Lord of End of World

Chapter Ch172 - After Story

Chapter Ch172 - After Story

Commonwealth, Year 463, Kyoto, China

A huge semi-circular energy film enveloped the sky above Kyoto and emitted weak fluorescence under the radiance of the hot sun. This layer of energy film was a great invention that scientists had come up with from studying the fields of space system ability users. It had taken them nearly a hundred years to develop it. With it, mankind wouldn’t have to fear the scorching sun and the ubiquitous radiation pollution in the air and thus, land and water could be used without worry.

However, such things were bound to have certain disadvantages. For hundreds of years, the energy membrane had shielded humans from radiation pollution. Thus, when stepping outside of it, without the protection of an isolation suit, they would become dehydrated and comatose within 24 hours. After their eyes closed, they might never wake up again, or may unconsciously become zombies and be killed by federal army.

It took a total of 675 years for humans to defeat zombies and regain ownership of the Earth. Then, the Eastern and Western continents each established a federal republic, and that year was called the first year of the Federation. Now, thousands of years have passed and humans have eliminated zombies and put an end to pollution. The only things that could compete with humans were rampant beasts and terrifying mutant plants. However, these two creatures were also expelled from the city by the federal army and humans gradually became weaker due to the reduction of natural enemies. Their strength could no longer be compared with that of the people from thousands of years ago.

However, humanity’s worship of the strong and the pursuit of power were engraved in their bones. Many people gave up the comfortable life in the city and went into the primitive jungle to gain experience. There were more people who choose to come to the capital of the Eastern country to attend Longteng Academy to conduct further studies.

Today was the college’s annual ability test. The huge square was filled with boys and girls aged 16 or 17, waiting with a number card in their hands. They were all first-year students at Longteng Academy. They would be promoted to second grade next year, but before that, they would need to test their abilities and decided which branch to join based on their ability. A gifted man may be destined to fly in the sky or could accept a simpler fate.

After thousands of years of evolution, abilities were no longer called abilities, but was differentiated into magic or qi. Metal, wood, fire, earth, wind, thunder, and ice were the most common types of magic. The mind power system was divided into light and dark magic. The warriors who learned qi were evolved from the power ability and their social status was far lower than magicians.

The test in the square began and proceeded in an orderly manner. As long as a child picked up the non-attribute stone, one could see the child’s future in a few seconds. Deciding a person’s fate and future path was a very serious and extremely cautious event. All the branches principals and vice principals of the academy had long been waiting and watching this group of children with earnest eyes.

In the crowd, several teenagers waiting with a number card began to look for a topic to chat in order to relieve their inner tension. They all lived in the same dormitory and their numbers were closed to one another. Some were blonde, some had black hair and black eyes and others had dark skin. Being able to be admitted into Longteng Academy, their family backgrounds were obviously top class and their appearance and temperament were all very outstanding, but from listening to their conversation, it was clear that some have not left home for long.

“Hey, look at that big man. I know he has no magic, he looks like a bull and is only suitable to practice qi.” A young man with black hair and black eyes and handsome yet sharp look taunted with his eyes.

“What’s wrong with cultivating qi? Someone cultivating qi can also become a strong person. If you’re promoted to a higher level in martial arts, then the person is strong enough to kill all magicians in seconds.” Another thin young boy with dark hair and black eyes, but extremely delicate looks spoke lightly. His dark, cat-like eyes stared straight at the person who had spoken before. His pink lips slightly twitched, but even if he was angry, he looked very cute.

“Martial arts is so easy to practice? No martial artist have been the strongest for more than 500 years. You can only dream.” The sharp-mouthed boy grinned as his tone became even more contemptuous.

The cat-like boy wanted to refute, but the stage began to call out for number 129. He looked at the number plate in his hand and gave a glare to the boy before walking onto the stage.

The sharp-eyed boy waved his fist at the other’s back and cursed in a low voice, “Girly boy, all talk!”

“That’s enough!” The blond, beautiful-looking boy with a distinguished temperament snapped at him, obviously very angry about the other’s behaviour of insulting the boy with cat-like eyes.

