Lord Xue Ying

Volume 1 - Chapter 12 – The Primordial Era

Chapter 12 – The Primordial Era

“Alright!” Tong San just had to bear with his curiosity. After dinner, he would be able to find out. He was patient enough to wait.

“Brother, I am back!”

Qing Shi and Zong Ling rode on the frost pegasus, leading the group of soldiers home and showing off their military might. The Water Rites Town was the whole country’s most unlawful town. In Water Rites Town, the Snow Eagle Territory’s Dong Bo Clan was one of the top ten clans. Therefore, whenever Qing Shi went to visit the Water Rites Town, there was a great amount of fanfare due to his dominant status.

Seeing his brother spending everyday happily, Dong Bo Xue Ying couldn’t help but also be very happy.


After dinner, as Qing Shi had played the whole day, he was tired and quickly fell asleep. Dong Bo Xue Ying, Zong Ling and Tong San went to the study room.

“What are we doing in Xue Ying’s study room? Tong San, why do you have such an excited and impatient expression, what is going on?” Zong Ling said in confusion.

Dong Bo Xue Ying smiled and walked to the shelves to find a book he had read before.

“Let me tell you!”

Tong San took a deep breath. “Today, Xue Ying ordered the servants to roast the 5,000 kilogram rank 3 magic beast and then he ate it all by himself!”

Zong Ling’s eyes went wide.

[TL Miki note: Damn him, he didn’t call me to the party] [ED: Ikr. I’m hungry.]

Just one person ate 5,000 thousand kilograms of meat? Was he even human? He should be a dragon instead!

“With his current strength, in one strike, he would be able to defeat us.” Tong San continued to say, “A moment ago, the refined gold dummy in the martial grounds was destroyed by Xue Ying’s spear after three hits, and Xue Ying’s spear also could not handle his strength and broke!”

“What!?” Zong Ling was shocked.

Xue Ying’s twenty five kilogram spear was also made by a Great Refiner. Even though it was not a ranked weapon, it should still have been qualified for a Heaven Knight to use. Moreover, the spear’s barrel body is very good at strong power. Just how much force did he exert on the spear for it to break?

“How did this happen?” Zong Ling asked.

“I also want to know, but Xue Ying said that he would only tell us when we came together.” Tong San and Zong Ling looked towards Xue Ying.

Dong Bo Xue Yin browsed the books on the shelf and soon found the book. He quickly turned the book page by page until he found the page he had previously read. He then used his finger to mark a part of the page and smiled as he handed the book to Zong Ling. “Uncle Zong and Uncle Tong, it’s this biography. Please, if you take a look at that paragraph, you should be able to understand.

“Hmm?” Zong Ling curiously took it. Tong San also moved his head to have a look.

Zong Ling looked at the title of the book: << The Wood Cutter Knight>>

“It’s him, the Wood Cutter Knight?” Zong Ling and Tong San were a little startled. Although they did not read many books, during their adventures they had heard many legendary stories. Amongst those stories, the Wood Cutter Knight story was very common. This Wood Cutter Knight was a knight that lived five thousand years ago. He was famous mainly due to his strength.

He was originally just a mountain village’s wood cutter. However, after stepping onto the path of the knight, when he was at the Legend rank, he used only an axe to kill Transcendents! During the time when the Transcendents were alive, he was unequalled among them!

His titled name was “Wood Cutter”. The name was chosen by himself.

He was called that period’s “strongest Transcendent”. He was so strong that no Transcendent could resist his axe! It was that frightening.

“First take a look at this paragraph.” Dong Bo Xue Ying smiled. During his childhood, he had also revered the Wood Cutter Knight for a long time, as the knight’s powers were extremely domineering. Throughout his life, he loved to cut wood and even treated his enemies like wood. No matter if it was a huge dragon or an evil demon, he just cut them down!

“En.” Zong Ling looked at the paragraph along with Tong San.

“Yes, at that moment, the Wood Cutter Knight awakened the legendary Giant Axe bloodline that resided in his body. He explained in his writings that all of the human race’s bodies actually hold countless bloodlines.”

“During the birth of this world, the entire surface of this area, where this country is currently located, was actually empty. At that time, the world was very vile.”

“The face of the earth went through a long, gradual period of nurturing until finally gave birth to a group of formidable lifeforms. They were the primordial era’s first life forms! All of them held terrifying powers strong enough to move mountains and fill the oceans. They could carry huge mountains as they ran about. They would kill gigantic dragons and drank its blood and eat its meat. In front of them the dragon was really weak. Even the Gods of other planes did not dare to descend.”

“After those strong lifeforms continuously flourished, the human race was finally created! Thus, in the bodies of the entire human race lies those primordial life forms’ bloodlines.”

“And in the long years that followed, the Gods descended and left their descendants among the human race.”

“The human race continuously reproduced, so I’m afraid that any person’s lineage can be traced back thousands of years to the same bloodlines.”

“In every human race lies those primordial beings’ and the Gods’ bloodlines. Of course, only a faint part of each person’s blood is made up of this mixed bloodline.”

“Direct descendants are more powerful. For example, it is said that after the emperor of the Dragon Mountain empire, ‘Heavenly Emperor Long Shan’, became a god, all of his sons, the legendary twelve princes, became Transcendent beings. This is because their father was an exceedingly powerful God! It was only due to their bloodline that they were able to become Transcendents.”

[TLC Ruze: Long Shan means Dragon Mountain. Dragon Mountain Empire was named after Emperor Long Shan.]

“Since time immemorial, from the primordial era to the ancient times… But now, we are all just ordinary mortals, as those strong beings’ bloodlines have become far too thin.”

