Lord of End of World

Chapter 148

Bai Hong was blocked and forced into a corner by the group of people with no way to retreat. Although her fourth-level low-grade strength was high, it was not worth mentioning in front of more than a dozen fourth-level master ability users and a fourth-level metal zombie. After all the resistance, the only thing she could do was wait for death.

With her back against the wall, Bai Hong's legs went soft and she couldn't move. She wanted to scream, but she couldn't even make a sound even when she opened her mouth. Not because of fear, but because some kind of ability that she could not see paralyzed her vocal cords, causing her to temporarily lose her voice. Seeing the zombie was about to pierce her with his sharp claws, Bai Hong weakly closed her eyes.

"Brother, her position is very high, it will cause trouble to Gong Lixin if you kill her!" Jin Shangyu grabbed Jin Shanghui's clothing from behind and hurriedly persuaded him. As long as the young man's name was mentioned, his brother would always obey.

Sure enough, Jin Shanghui didn't move anymore even as his black nails were only 0.1 millimetres away from Bai Hong's face. Everyone let out a sigh of relief and thanked Young Master Gong's powerful influence on Jin Shanghui. If this woman was killed by Jin Shanghui, how would they explain it? It would be difficult to get out of the Song family's base afterwards.

Bai Hong opened her eyes and the look of despair subsided immediately. She sneered, "Look at you!"

"Oh, we didn't kill you, so you became brave?" Jin Shangyu measured her words as she took out a bottle of yellow potion from her backpack. She asked Wang Tao to force open Bai Hong's mouth as she poured it in. The potion had a certain hallucinogenic effect and the mind will then be reduced to an undefended state after drinking it. Bai Hong's mental strength was comparable to that of Jin Shangyu and it wasn't easy to paralyze her vocal cords. It was necessary to use some auxiliary tool to tamper with her memory.

Although Bai Hong struggled hard, she still drank the potion under Wang Tao's ministrations. She became dizzy and then unconscious within a few minutes. Jin Shangyu quickly put her hand on the other's forehead. A burst of white light flashed up and all her memories of the previous event were erased.

Right at that moment, Gu Nan and Ma Jun, who were guarding the door, walked in Lu Yun. Seeing Bai Hong was surrounded by everyone and had her head lowered and eyes closed, Lu Yun was stunned. He asked, "What's wrong with her?"

Lu Yun knew a little about Bai Hong. This woman was a dominatrix. She never closed her eyes in other people's territories. It was said that she would keep her eyes open even when she slept. As a result, Lu Yun immediately noticed an anomaly.

"Push him inside!" Tan Mingyuan ignored him and sternly said to the two. Just now, Gu Nan and Ma Jun who were talking and smiling immediately turned around, covered Lu Yung's mouth, caught his arm and brought him over.

"Why didn't you keep looking out the door?" Wang Tao frowned and asked the two who were supposed to be guarding the door.

The two men felt ashamed and didn't argue back. They quickly closed the door with the back of their hands. They couldn't be blamed. When Lu Yun came in, Jin Shangyu had already modified Bai Hong's memory, but Bai Hong hadn't opened her eyes yet. But after three years of experience in the apocalyptic world, there was a reason that Lu Yun, together with his status as an ordinary person, could survive during these apocalyptic days. His alertness and observation skills had already surpassed that of ordinary people and he found the clues almost as soon as he walked in.

"Ouch~" LU Yun glared at Gu Nan and Ma Jun with anger. Damn, talk about changing face. He didn't even recognize these people who didn't even give him a chance to speak! He always thought of them as good brothers!

"We're not going to kill you, just erase your memory. Who told you to come at a bad time? Endure it for now, it will only take a minute." Wang Tao patted his head as he explained to him helplessly. Then he turned to look at Jin Shangyu to get started. After being betrayed once, they had lost their confidence in people now. Although Lu Yun was a good brother of theirs, after all, they haven't seen each other for almost a year. Who knew if he was still trustworthy? Anyway, even Brother He had changed, so even if the person on the surface looked like Lu Yun from before, they still had to be on guard.