“I’m sorry, Your Highness.” The sharp boy immediately bowed his head to admit his mistake, his attitude extremely servile. The status of the person in front of him was not one they could compare to. In order to win the favor of the other party, he emptied his mind and became extremely servile. However, the other boy didn’t do anything until he went up on stage, but as long as he smile, he could get this person’s full attention. How could he not be jealous?

The blond teenager didn’t respond and looked at the test area without blinking, his fists clenched beside him showing his tension and expectation.

The boy with cat-like eyes bowed to all the principals and vice-principals. His outstanding demeanor and respect immediately gained their favor. The teenager gently held the non-attribute stone, waiting for the stone to shine. After three seconds passed, the stone did not respond. After another half a minute, the stone remained unresponsive. Not even a faint white light showed up.

The situation was very rare in the aristocratic circle. Their excellent bloodlines made it that each child would inherent certain abilities, either magic or qi. If there was neither, they had to doubt the authenticity of the child’s bloodline. Because only humble civilians would give birth to such mediocre children.

The sharp young man smirked and questioned loudly, “No response? He never talked about his family, wouldn’t he be the bastard born from a noble and civilian? Civilians are civilians, no matter how much they disguise themselves, their true nature will be revealed!”

“Shut up!” The blond teenager growled angrily. How could that be? How could such a dazzling person have no ability? But what about it? The other’s position in his heart would never change. Thinking up until there, the blond teenager quickly calmed down and waved at the attendant beside him.

Without having an ability, the teenager would soon be dismissed by the academy. He had to help the teenager and arrange a way for him to stay.

The attendant hadn’t even squeezed beside the head vice principal when the head principal suddenly appeared. He walked up to the young man with an indifferent expression and no contempt nor frustration. He stooped slightly and bowed with a respectful attitude.

The crowd that had been noisy and were hurling taunts suddenly calmed down. The headmaster of Longteng Academy, the only fire and wood dual system magician in both Eastern and Western continents, the person who even the Federal Head of State had to bow to due to his power, at this moment bowed to his powerless boy? Were they hallucinating?

However, this illusion continued. The young man wasn’t flattered and simply stood upright and accepted the respect given by the headmaster. He then stretched out his hand to help the headmaster straighten up. That natural and noble posture of the boy far surpassed that of any royalty.

The two people shared a few whispered words. The headmaster reached out and made an inviting gesture. The teenager followed behind him and boarded a suspended car that had been waiting on the edge of the field.

The car drove away and the interrupted test began to proceed as before. Naturally, just where the boy went became the latest and hottest topic for everyone.

Staring at the black spot that disappeared in the sky, the blond teenager suddenly lowered his head and chuckled. His laughter was full of self-deprecation. It turned out that he and the teenager were on different levels, far beyond his imagination!

“Your Highness, what’s the matter with you?” The sharp-eyed boy’s tone was a little joyous, “Don’t be sad, he’s just a pariah. You’re not worthy of standing by his side, just let him go.”

“Be careful when you speak. Don’t always be such so childish. Even if you’re the descendant of the second family of Hua Guo, if you offend him, your family can’t protect you. Even my country can’t contend with him.” The teenager warned coldly.

“Your Highness, you’re kidding, right?” The sharp-eyed boy waved his hand in disregard.

“Did you not see the totem printed on the door of the car just now? It was a seal-shaped character of “Gong”. Yuze was surnamed Gong. Even when the headmaster saw him, he had to bow to him, which meant nothing to you? Do you need me to teach you such simple things?” The young boy stared at the other and slowly spoke each word.

The sharp-eyed boy’s complexion became pale and the people around him also showed horrified expressions. He stuttered and asked, “Black, Black Blood family? The legendary hidden family?”

“Yes, the Black Blood family. So it’s better to watch your attitude in the future. Even if he has no power now, Yuze will become the strongest person, standing at the top of the world in the future.” The blond teenager sighed before leaving the crowd. He needed a quiet corner to calm down his violently tumbling mood.

The black blood family had made the seven major families that controlled the world’s political and business circles be afraid of them.

