Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability

Chapter 860 The True Meaning of Those Words

860 The True Meaning of Those Words


860 The True Meaning of Those Words

When Franca uttered the name, Lumian also saw the approximate outline of the figure outside: Dressed in a black robe, with light hair, pale skin, and dark brown eyes, he didn’t look like an Intisian.

Although Lumian had never seen Harrison in person, he had seen the image Franca had depicted using dream divination and a corresponding ritual, so it wasn’t hard to identify the person outside the gray fog.

Seeing Franca’s excitement, Lumian raised his right hand and gestured downward, signaling his companion to control her emotions.

Franca, an experienced Beyonder in combat, quickly composed herself and nodded at Lumian.

She understood Lumian’s intention not to act rashly but to observe and see what Harrison intended to do. By understanding his actions, they could determine his Sequence, ability characteristics, and primary intentions.

This way, whatever response they made afterward would be more composed.

Franca shrank further to the side of the slope, using the gray fog as cover, and observed Harrison, who was holding a white candle.

Meanwhile, she couldn’t help but muse, The Law of Beyonder Characteristics Convergence really works!

We gave up too soon after just one try. It was our fault for not respecting science -no, mysticism. If we had tried a few more times, wouldn’t he have come?

Franca felt at ease, knowing that only Beyonders like Lumian, marked by Mr. Fool, could enter the area around the Samaritan Woman’s Spring, while others could only see a gray-white fog and found it difficult to pass through.

She had tried earlier and found she couldn’t penetrate the fog on her own, prompting Lumian to mock her, saying, “Even Madame Hela couldn’t do it. Where did you get the confidence that you could?” This only strengthened her resolve to have Lumian help her digest the Affliction potion.

Lumian stood beside Franca, observing every move of the figure outside while recalling his encounters with Beyonders of the Death, Darkness, and Warrior pathways, hoping to quickly formulate the most effective strategy against Harrison based on their combat characteristics and abilities.

Holding the white candle, Harrison took a few steps outside the gray fog, glanced around, and then continued forward.

He walked into the gray fog as if passing through a curtain of water!

He can pass through the gray fog barrier?


Franca’s sky-blue eyes widened in shock, disbelief, and reluctance.

Lumian was equally surprised.

But he hadn’t ruled out the possibility that Harrison could break through the fog barrier and enter the area around the Samaritan Woman’s Spring. He just hadn’t expected it to be so easy for him.

Based on Harrison’s constant search for scenes closely related to death, darkness, and dusk, and his drifting as a corpse on the River Styx in Underworld Daoist and company’s world, Lumian reasonably suspected that he might have a way or an item to penetrate the fog barrier.

Lumian had expected to see Harrison perform a strange ritual or take out an item with an otherworldly style. Instead, like himself, Harrison had simply walked into the area around the Samaritan Woman’s Spring, covered by gray fog!

Seeing that the fog no longer served as a barrier, leaving only the fog to interfere with their vision, Lumian made a decisive move and extinguished the white candle in his hand.

As he expected, the surrounding darkness silently surged in, activating the Underworld Daoist’s mark on his right palm without corroding his body.

He had kept the candle lit to maintain this state, partly because it couldn’t last long in the current situation without risking turning into a catacombs administrator and partly to mislead any potential enemies, setting a trap.

As Lumian extinguished the candle, Franca quickly took action.

Unable to borrow the Black Tear from Lumian, she directly took out an Ice Amulet and a mirror from her Traveler’s Bag.

With a flash of crystalline cold light, Franca, illuminated by the candle’s yellowish flame, entered the mirror in her hand.

As her figure disappeared, the unheld mirror fell to the ground, only to be accurately caught by Lumian.

Holding the mirror, Lumian immediately activated the contract mark, transforming into a shadow creature and blending completely into the darkness enveloped by the gray fog.

Before Harrison could get closer, they had completed their concealment.

In the void behind the mirror, Franca, holding the burning white candle, quickly surveyed her surroundings.

She found that the area was filled with the same gray-white fog as outside, permeating every corner.

The illusory dark tunnels, like spider webs, were excluded by the fog, appearing blurry and hard to see.

Sure enough… Franca wasn’t surprised by this situation.

Lumian had already told her that this area was isolated from the spirit world, making spirit world traversal unusable here.

With even the spirit world being isolated, the mirror world would certainly be no exception!

