into the air.

After checking her son’s wounds and finding that two of Yun Song’s ribs were broken, Yuan Qiuying immediately went crazy. “Little bastard! How dare you injure my precious Song’er. I’m going to kill you right now!”

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