People in the Black Blood family were not afraid of radiation, nor were they afraid of highly toxic mutant plants and animals. They could walk freely in the wilderness and jungle without wearing an isolation suit and run wild. They were free and moved easily. They were the darlings of Heaven. However, the reputation of the Black Blood family was not only derived from their unparalleled advantage brought on by their blood, but also came from their prestigious ancestors.

The God of War, Gong Lixin, who was regarded as the savior of the world, was the first patriarch of this family. In addition, the first sages of all systems came from this family. Song Haoran, Lin Wenbo, He Jin, Dou Heng… These names came up with skills and power enough to shock the entire continent. So many powerful people who approached God-level strength followed Gong Lixin and they never complained or regretted in their whole lives. Gong Lixin’s personal charm could even captivate the heartless zombie race. His great achievements, even after thousands of years had passed, were enough to make people look up in awe.

The glory they’ve established had made the Black Blood family famous to this day and no one had surpassed it; after all, the era they were in was a difficult one and their achievements were glorious. Without the struggle of the Black Blood family, the Eastern Continent wouldn’t have the status it had today, and the Chinese wouldn’t have become the leader of the Eastern Continental Federation.

The family was full of mystery, but the most striking thing was how they taught their children and grandchildren. As everyone knew, the Black Blood family was the only aristocrat who would give birth to ordinary people. However, the more descendants of power ability users couldn’t be measured, the more they attached importance to them, almost devoting the whole family’s teaching to these individuals. But the results were often worthy of their family glory. They could always teach the most mediocre descendant to become one of the top powerhouses, which also made it so they were out of reach of the seven families.

If Gong Yuze came from another family, his life was destined to be destroyed, but he came from the unusual Black Blood family, so his future would be limitless!

Realizing this, the arrogance on the sharp-eyed young boy’s face was completely gone. At that moment, he felt powerless and even felt envy and jealousy.

At the same time, the young cat-like student brought back the family was looking through a copy of martial arts practices from the patriarch. The whole practice was written with a brush. The handwriting was like dragon and phoenix, very powerful. Turning over the title page, the four words of ‘Reverse Spirit Cultivation Method’ were written with a compelling momentum.

The young man’s hand shook and he asked excitedly, “Father, is this the cultivation method that Lord God of War cultivated?”

“Yes. Sit cross-legged and read with attention the first page to know how to run your internal force through your Dantian. Try to see if there’s any response. If there’s a response, you will become the heir to the God of War and shoulder the fate of the entire family. If there’s no response, there are still several other cultivation methods left by that person. You only need to study hard and you will become a strong person in the future.” The majestic middle-aged man said cautiously.

His son tested to have no attributes. To be honest, instead of being disappointed, the middle-aged man felt very happy. As time goes on, his son looked more and more like the God of War. He had a premonition that his son was in fact the God of War’s long-awaited heir. He’s waited for this for 200 years.

The teenager immediately sat down cross-legged and meditated, focusing on his Dantian. After half an hour, he opened his eyes and said to the middle-aged man with wide eyes, “Father, I think my lower abdomen feels very warm and comfortable. Can you let me cultivate alone for a while?”

“You continue.” The middle-aged man’s voice suddenly became very hoarse, as if he couldn’t hold something back. He walked out of the training room slowly. When he passed a display rack near the door of the room, he paused and was attracted by 11 large transparent crystal nuclei on the rack.

These were the crystal cores of 11 zombie emperors that were once scattered among 11 of the most powerful free city states on the Eastern Continent 400 years ago. After successfully developing the energy film, the masters of the 11 cities returned these crystal nuclei one after another to show their respect to Lord God of War and the Black Blood family. This was originally something that belonged to Lord God of War and no one was qualified to own them. Today, the energy in the crystal nuclei had already dissipated, but they were 11 monuments that told the glorious past of their ancestors.

“How was it?” Five grey-haired old men saw the man stepping out and hurried forward.

The middle-aged man closed the door, took a deep breath and nodded.

“Good! Good! Good!” The old man in the lead said three ‘good’ in a row and his tone was full of excitement. This way, the glory of the Black Blood family would continue for another millennium and they could finally feel at ease and go meet their prestigious ancestors.

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