Lord of All Realms

Chapter 911: Gifts

For a long time, Li Langfeng had been the only person guarding this territory.

However, Li Langfeng could spread Nie Tian’s will to every corner of the Domain of the Falling Stars through the help of the Blood Skull, the Dark Moon, and the Wild Fire.

In fact, Li Langfeng had become Nie Tian’s spokesman in the Domain of the Falling Stars.

When Nie Tian wasn’t around, the others would have to get in contact with Nie Tian through him.

Now, Li Langfeng was still at the middle Profound realm; he hadn’t made any new breakthroughs during the years Nie Tian had been away in the Shatter Battlefield.

However, that was understandable, since the higher one’s cultivation base became, the more difficult it would be to make new breakthroughs.

In fact, Li Langfeng’s progress in strength and cultivation base was already faster than most, thanks to the Fiend expert’s heart and numerous Fiends’ secret incantations Nie Tian had gotten for him.

After Zhao Shanling left, Nie Tian took out a cluster of pale-white flames from within his ring of holding. With a smile, he handed it to Li Langfeng. “I came across this thing in the Shatter Battlefield. I won’t be able to refine it myself, and I don’t intend to sell it.”

At this moment, the cluster of pale-white flames was being sealed by numerous illusory magical symbols.

Li Langfeng went blank upon seeing it. A moment later, he asked, “This is?”

“Corpse toxin essence, an Earth Cultivated grade spiritual material that possesses primal awareness,” Nie Tian explained. “It clearly conflicts with the incantations I practice. Anyone who was touched by this thing would have most likely turned into another ghoul that roamed the Shatter Battlefield. By the way, ghouls are wreathed in rich corpse aura, and are very hard to deal with.

“This cluster of flames can also channel power from the ghouls and use it to strengthen itself.”

Nie Tian was instinctively disgusted by the cluster of pale-white flames.

This sense of disgust originated from his unique bloodline. If he hadn’t sealed it with the illusory magical symbols before tossing it into his ring of holding, even carrying it around would undermine his life power, and thus force him to contend against it with his bloodline power.

He had suspected that perhaps only Fiends would be able to wield this peculiar item from the moment he had gained it.

It might even be considered a precious treasure by Fiends.

Li Langfeng was the only friend of his who was well-versed in the Fiends’ secret magics.

Over these years, Li Langfeng’s loyalty to him had been absolute. He had stood by him, protected the Nie Clan, and managed this place for him without a single complaint.

“Take it and see if you can refine it,” Nie Tian said with a serious face.

Heartened, Li Langfeng reached out and very lightly touched the cluster of pale-white flames that was surrounded by illusory magical symbols with his fingertip.

His contact with the flames gave rise to fizzing sounds, as if the wisps of pale-white flames were eager to fuse into his body.

Nie Tian also noticed that the pale flames that were sealed behind the magical symbols had become restless, as if it had sensed the kind of power that could help it grow from Li Langfeng.


Grayish-brown, dark green, light purple... wisps of toxic smoke suddenly flew out of Li Langfeng’s body.

Nie Tian examined Li Langfeng with his Heaven Eyes, and vaguely sensed the existence of a multicolored spiritual core in Li Langfeng’s spiritual sea, which was the spiritual core Li Langfeng used to practice Fiend magics.

Over the years, it had gathered all sorts of toxins, miasmas, and Fiend blood.

In return, it provided Li Langfeng with terrifying toxic power so that he could cast a variety of toxic magics, allowing him to inflict serious damage on his enemies in battle.

After leaving him, the wisps of toxic smoke slowly streamed into the cluster of pale-white flames.

Peculiar light started to shine in the depths of his eyes.

After a while, he took a deep breath and said, “I think I’ll be able to refine this cluster of flames, but the process might be very dangerous. If I can’t handle it well, I might end up possessed and turn into a so-called ghoul. However, if I can subdue it, it’ll be extremely helpful to my toxic power core.”

“So are you going to take that risk?” Nie Tian asked.

As soon as the cluster of self-aware flames fused into Li Langfeng, a fight would inevitably break out between them from time to time, like Hua Mu and the Heavenly Demonsbane, and Mu Biqiong and the coexisting flowers.