“However, there are still occasions where the primordial bloodlines awaken. Some of these bloodlines could use giant axes, some could become godly archers, some could become experts at running, some could teleport, some could manipulate lightning, some could shape-shift, and some possessed a nearly immortal body….”

“However, according to the book, awakening the bloodline is an amazing feat. However, almost nobody succeeds after that, as it’s almost impossible to become a Transcendent. The reason why I respect the Wood Cutter Knight is because he regarded his own bloodline with tranquility, that he ultimately became the strongest Transcendent of that time period.”

“When the Wood Cutter Knight awakened his primordial Giant Axe bloodline, he met the most important woman of his life. The author wrote in detail about his life thereafter….”

In the whole thick diary, only that short paragraph was related to primordial bloodlines.

After that, it was about the Wood Cutter Knight’s legendary life.

“Primordial bloodline?” Zong Ling and Tong San looked at Dong Bo Xue Ying.

“Yes, it should be that I awakened my primordial bloodline.” Dong Bo Xue Ying said.

“Which bloodline?” Zong Ling asked curiously.

“Could it be the one that can teleport?” Tong San was excited. “Let me see you create lighting! Let me see you bring forth fire!”

“I don’t know how to.”

Dong Bo Xue Ying helplessly said.

There are many types of primordial bloodlines, after all, there was a whole group of primordial beings that the earth had first given birth to. My awakening was relatively ordinary.

“This book says that every primordial bloodline has some kind of specialty?” Zong Ling said.

“Actually, the unusual methods to utilize the powers are very harsh,” Dong Bo Xue Ying said. “My special power allows my strength to be doubled!”

“Doubled?” Zong Ling and Tong San’s hearts started to burn with excitement.

They also wanted such special powers.

Which Knight would not wish for their strength to be doubled? Even if there was no teleportation or shape-shifting power, to be able to double one’s strength was still very useful.

“However, once I use my power, my physical strength will also be consumed quickly.” Dong Bo Xue Ying said, “Normally I can battle for an hour and remain tireless, but once I use my power, I will be completely drained of my strength in a short moment so my fighting time will be limited.”

“What is your current level of strength?” Zong Ling curiously asked.

“In ordinary battle, my strength should be at about the Meteor Knight rank!” Dong Bo Xue Ying said.

“Once you use your power and double your strength, then won’t you reach the power of a Silver Moon Knight?” Zong Ling and Tong San were elated.

“Although my power increases greatly, my speed won’t be able to compare to that of a Silver Moon Knight. Moreover, I can only remain in that state for a short period of time.” Dong Bo Xue Ying smiled.

“So it’s like that. Currently you are the strongest person in the whole Water Rites Town,” Zong Ling expectantly said. “Ha ha, it was as I said! Xue Ying, you are so diligent in your training and trained in your spear techniques for about ten years; for you to not generate Dou Qi is clearly very abnormal! You really did not reveal your power, but now you that you have, it’s so shocking!”

Dong Bo Xue Ying smiled.

Actually, after this awakening, Dong Bo Xue Ying had his own thoughts.

Every human had primordial bloodlines hidden within them, but after reproducing for so many years, their bloodlines were too thin now! Then why can some people still awaken?

Dong Bo Xue Ying did not have many examples to refer to, but from the “Wood Cutter Knight”, he could still figure out a point. The knight was a man who had always liked to chop firewood, and who, in the end, awakened the Huge Axe bloodline! Also, whenever he himself finished training in spear techniques till the very limits of his arm and fingers’ strengths, he would need to soak in medical baths to recover.

Maybe he awakened the power of his bloodline because he did his utmost every day!

In the end, Dong Bo Xue Ying did not know who the towering roaring giant he vaguely saw during his awakening was, so he just gave his primordial bloodline a simple name: “Power Bloodline”.

“This is just the beginning!” Dong Bo Xue Ying said, “Just like for an ordinary person’s body. When nourishing themselves with Dou Qi, they will unceasingly improve. While nourishing myself with Dou Qi, I can also feel my body continuously strengthening.”

“Ha ha ha….” Zong Ling and Tong San smiled.

Today they were very happy.

At the time when the originally young boy shouted his oath, they had only thought of it as a child’s dream. Nobody present at that time was convinced that Dong Bo Xue Ying could actually rescue his parents, as the task was just too difficult!

However, today, the two of them could finally see hope!

“That’s right, after today, I will not need to soak in the medicinal bath.” Dong Bo Xue Ying smiled and said, “Although my body is not quite immortal, my recovery ability is a lot stronger than that of the medicinal bath.”

As he said that, Dong Bo Xue Ying took a paper cutter from the desk and cut a line on his palm. If it was under the effect of the medicinal bath, it would have taken a day to completely recover.

However, at that moment, the wound on his palm quickly healed, and in just a breath’s time, his wound completely disappeared.

Actually, as long as one has a strong body, their recovery power would be shocking.

For example, after Silver Moon Knights have their bodies’ internal organs transformed by liquid Dou Qi, they would have shocking recovery powers. By cleansing themselves with heavenly powers, Legend Knights can obtain almost immortal bodies, which are even more extreme than Dong Bo Xue Ying’s body. Although it was said that a Legend Knight can die by mortal means, it was only theoretically possible.

After all, the price was just too high!

If an army was really sent out, a Legend Knight would escape, not even giving them a chance to be able to surround him.

To kill a Legend Knight, one normally must be at the same rank, or a Transcendent.

“That’s right! There is still an important thing to do. After two days, I will prepare to visit the Water Rites Town.” Dong Bo Xue Ying hurriedly said.

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