Lord of All Realms

Chapter 1585: The New Findings

In the main realm of the Floragrims.

Looking down from the sky, the greenery of the Floragrims’s ancestral land where Nie Tian’s true form was had faded away.

Even the leaves of the towering trees had withered and become yellow, giving people a decayed feeling that the vitality in everything was disappearing.

Only the place where the third generation of Tree of Life was was still green and full of life.


In the land that his wood domain had transformed into, Nie Tian’s body instantly assumed its giant form.

His nine-thousand-meter body stood in the middle of the land like a towering mountain peak.

Streaks of green energy light seemed to be wandering on the surface of the mountain, removing all the impurities from his body.

His half-naked body emitted a fresh smell, similar to vegetation, in keeping with the smell of the land under his feet and this area of the realm he was in.

His wood domain that consisted of spiritual Qi, wood energy, a Godspirit Tree, and seventy-two ancient trees continued to extend.

Mysterious patterns constantly appeared in the sky and on the land.

“Wood power...” Nie Tian’s wood sub-soul murmured, feeling the transformation of his Saint domain.

“Nie Tian,” Grand Monarch Primal Wood of the Floragrims shouted from the outside.

At the moment, because Nie Tian was in the critical moment of breaking through to the God domain, even the third generation of Tree of Life didn’t have time to pay much attention to trifles. It was focused on merging the true meaning of life that it had understood into Nie Tian’s wood domain to help him advance to the God domain.

The third generation of Tree of Life was unmoved by Grand Monarch Primal Wood’s shout.


A sub-soul flew quickly out of the wood domain.

The bone from the Rage Behemoth left with it.

“What is it?” The sub-soul corresponding to the Rage Behemoth asked Grand Monarch Primal Wood.

“I’ve just got word that outsider grand monarchs from the Void Word and Spirit World have reached the Mortal Word at the same time,” Grand Monarch Primal Wood said with a grave expression. “There are six grand monarchs. They seem to be aiming for your true soul.”

“So that’s what you want to tell me,” Nie Tian said. “Tell the three Ancientspirit grand monarchs about it, but you must keep others from knowing, and ask them to wait in the Domain of Forbidden Heaven. I may need their help.”

Grand Monarch Primal Wood was surprised. “You know this already?”

“Yes, you just need to ask them to wait for me. And you’ll return to the Domain of Forbidden Heaven too after you’re done.”

“Okay, got it.”


In the Realm of Middle Continent.

Although Nie Tian’s sub-soul was in the birthplace of the human race in the Spirit World, his true form was in the main realm of the Floragrims, and his star and flame sub-souls were outside the realm, all of these and the five evil gods in the Nether Realm could maintain communication through their souls without a hitch.

The way his true soul was able to connect all his sub-souls was incomparably marvelous .

“I can achieve whatever Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits of the Netherspirits could achieve,” Nie Tian said.

The more enlightenment he derived from the Spirit Scepter, the deeper he understood Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s various soul magics. He believed that even Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits couldn’t do what he could; each of his sub-souls had different wonders and attributes, strengths and corresponding objects.


The Voidspirit Pagoda shrank abruptly, and Zhao Shanling suddenly stood up with bright eyes.

“What’s the matter?” Nie Tian asked curiously.

“Come with me!” Zhao Shanling shouted as he grabbed the Voidspirit Pagoda and whizzed away.

He didn’t display any spatial power or tear open space. Perhaps it was because he was afraid that Nie Tian’s true soul didn’t have a fleshly body, and thus might not be able to withstand the distorting power when it shuttled between layers of space.

Wielding the Spirit Scepter, Nie Tian didn’t talk much, but simply followed Zhao Shanling.

It wasn’t long before Zhao Shanling took him to the mountains in the eastern region of the Realm of Middle Continent.

There was a deep black lake surrounded by three bare mountain peaks of different heights.

There was not a single ripple in the dark lake. As they got closer, they felt a piercing chill.

There were bright light blades flickering in the lake.

Nie Tian’s sub-soul floated above the surface of the lake, and could see that the light blades were the few spatial light blades that Zhao Shanling had released before.

He was a little puzzled.

Even though his true form was nowhere near this place, with the Spirit Scepter’s help, his soul awareness could cover the entire Realm of Middle Continent, and even other nearby human realms. However, his true soul could only perceive and locate creatures with souls.

He couldn’t perceive soulless existences.

His true soul alone couldn’t acutely perceive energies like frigid power, flame power, and lightning power.


Zhao Shanling slowly landed a few dozen meters from the cold lake. He gasped and said to Nie Tian, “The frigid power in this lake is changing little by little. I’ve been in the Realm of Middle Continent for a while, and I’ve long since explored this lake. But when I explored it, it seemed like a normal lake.

“However, it’s now growing colder and colder.”


As he spoke, the spatial light blades that had sunk into the lake suddenly exploded.

“They shattered from the frigid power!” Zhao Shanling was shocked, and started to feel pain in his head. “This lake is weird. Even my soul awareness that I placed in it has been frozen and shattered into pieces!”

After a moment of pondering, he suddenly dove into the lake.

He summoned the Voidspirit Pagoda, and layers of space wrapped his body.

However, only seconds after he sank into the lake with the Voidspirit Pagoda, they flew back out with a swish.


Chunks of ice fell off him and the Voidspirit Pagoda. He kept shivering and exclaiming as he said, “Damn it was cold! This lake is weird. In just a few days, it’s gathered such terrifying frigid power! What’s weirder is that I don’t know where the frigid power in the lake comes from. I didn’t find anything when I first explored it.”


The Spirit Scepter burst forth with misty cyan light that flew down into the frigid lake.

Each ray of cyan light contained Nie Tian’s soul awareness and the Spirit Scepter’s power.

Surprisingly, as soon as the rays of cyan light fell into the lake, they were affected by the cold power, and instantly morphed into cyan crystal balls that floated in the lake, without being able to sink any lower.

In fact, the crystal balls were a kind of frigid power imprisonment of the cyan light that Nie Tian’s soul had condensed into.

Soon, Nie Tian and Zhao Shanling saw more wisps of cold power converging on the cyan crystal balls until they couldn’t take it, and exploded with loud bangs.

Afterwards, wisps of crystal light sank into the lake as Nie Tian’s wisps of soul awareness took the chance to fly back to him.

“Go back to the Domain of Forbidden Heaven and ask Yu Suying to get her junior martial sister Han Qing here,” Nie Tian ordered. “And help me summon the God domain experts, and ask them to get ready.”

Zhao Shanling nodded. “That teleportation portal makes things easy.”

“Wait a minute,” Nie Tian said.

He pondered for a while before speaking. “Go to the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect, and tell You Qimiao about the wonders here and ask him if he’s interested.”

Zhao Shanling was taken back. “You Qimiao?!”

Nie Tian said, “Yes. You Qimiao.”



Zhao Shanling opened a spatial rift and disappeared.

Nie Tian’s true soul remained above the cold lake.

He wanted to get You Qimiao here because he felt that the six outsider grand monarchs from the Void Word and Spirit World were by no means insignificant, and there were likely late tenth grade grand monarchs among them.

Only Grand Monarch Primal Wood, You Qimiao, and the many experts of the human race and Ancientspirits together could likely kill these visitors.

In addition, both You Qimiao and Han Qing were proficient in cold power, with You Qimiao being one of the best, so Nie Tian wanted to figure out the wonders of the cold lake by virtue of You Qimiao’s ability.

A few hours later, Zhao Shanling came back with You Qimiao!

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