If the hosts were strong enough, then they would be able to subdue the parasitic objects, and even use them to improve their battle prowess and cultivation efficiency.

However, if something happened to the hosts, or the parasitic objects grew stronger than their hosts, the hosts might end up possessed.

“Rewards come only with risk!” Li Langfeng said with a determined look in his eyes. “In order to make rapid progress in my cultivation, I have to get out of my comfort zone. This thing will continue to spur me on to become stronger. Once I get slack, it’ll overtake me and replace me as the master of my body!

“It’ll be my greatest motivation!”

With an approving smile, Nie Tian asked, “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I am!” Li Langfeng said, clenching his jaw.

“Alright, I’m going to unseal it now.” With these words, he cast a spell that reversed the one he had used to seal the cluster of flames with illusory magical symbols.


Like knotted ropes, the mysterious power that formed the magical symbols gradually dissolved.

“Don’t let it escape!” Nie Tian exclaimed softly.

The moment the illusory magical symbols vanished, Li Langfeng clutched the cluster of pale-white flames with his hands.

Immediately afterwards, he let out a muffled groan, his face turning ghastly.

Nie Tian then noticed that, unlike what he had expected, the cluster of bleak flames didn’t try to escape as the magical seal dissolved.

On the contrary, it seemed rather eager to merge with Li Langfeng as he clutched it in his hands.

In the blink of an eye, the cluster of bleak flames rushed down to Li Langfeng’s dantian region and into that multicolored spiritual core in his spiritual sea.

A corrosive aura that was unique to corpse toxins rapidly spread out within Li Langfeng’s body. Beads of sweat started rolling down his forehead, as if the refining process put him in a lot of pain.

“Nie Tian, I want to find a secluded place to refine this thing,” Li Langfeng said with a painful expression.

“Sure, go ahead,” Nie Tian said.

Li Langfeng then turned around and flew off. Judging from the direction he left in, he seemed to be heading towards the Void Illusion Mountain Range. Perhaps he intended to find an area where miasma pervaded the air to fight it out with that cluster of pale-white flames with the help of the special environment and the spiritual materials in his possession.

Gazing in the direction he left in, Nie Tian muttered to himself, “That thing carries power that most living beings can’t bear. That’s what makes it so special. However, Li Langfeng has practiced toxic incantations all these years. His body has been plagued by all kinds of toxins, but this has also vested him with a strong resistance towards corpse toxins.

“As long as he can withstand the corpse toxins, he’ll have a chance at refining and harnessing it.

“As to whether he’ll be able to suppress it all the time, it’ll depend on both his abilities and luck.”

Li Langfeng had already spread word of his return via a Sound Stone.

Those who had received word would probably rush to this location within a short time.

All he needed to do now was wait.

Soon, the first arrival appeared, and it turned out to be Dong Li.

With a single glance at Nie Tian, she exclaimed, “You’ve made another breakthrough?!”

Dong Li had used to favor long red dresses or garments, but today, she was wearing a tight black suit. As she smiled, she exuded a dark charm.

With a warm smile, Dong Li said, “I heard from senior martial sister Yin that you had some incredible encounters in the Shatter Battlefield. She also told me that there seems to be something between you and that Mu Biqiong from the Bliss Mountain Sect.”

Nie Tian was dumbfounded.

He recalled that Dong Li hadn’t liked Yin Yanan at all. The first time they had met, she had intentionally targeted Yin Yanan with every chance she had had.

Who would have thought that since Dong Li had gone to the Beast-controlling Sect in the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries, the two of them had suddenly become so close?

He couldn’t help but curse Yin Yanan inwardly for blabbing about him and Mu Biqiong.

“That’s complete nonsense. Mu Biqiong has always detested me.” With a dry smile, he took out a huge black egg from within his ring of holding. “Here. I’ve got something for you.”

Eyebrows furrowed, Dong Li asked, “Is this the thing you want to give me?”

“It suits your needs perfectly,” Nie Tian said with a serious expression.

Eyes narrowed, Dong Li examined it for a few seconds before her eyes suddenly lit up. “It still carries faint life force! But it seems far from enough to allow it to hatch. If it won’t hatch, what good is it to me, even though it agrees with my cultivation attribute?”

“Who told you that it won’t hatch?” Nie Tian said with a grin.

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