F**k your wrong timing~ Lu Yun scolded in his heart as he struggled even more violently.

"Don't touch him." A clear voice came from the door, causing everyone to stop in their tracks and turn to look back. Seeing Bai Hong was about to open her eyes, Jin Shangyu quickly threw another hypnotism over her way, letting her sleep for a few more minutes. She then ran over to the door asking about the situation on the teenager's side.

Jin Shanghui's movements were the fastest. He had already rushed to the teenager and hooked the teenager's clothes with his nails, fearing that the youth would disappear again.

Seeing Young Master Gong, Lu Yun's immediately stopped struggling. After having heard the youth's words, Gu Nan's hands loosened and Lu Yun took the opportunity to break free and move next to Young Master Gong. Young Master Gong had a crystal nucleus in his hand as he was feeding Jin Shangyu and Lu Yun looked on with a face full of shock.

"Get out~ Young Master Gong's raising zombies!? And a fourth-level low-grade metal one at that too? That's so cool!" Lu Yun's anger disappeared completely and his tone of joy seemed to be saying: Young Master Gong, your golden thigh is still as strong as before! So cool!

Shaking her head and throwing away the strange connection in her mind, Jin Shangyu hesitated, "Gong Lixin, is it really okay not to erase his memory? If he says anything, my brother will be killed by the people here!" Jin Shanghui was a rare fourth-level low-grade zombie. His crystal nucleus was something everyone would fight for!

"No need." Gong Lixin waved his hand and walked towards Lu Yun with a smile. Lu Yun had grown taller and had tanned and the softness on his face had long been replaced by perseverance and courage. Although his smile was still full of sunshine as before, the icy cold look that occasionally appeared in his eyes showed his vicissitude.

"Do it. Erase my memory and protect Young Master Gong from trouble!" Lu Yun broke away from Ma Jun's restraint and took the initiative to walk to Jin Shangyu before he pleaded.

Aiya~ Another braindead fan! Jin Shangyu's mouth twitched and she looked towards Gong Lixin with uncertainty.

"No, I believe in you." Gong Lixin looked at Lu Yun seriously. His friend hadn't changed and he could see that clearly in his eyes. In Lu Yun's eyes, there was only the excitement and joy at reuniting again and no hint of calculation and alienation. Gong Lixin was very happy to see this.

"Young Master Gong~ Only you haven't changed. It's still the old Young Master Gong that I respect and love! Seeing you is like seeing the sun! I feel comfortable everywhere! If you didn't come this time, I wouldn't've been able to survive anymore." Lu Yun choked; his nauseating words made everyone have goosebumps.

"What's wrong? You're not having a good time? Brother He seemed to have changed a lot and already alienated us." Gong Lixin asked with a frown as he instructed Lu Yun to sit down on the floor.

"I'm an ordinary person. How could I live well at Song family's base where they promote 'optimizing the race' as their motto? If I wasn't covered by Brother He and if I wasn't a little stronger than average, I might have already been killed by them a year ago! Even if I'm alive now, it's no better than living like pigs and dogs where anyone can step on your feet. Brother He had no other way but to change, he was forced to by them. A year ago, Brother He was originally prepared to take the opportunity to take us away but hadn't thought that he would be betrayed by a bastard in the team. Song Haoxuan sent someone to arrest us. Wu Ming was killed by Song Haoxuan's men on the road and we were tied up and brought back to the base. Song Haoxuan is a man with a strong desire for control. He's also very confident and disdained killing with his own hands. All the most dangerous missions were sent to us. He wanted to kill us in disguise while still squeezing out every bit of our worth. Fortunately, we were lucky and have survived time and time again. Brother He and I were on the fringe of the figures of the base until recently. We were completely isolated and no one wanted to associate with us. Fortunately, Brother He was recently promoted to fourth-level low-grade and became of value again to Song Haoxuan, making life a little better now."