Because the mirror had been brought into the fog-covered area, Franca could enter the mirrored region to hide but couldn’t traverse to any mirror outside the underground catacombs-this was the principle that allowed the Traveler’s Bag to continue being used.

Franca couldn’t even reach the mirrors on Lumian’s person, let alone those outside the catacombs!

Of course, Franca hadn’t intended to use the mirror world for anything other than hiding, preventing the yellowish glow of the white candle from being seen by Harrison.

During their previous ambush on Harrison, she hadn’t done this because the area she could monitor through the mirror was too small, and all senses, including vision, would be severely weakened.

Franca approached the glass mirror and found that Lumian had thoughtfully turned it towards Harrison, allowing her to see their target.

Seeing Harrison, illuminated by the yellowish glow of the white candle, slowly moving down the slope, Franca grew even more puzzled.

How did he get through the fog barrier?

Could he also bear Mr. Fool’s mark?

But Madam Judgment and the other Major Arcana card holders didn’t know!

He hadn’t used an item or performed a ritual earlier, relying on his own ability?

But whether it was the Apprentice pathway’s mastery of seals or the Marauder pathway’s exploitation of loopholes, they are all within Mr. Fool’s domain. It doesn’t make sense to bypass the fog barrier…

Mr. Fool’s mark…

At this thought, Franca’s heart skipped a beat, and a title flashed in her mind: The Celestial Worthy of Heaven and Earth for Blessings!

Harrison bears the mark of the Celestial Worthy, allowing him to penetrate the fog barrier? Franca made this startling and shocking guess.

She found it quite reasonable.

Based on the current information, it seemed that the Celestial Worthy was the culprit behind their transmigration into this world, and Resurrection Island was Mount Penglai, a node where the two worlds intersected or a transmigration point. If this was true, it was natural for Harrison, from Resurrection Island or Mount Penglai, to have a close relationship with the Celestial Worthy.

They had been misled by Harrison’s pursuit of death, darkness, and dusk-related scenes and his mastery of the depths of death, overlooking this point!

Perhaps, as Jenna had speculated, Harrison’s deep research into death didn’t necessarily mean he was a Beyonder of that pathway!

This could better explain why they couldn’t converge with him last time. Why had they coincidentally encountered him this time?

As a shadow creature, Lumian also thought of the Celestial Worthy, the great being competing with Mr. Fool for the apex powers of the Seer, Apprentice, and Marauder pathways.

He watched Harrison’s slow advance and thought of more things.

Previously, Harrison seemingly met the Mirror Person, Jasmine, leading us to speculate that he was also involved in Project Vortex…

Now it’s almost certain. Madam Magician mentioned encountering the Celestial Worthy’s followers while dealing with Overseer Perle, who was one of the initiators of Project Vortex…

This background can explain why an outsider like Harrison can frequently appear in Underground Trier without being found by the Purifiers…

Lumian didn’t rush to act. He was unsure of Harrison’s level and wanted to see what Harrison intended to do by repeatedly coming to the Samaritan Woman’s Spring. This might reveal a lot of important information.

As he followed Harrison’s movements, Lumian suddenly understood why the Underworld Daoist had warned Amandina to “beware of Penglai.”

He had previously thought that the reappearance of Mount Penglai and the bodies floating on the river had alerted the Underworld Daoist. But given his dire state, closer to a wraith, he couldn’t discern Amandina’s exact location and situation, so he had instinctively issued a warning.

Now it seemed the message was to tell Amandina that someone from Penglai had been to the Samaritan Woman’s Spring and to be cautious!

Just as Lumian sighed internally at their earlier oversight, Harrison suddenly turned his head and looked towards their hiding spot.

Almost simultaneously, the grand, layered voice of Termiboros echoed in his ear:

“Protect your Traveler’s Bag.”

Uh… Lumian didn’t have time to discern the purpose behind Termiboros’ suggestion. He quickly reached for his waist and grabbed the Traveler’s Bag.

The next moment, Harrison raised his right hand.

Lumian felt the Traveler’s Bag being tugged by an invisible force, but he held it tightly.

Marauder? Not a power of the Death pathway? A special boon from the Celestial Worthy? Puzzled, Lumian immediately shifted his position using the shadows.

Behind Harrison, darkness surged, outlining Lumian’s form.

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