Lord of the Mysteries

Chapter 1425 - In Modern Day 23

Chapter 1425 In Modern Day 23

“These dried mushrooms don’t look… very delicious.” Rozanne looks at the bag of dried mushrooms in my hand seriously for a few seconds before replying hesitantly.It’s obvious that she’s a little embarrassed to say that the mushroom looks dry and black—it causes alarms to go off, and it can hardly whet up an appetite. After all, I’d offered it out of kind intentions.

Hehe… I take this opportunity to change the topic.

“What’s your drink called?”

Rozanne immediately turns around and picks up the beverage bottle on the table. She says with a smile, “This is it! The design looks cool, right?”

The beverage bottle has a streamlined design with a footprint theme. The name is:


That’s different from mine… I politely compliment, “Looks good.”

Rozanne twists the cap that has been opened a long time ago as if she’s preparing to take a sip.

I instinctively want to stop her, but after opening my mouth, I realize that I don’t have a reason.

Furthermore, a third of the Reporter beverage is gone. This means that Rozanne has already drank it. There’s no point in stopping her now.

Gulp… Rozanne lowers the bottle and twists the cap back on.

“It doesn’t taste bad. Try it.”

“Okay, okay,” I say perfunctorily.

Rozanne doesn’t urge me any further. Instead, she points at the remaining beverage bottles in the plastic bag.

“You can also switch bottles.”

“No need, there’s no need,” I reply without hesitation.

Either way, I don’t intend to drink it. It doesn’t matter if I switch it or not.

After two seconds of deliberation, I look at Rozanne and probe, “How do you feel after drinking it? Any special sensations?”

“Special sensations? Do you think this is a drug? Erm, it’s moderately sweet and refreshing. The fragrance will definitely be better after chilling it.” Rozanne says, a little pissed.

She doesn’t look like she’s lying… This means that she probably didn’t obtain superpowers from the Reporter beverage… I subconsciously survey my surroundings and realize that my fellow colleagues have more or less drunk some of Rozanne’s beverages, but none of them show any signs of abnormality.

They don’t even appear dazed or confused.

Could it be that only the Assassin beverage I picked last time has a special effect? I wonder if that’s considered being lucky or not… I quickly control my doubts and wave the Instigator beverage in my hand.

“I’ll need to get down to work.”

“Go ahead. Don’t let me stop you.” Rozanne waves her hand casually.

Returning to my seat, I sit down. I look at the Instigator beverage in front of me and fall into deep thought.

After about twenty seconds, I use my large mug meant for drinking water. This is something I prepare for taking pleasant gulps of water. I open the cap of the Instigator beverage and pour the liquid inside.

Although I don’t plan on drinking this beverage, I’m curious about what the liquid inside looks like, and whether it contains some special powers.

Splash. I pour all of the Instigator beverage into my mug.

That’s too little, isn’t it? That definitely isn’t 500 milliliters! I can’t help but look down on this beverage’s manufacturer.

My mug isn’t small, but it usually can’t hold the entirety of a 550-ml bottle of mineral water.

In other words, while there appeared to be quite a bit of “Instigator” in it, the manufacturer had actually cut corners!

Hmm, it’s dark blue. It’s clear, and it’s quite enticing… I carefully observe the liquid in the mug and gather some preliminary information.

Other than that, the drink is no different from anything else, at least not on the surface.

After some thought, I decide to throw something into the mug to see if there will be any changes.

What do I throw? I look around when I suddenly get a bout of inspiration.

Those dried mushrooms!

Anyway, this isn’t something I plan on eating, so I can use it for experiments.

I really am a genius!

Without any hesitation, I tear open the packaging and throw the black dried mushrooms into the dark blue liquid, watching them stretch out and expand slightly.

There aren’t any changes. I’m starting to think that I’m overthinking matters.

Suddenly, messages come from my work’s chat group. I start to get busy.

About fifteen minutes later, I finish my work and raise my head, preparing to stretch my neck.

Suddenly, I see a mushroom!

A white and tender mushroom with red star dots all over it!

…Where did this mushroom come from? I glance over and discover that it’s growing in my mug.

It’s about the size of a palm. Its skin, no—its surface is so tender and supple. On the cap, there are mushrooms of the same breed, just like its hands and feet.

What the hell is this? I’m confused.

At that moment, the mushroom sways and the cap moves upwards as though it has lifted its head.

The two slightly larger red stars that look like eyes meet my gaze.

Just like that, I look at it, and it seems to be looking at me.

A few seconds later, the mushroom reaches out its many “hands,” and using the edge of the mug as leverage, it jumps out.

In the next second, it jumps to the floor and wildly runs towards the office door.

F*ck… I’m still confused.

At the same time, I discover a problem: All of the Instigator beverage in the mug is gone.

Almost subconsciously, I stand up and chase after the mushroom.

I suspect that it’s a product from the fusion of the Instigator beverage and the dried mushrooms!

I have to resolve this accident I caused, as soon as possible!

The mushroom is “short” and extremely fast. It passes through the office without being obstructed, and wasn’t even discovered. On the other hand, I’m stopped by my colleagues several times and have no choice but to slow down.

So, although the mushroom’s footsteps are obviously smaller than mine, it still escapes from the company.

I-it charged into the company next door!

I subconsciously follow.

At this moment, the security guard next door stops me.

“What are you here for?” the tall and strong security guard asks.

My mind races as I come up with an excuse:

“I’m here for Vice President Wu.”

“Vice President Wu?” The security officer doesn’t believe me. “I’ll ask the front desk.”

While he’s walking to the front desk, I approach the door and gaze inside.

I’m shocked by what I’m seeing.

The employees of the company next door are either wearing black hooded robes or wearing strange costumes. They’re dancing with something similar to an “Employees’ Dance for Business.”

A cosplay convention? A masquerade ball? It’s only nine in the morning… I’m confused again, forgetting to sneak inside.

“What’s your boss doing?” I ask when the security guard returns.

It’s so strange!

The security officer shakes his head.

“I don’t know either.

“I’m just a worker.”

Tsk, the moment I hear that, it’s obvious that he’s trying to draw a clear line between him and them… I press, “Is your boss inside too?”

“Yes, that one over there who isn’t wearing anything,” the security guard replies nonchalantly.

I focus my gaze, and the corner of my mouth twitches involuntarily.


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