Lu Yun's low voice revealed his deep sorrow. Although his narration of the events was simple, it was not hard to taste the blood and tears behind it all. It caused Wang Tao and the others to feel pity in their hearts and wished they could rush over and kill Song Haoxuan.

"Why didn't you come to me?" Gong Lixin pressed down his murderous intention and asked calmly.

Feeling the sudden change in the teenager's emotions, Jin Shanghui touched the youth's white cheeks with his fingers and growled in comfort, making the teenager smile at him. Gong Lixin quickly calmed down the violence in his heart then.

"After Brother Ge's incident happened, Song Haoxuan promised not to restrict the coming and going of ability users to convince people of his generosity. But seeing our end, where would everyone dare to go? The survivor bases all over Country C were under the Song family's rule. When he said that, others didn't dare take up on his offer to leave, after all, it was a dead-end out there, no? We thought that Young Master Gong, you must surely not be afraid of him, but a few days before our planned departure, the powerful disinfectant experiment succeeded and we had to stay back. With that potion, you don't need to be afraid of getting harmed. That potion is a drug that can save all mankind. You would definitely need it, so if we offended Song Hoaxuan, then you wouldn't be able to get your hands on the potion because of us. Brother He thought about it and finally decided to stay. We won't always stay in the Song family's base though. We're ready to leave and are planning to set off in a few days and settle down somewhere, not go to you. Brother He also didn't want to be a burden to you, nor cause you any trouble."

Lu Yun explained all the miscellaneous details. Wang Tao and the others heard his words and burst into tears. Such a person was worthy of being their brother, doing it all for their sake. Go out and build their own base? It's not as easy as they say, especially if there's no material, no manpower, no firearms. How would they do it? Isn't that just gambling with death?

Thinking of that, Wang Tao looked at Gong Lixin imploringly. That medicine that can save all mankind is not even worth a fart compared to our base! Young Master Gong, just collect Lu Yun and Brother He into our base!

Not waiting for Gong Lixin to speak, Lu Yun saw Wang Tao's movement and quickly waved his hand. "Don't. This brother doesn't need your pity! You must take care of yourself first! This time around, I don't know how many master ability users from your base will be caught by Song Haoxuan. It would be great if you were able to leave with all of them when you leave. You must also hold yourself back and not enter into conflict with him. Getting a hold of this disinfectant is equal to saving your life. All survivor bases want to curry favour with Song Haoxuan, so don't act too high and mighty and think about yourself first! Ah!"

Lu Yun strangled Gu Nan and Ma Jun's neck and shook his brothers well as he bitterly persuaded them.

Jin Shangyu laughed and pointed at Lu Yung while saying to Gong Lixin, "This person is very good, I will not erase his memory."

Gong Lixin smiled, looked towards Lu Yun and firmly said, "You go back and tell Brother He to get ready to leave with me tomorrow. Others' may be afraid of Song Haoxuan, but I'm not. And his medicine, it's not that impressive."

"But, even if you don't need it Young Master Gong, your brother would need it, no? Just forget it, we're not worth offending Song Haoxuan over." Lu Yun waved his hand, his face struggling to maintain his composure.

"I'm telling you to go back and get ready to leave, don't be so wordy! His potion is fart! It is not rare!" Wang Tao kicked Lu Yun and drove him out of the warehouse.

Seeing everyone nod in agreement and that none of the three or four hundred people in the warehouse being tempted by this potion, Lu Yun felt an unprecedented sense of unity. Lu Yun's eyes were hot and he promised to get ready to leave. He had a hunch when Young Master Gong came. He knew that Young Master Gong would never leave them behind.

When Lu Yun walked away, Gong Lixin also took Jin Shanghui away. Jin Shangyu relieved Bai Hong off her hypnosis. Bai Hong opened her eyes and immediately kept on talking to Xiao Sun Jie. Seeing that Xiao Sun Jie was indifferent to all her persuasion, she persisted for another half an hour before leaving. After going back, she heard that the other two commanders also didn't win over a master ability user. Bai Hong frowned and felt that the people of the Gong family's base were strange.

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